most and least favorite DX to care for?

  1. In general, what is your favorite diagnosis to take care of?

    I liked Tricyclic OD's (cause they could really crash sneaky and fast); unstable GI bleeds, acute respiratory failure, acute asthmatics and ectopic pregnancies. You could say I don't mind a mess. Of course, I also like happy endings.

    Least favorite:
    OD's on stupid meds; hysterical young women and teen girls; almost anybody related to a prominent or rich person or, god forbid, the rich person themself; drunks.
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  3. by   kewlnurse
    Favorite DX: Stripper who fell off the stage and broke her leg

    Least favorite: MRSA infected trach's or altered mental status when the doc won't write for ativan/haldol, actually anything psych related. i have no use for psych patients
  4. by   Jenny P
    Favorite medical problems: acute asthmatics and acute resp. failures, DKAs, fresh post-op open hearts who keep me on my toes, I LOVE to care for 80+ year old men who are alert (even if they are very unstable medically).

    Least favorite: Confused and combative; ETOH withdrawal; severe constipation; projectile vomiting (makes me puke every time!); MRSA (my husband is immunosupressed, his MD won't let me care for them anyway); .
  5. by   Catsrule16
    Favorite: Wounds... Like to see them progress and get better.

    Worst!!! Psych patients...
  6. by   hoolahan
    Kewl "I have no use for psych patients", for some reason that just tickled my funny bone, I can't stop laughing!

    Favorite patients? Diabetes Insipidus (sp?), or unusual stuff, like one pt who had rare reaction to SCC , the anesthetic, and wasn't able to move for hours, it's only supposed to last minutes, but thank God she recovered, or seeing an extrapyramidal reaction to compazine...freaky, and of course, tamponade...cracking the chest and watching the pressure normalize as blood is drained.

    Worst? Anxious patients....sometimes I am sooo patient, other times I get through but the whole time I am thinking in my head, "OH for crying out loud, snap out of it!" Also, manipulative drug addicts, absolutely NO patience for that whatsoever. And least favorite of all drunks!!!

    Most entertaining pt of all time? The hunky guy who OD'd on PCP, he was standing on the bed in the ICU, we were all positioned in "strategic" areas around the bed, then he spotted the hanging IV pole, you know the ones on the track so you can swing them on either side of the bed, he took hold of it and swung like Tarzan, past us, jumps down and ran out the door and out of the ICU, Oh yeah, did I forget to mention he was naked? LOL, LOL!!!!!! The last thing I saw was his naked a$$ running toward the stairwell!

    Worst pt ever? It's a tie between the stupid a$$ who wanted to catch a buzz, but was out of drugs, so he crushed up and mixed with water a few qualudes, then drew them up in a syringe and injected it. I begged the doc not to give him narcan, but he wouldn't listen, next thing I know he's standing beside the ER stretcher, puking, slips in the puke hits his head.... you can imagine. It was the second time I was pulled to the ER, left a lasting impression. The second worst was a filthy fat vulgar pig who was A/A/O and kept asking the nurses to perform sexual acts with/on him. Eeeeeewwwww, makes my skin crawl just thinking about him! Scary, creepy, scuzzy, bottom feeder.
  7. by   Zee_RN
    Favorites: big ole Triple A repairs--crashing pressures and all. What fun! Acute respiratory failures. Patients that need you to jump in and do it all.

    Worst: Anything psych-related. Drunken pancreatitis/liver failure pts. COPD-ers that AREN'T intubated and anxious as hell and the doc's don't want to give them the ativan they take like candy at home. Any patient whose family member says "I have a lawsuit out against this facility." Anyone over 400 pounds.

    You can give mucomyst IV?? All those patients that I've mixed mucomyst with coca-cola....ever notice that mucomyst smells like perm solution? Ewww.
  8. by   Q.
    Pertaining to Labor and Delivery, of course:

    Most Favorite:
    Pre-term labor. The riskier and more unstable the better.

    Least Favorite:
    Post-dates, gestational diabetic who is on her second full day of a pitocin drip and already has an epidural and she is only 2cm - and is STILL uncomfortable and is being followed by Family Practice.
  9. by   km rn
    Favorites: septic patients on multiple drips; unstable open heart patients,

    Least favorites: neurosurgical patient with ventric., liver transplant patients.
  10. by   P_RN
    Least: E Y E B A L L S !!! Ewwwwwww. IOL, scleral buckling and don't even come near me with a prosthetic eye.

    Most: Little old ladies and men with total joints! To see them not in pain after so many years of painful arthritis. I LOVE my Geries

    I like the epidural pain management patients too. We were about the only floor that was totally trained on acute/chronic pain management, and I got darned good at it.

  11. by   debbyed
    Favorites: The really sick emergent patients who need to be in the ER

    Least Favorite: All the idiots that don't need to be there and continously b**ch about the wait times. They always have somewhere more important to be. {Don't you wish you could just tell them to go?

    Fun when it's been a stressful night. The intentional Tylenol over dose for attention. Especially those who refuse to give urine and refuse to drink charcoal. RESTRANTS FOLEY E-WAL TUBE ......"But you can't do this to me" You want to bet!!

    Sorry, just did a 16 hour shift
  12. by   BrandyBSN
    Im a student, so limited cases here, but my least favorite are resp. secretions that have to be suctioned, and empting the canisters full of resp. junk.

    Favorite: Teenage drunks. They crack me up Gotta love working in the ER during our fraternity rush week!

  13. by   burger914
    Its really a good thing that everyone likes different aspects of nursing!!! I love Psych (well of course I haven't had too much yet, I just graduated ) I also enjoy working with the elderly after any type of ortho and the improve wonderfully and get to return home!!!

    On the other hand.... CHF, DKA , Acute Resp Failure and all that other stuff that you guys mentioned Scares the HECK out of me!!!
    I know all sorts of things can happen in Psych as well, but very rarely!
  14. by   Q.
    Originally posted by wildtime88
    Susy K reminded me of 2 other Dx I do not like to have. Threatened or spontaneous abortions. It is always hard to find the right words in these cases and it is still a shock and catches me off guard when I find out that they are sometimes happy about the outcome.

    Oh 1 more, Pelvic inflammatory disease. I have never been able to get use to the smell and it is no fun being trapped in a small, poorly ventalated room during the GYN exam.