Morning sickness

  1. Just was wondering is anyone could give me any advice about going to work when you have morning sickness or as my case is "all day sickness". Now that I am going thru this myself I give all the pregnant nurses I have worked with in the past a pat on the back and a whole lot of credit because right now I don't know how I can make it thru these next 4 weeks at least!

    I called in sick this past weekend and don't have thatmany sick days left to use so I am trying to use them sparingly. I am sick all the time though, worse as the day goes on, dizzy, nausesous, hardly get sleep at night due to getting up a lot.

    Any advice from you guys on how to handle this? I work a busy med surg floor and rarely get a chance to go to the bathroom much less sit and take a break to eat all makes me worried.

    Any suggestions would help!
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  3. by   bestblondRN
    Tms....first of all, congrats! I also had "all day sickness" when I was pregnant with my kids, and I found that sticking with dry, bland foods helped (crackers, bread). It only gets worse when you don't eat and your blood sugar drops to the point that you feel dizzy/nauseous.

    Have you seen your OB yet? It is probably worth a call/visit to find out if there is anything else you can do. You'll find that the nausea peaks at about 8-10 weeks and then begins to fade as the b-HCG levels level out.

    Good luck and keep us posted on how your pregnancy is going!
  4. by   zumalong
    Tms--Congrats on the pregnancy. I, too, had severe sickness. I lost 15 pounds during the first 4 mo of my second pregnancy. I ended up with PICC for fluids. If you are vomiting that much you need to check with your OB to make sure you are not spilling ketones into your urine. And to check your K+.

    I pray that you do not go through what I did. i know that gatorade and pretzels were my saving foods. Right now work on getting yourself (and your baby) then go back to work. Good Luck.
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Tms, Congrats! I, too, had "all-day" morning sickness. I wore sea bands, drank ginger ale, ginger tea, and ate toast. I also never let my stomach get empty. Unfortunately, these things did not help me much most of the time and it got to the point where ALL smells made me vomit, especially perfume and cigarettes and coffee. Fun in a hospital huh? Even my OWN shampoo used to get to me, with the perfumes they put in em. Finally, My OB put me on Vitamin B-6 supplements and Antivert. Those two things together helped TREMENDOUSLY! I don't know how I would have gotten thru the first 16 weeks w/o them. Ask your OB about this regimen.

    After 16 weeks, the nausea just disappeared. I woke up one day and felt WONDERFUL! I hope you do, too. Take care and remember, the nausea really means your hcg levels are likely very good and that you are unlikely to miscarry due to inadequate hormone levels. That is something positive to focus on....also remember, this,too shall pass, and quicker than you think.

    Be REAL careful doing med-surg pregnant (or any nursing). I see a LOT of nurses up in my OB unit in full-blown preterm labor due to deyhdration, not emptying their bladders often enough and just plain over-work. Sometimes, the job is NOT worth it. Be real careful. In the meantime, Take care, keep hydrated and hang in there!
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  6. by   live4today
    congrats tms, on your pregnancy! i too had nasuea and vomiting with two out of three of my pregnancies.....really really bad with child number one. i couldn't keep a sip of water down.....dry heaving all day long.....couldn't eat, drink, sip, eat ice......nothing. wouldn't you know that i gained weight like crazy in spite of my nonability to eat or drink. :chuckle don't know for the life of me how i managed to do that, but it's true. i never fit into any "norms" medicine comes up with. :chuckle

    eating crackers and more crackers helps sometimes. eat dry cereal. nutritious finger foods and dried fruits for awhile until your stomach settles. the baby is going to get what he/she needs, but you are the one whose nutritional status will suffer. your teeth, your bones, your everything....that baby will suck you dry and then some, so take care of yourself.

    even though your dizzy spells may be due to little junior being on board, and you not being able to eat, do not take that for granted. see your ob and let him/her know the scoop so they can run test or give you something to curtail the nausea.

    as for working through this? if you can afford to stop working for a time, i would recommend this. if you can not stop working.......go to work and throw up when you got to throw up. it's a perfectly normal sign of being in the early months of pregnancy even though it makes a newly pregnant woman feel like crap. the nausea and vomiting will pass. besides......the best is yet to come......the labor...
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  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    LABOR, renee? how bout the next 21 years????? having the baby is the EASY part, from what i can see!!! rofl. Just making light. tms, seriously, we do care and wish the best for you. let us know how you are doing!
  8. by   live4today
    labor.......did someone say labor??? :chuckle ouch!!! that shick is painfully true to its name, isn't it?

    oops.... let's not scare tms before she gets through the morning sickness phase, or it just might start up again at the thought of going into labor! as my family friend told me when she heard i was pregnant for the very first time: it was fun going in, but it's gonna be hell coming out!
  9. by   kids
    First off, congrats and best wishes.
    When is your due date?

    My .02:
    I barfed my way thru every pregnancy (also had dizzines etc). I was sick all day, every day. I found that if I ate and threw up(Lipton Cup-a-soup; cream of chicken was the easiest) I felt better for several hours ...and could eat again. Something else that worked for me then (and I still use today if queasy) is plain Lays potato chips...but I have to eat them a certain way...lay 1 chip on your tongue and crush it against the roof of your mouth, suck some of the salt off then chew and swallow. Eat each one very slowly and precisely.

    My kid is doing pretty good with the morning sickness except for her (poor kid) it is "wake you up at 3 am to hurl" sickness.
  10. by   traumamomma
    If you are not already, you can try taking any vitamins/sups in the evening before bedtime. Good luck. Lucky you to be on the Central Coast, I was born in SLO.
  11. by   ceecel.dee
    Personally, prenatal vits were the worse thing for my stomach until the morning sickness passes. Try to keep something (pretzels and 7up in small quantities worked for me) in your stomach at all times, and you might feel better. Hydrate!!!

    Congrats on new baby!
  12. by   formernurse
    I have used crystallized ginger for nausea, and it does well. Know a nurse who swore by "Sea Bands" for morning sickness. They may be worth a try.
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  14. by   CTRN1
    I work in OB and one of my recent labor patients was one who had all day morning sickness throughout her pregnancy. Her OB's office just started selling a new product. Best we could figure its a mini tens unit, looks like a watch with small buttons on it so you can choose your level of power needed. It ran about $50.00 and lasted for i believe around 150 hours (then you buy a new one). She said she had tried everything under the sun, but within 5 minutes of putting it on her nausea was gone. I would ask you ob and/or do some research and find one of these units.
    Good Luck!!!!