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im student nurse... and one topic that we came across today in class is " who is a better nurse? men or women?" ... is it really true when they say women are more caring than men? For nurses that... Read More

  1. by   karenelizabeth
    Now Mike one of my best buddies works in A&E and if I or anyone I care about ended up there I would be overjoyed if he was our carer not because he is male/female (he could be an alian for all I know or care) but because he is bl**dy good at his job.

    gender is irelavant its ability, knowlege, compasion and empathy that matters
  2. by   Furball
    What is A&E? To me it means "Arts and Entertainment"... a tv channel.
  3. by   karenelizabeth
    UK term Accident and Emergency
  4. by   Furball
    Ohhhhhh...thank you Karen!
  5. by   SebrinaJuniorSt
    I think that it really doesn't matter what gender you are as long as patient care is your number one priority. It takes special individuals to do any type job and if a person really has that determination "to be the best nurse that he or she can be" then I'm for it. What it really boils down to that the job gets done with professionalism, accuarcy, and some tender loving care.
  6. by   KARRN3
  7. by   SebrinaJuniorSt
    I agree
  8. by   flaerman
    Dont know if this helps but a patient I had when I was a student nurse asked me if I was going to be a male nurse when I was done my training. I told her I didn't know and would have to think about it. When I need a nurse I want someone who is competent and on the job. Gender, age, race is not and never should be an issue. And that's the truth....

    Nurse well and prosper,

  9. by   NurseGary
    I agree with adriennurse and mark_LD_RN, It is a loaded question, And does promote closed mindedness and bias. It should not matter whether a nurse is male or female, a good nurse is just that, A GOOD NURSE. no matter the gender.
  10. by   tattooednursie
    both make good nurses. Women have the natural sense of nurturing, but men have the emotional strength.