1. not sure i spelled it right. has anyone had any experiece with this new bit of technology.....we are going to be up and running, on the floors in 2004, after a 6 month trial in ICU. it doesn't look very complex, but i don't think they are going to supply us enough units. the tech support on nights will be a phone call away. since the machine is not going to be storing the meds, i see this as an extra step. it is going to check the 5 rights FOR us. it kinda scares me to think that there are people working with me who are not getting the 5 rights. the one nice feature is that it automatically checks for drug-drug interactions, and will warn one if one is going to make this error.
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  3. by   altomga
    is it something like the bar-scan deal? The hospital I work at is looking into something that will scan the pt's ID band bar-code then you scan the med bar-code to see if it is the right medication etc...
    I'm not sure about something called meditek? (sp?)

    If the hospital gets the scanner system I will feel like I am working at a grocery store instead being a nurse in a hospital! LOL

  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Yes two places I have worked used Meditec. It is easy to use and has many features. Just depends on which ones your workplace is using as to how powerful it is. Are you going to be doing online charting???? Just wondering.....good luck.
  5. by   Gator,SN
    I am using Meditek now at clinical and will continue with it after graduation. I love it! I think it is easy to use and helps me a great deal with documentation.
  6. by   Sarah, RNBScN
    that is our computer program that we enter labs, diets,
    that is our xray viewer
    Just any of you use electronic charting?
    If so, what is it like?
    Pros and cons?
    Less or more paper work?
    Please advise.
  7. by   BrandieRNq
    We do all of our charting on the computer..."protouch". Good and bad things about it although overall I do prefer it. Just got done working the night shift and about to fall over asleep so I won't be able to go into the details of "good, bad" just yet. I'll get back here!
  8. by   FullMoonMadness
    We use the Meditech computer also. All order entry,plus access to complete pt. file. We also chart in the Meditek program.The e-scan med system is coming to my hospital this summer.I've only been inserviced on the minimum as of now, but it seems that after transition is made,it will be a good tool.
  9. by   cokie
    yes, it is the bar scan, scan the pt, nurse, drug, basically the five rights. the only problem i foresee is that we are only going to have a few units for 24 pt. old nurses (myself included) can learn new tricks, but sometimes we take a little longer. i foresee many tech problems (no onsite tech support during pm shift) and long lines at the terminal trying to post your meds. any experieces like this. just wondering.
  10. by   layna
    Meditech is great except I do not believe that it is good for critical care documetation unless you have a Meditech computer that can be brought to the bedside....we will be getting PDA's and a mobile wireless computer soon for bedside L&D charting!
  11. by   P_RN
    This is an interactive learning page.
  12. by   ptnurse
    Just got my training on meditec last week. My institution goes "live" with the system April 1. It did not look all that complicated in training, but I imagine the first week of April is going to be a loooong week.