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What would you think if your local hospital had a Mcdonalds on the hospital grounds. Wouldnt it be even funnier if your hospital was one of the top 100 cardiovascular facilities in the country. ... Read More

  1. by   imenid37
    chick-fil-a in baltimore where my sister was hospitalized. subway too. we had sbarro where i used to work. our current cafee is just the reg old hospital grease and cardboard fare. no health food here!
  2. by   ThirdWorldGirl
    The hospital I'm working for used to have (years ago) a Burger King in the cafeteria, then decided to get healthier food and did away with B.K. then put in Subway's, much healthier indeed, but then decided (I think, I'm sure it went this way lol) "hmmmmmmm why let them make the money, let's make the money" and we now have a buffet, salad bar, sandwiches made by our cafeteria, and a grill. I don't care for McDonald's personally but it might be nice to have a variety of it.
  3. by   Yankee in Texas
    Parkland Hospital in Dallas HAS a McDonald's on it's ground floor . And yes, patients have been known to come up to the counter, while in their hospital gowns, and order food!

    Service is not denied (they have shirt & shoes on). Unfortunately. one of our post-kidney transplant patients decided to make a visit. Six hours later ----> IV therapy was needed to correct his intake of french fries!!
  4. by   NsgTiger
    I'm glad that I'm not the only one who finds this odd. You would think that hospitals would be more health concious. But hey, I think the cafeterias are alomost as bad as McDonalds! Have you seen the grease they slap on those grills?
  5. by   MoJoeRN,C
    Originally posted by emmybsu
    We have a McDonald's in our hospital. It's also the number one children's hospital in the state. Go figure!

    But the hospital is also right across the street from a taco bell, pizza hut, donatos, chinese place, etc etc etc
    so...go figure

    and a few years ago, they were selling cigarettes in the book stores..

    Makes sense to me. Anymore the hospitals are more about money than health.
  6. by   welnet66
    We have a Wendy's and just happen to be located in the stroke capital of the US!