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  1. CCURN

    DipHE to BSN/AD

    I am a DipHE Nursing diploma graduate from the UK. I am been working as a RN in the USA for 15 years now. I am trying to complete my BSN, but are thinking that I should start with a AD (2yr) and then continue to the BSN. Im not getting many credits for my diploma, and its frustrating...Any advice is welcome
  2. Thanks you guys, that was very helpful. I am cutting down my hours to see if that helps, and will pick up elsewhere. We will see how that one goes...Thanks
  3. I have been working in a CICU for five years now, and I am wondering if the stress is getting to me.... Things are not the same on the unit, and a lot of people are leaving...... How do you know when it is time to quit your job..... I guess I dont want to leave if things will get better. How do you guys deal with this issue..... When do you know if it is time to leave?????
  4. CCURN

    Responsibilities of a CCU nurse...

    The responsibilites of a CCU nurse involve the complete managment of the patient, intepret hemodynamic waveforms, titrating multiple gtts, using judgements over ordered medications. I always use my own judgement over everything, and never totally trust a written order, as things change all the time and the written orders have a hard time of keeping up. I am not sure if this role is easily explained, the best way to find out would be to shadow a nurse
  5. Yes, we could complain about the lack of vacation time in the USA, but in the state of MN, or at least at the hospital I work at, most of the RN's work 4 days a week, I only know of 2 RN's on our unit who work full time, so I think that if you take that into account then the lack of vacation time doesnt really matter. Of course that doesnt take into account all the other professions etc. The number one question that I wish I had known is : How bad does the home sickness get....I have been in the states 8 years, and it doesnt get any better, expecially around the hoildays.......
  6. CCURN

    What are N-to-P ratios on your units?

    1:2 usually, depending on the patients, vents, iabp, crrt are usually 1:1......Our hypothermia protocol patients at the start are 2 nurses to one patient, as it is a super busy time
  7. CCURN

    Pulling Femoral Lines

    In my experience, just as long as you can apply enough pressure over the femoral artery, then you can pull it first before the venous sheath. Either or, it doesnt matter, just as long as you can maintain pressure...I never pull them together though
  8. CCURN

    Artic Sun & Hyperthermia

    I am kind of surprised that no-one has answered this question
  9. CCURN

    Charge nurse.

    3 months after graduating, and that was in the UK One year on Telemetry 3 years on CCU
  10. CCURN

    Artic Sun & Hyperthermia

    We use a hypothermia protocol for our vfib arrest patients etc, and someone was talking about the hyperthermia that can occur after the re-warming. Why does it occur and have you seen it happen when you have used this protocol and the artic sun........ We used it this week on a prolonged asysole CHB code and he is a little foggy but doing well....
  11. CCURN

    Which pressor to use???

    Probably would use Neo, Levo or Vasopressin and definately shut of the nitro, would probably turn down the Dobut (drop bp), check Ionized Ca and give some if low, maybe give blood if Hgb low. I guess Cards like it if less than 11 in a MI. Fluids as last resort or IABP and palliative care
  12. CCURN

    Is it just me, or are nurses pushy?

    For the most part I ask my patient permission with procedures, unless they are intubated or confused. I had a patient once that was so scared of everything, I had to tell her what I was doing with the IV pump. Nurses do tend to assume that if the patient is admitted then they want treatment, and if you give them too many options then they might refuse, and then you are stuck if they really need the treatment. When I start and IV I tell the patient I am going to do this, but I do try and give them the option of which arm....Just do your best and stick to your own morales and you will be a great nurse....
  13. CCURN

    Aortic Stenosis & Nitro

    Thank you all for the explanations..... I am so glad there is a forum where you can get your questions answered.......after all we always have them.....
  14. CCURN

    Aortic Stenosis & Nitro

    Please help, I am precepting tomorrow, and we have a patient with AS, and I cant remember the mechanism for avoiding nitroglyercin in patient with severe aortic stenosis. I know that it can drop BP to nil, but how does this happen. please divulge... I need the answer within the hour... Thanks
  15. A line would be nice
  16. CCURN

    Vent settings?

    VT (tidal volume), How much volume of breath that is given to the patient with each breath. AC: Assist Control: The vent provides the patient with a breath, at a rate determined by the machine, and at a volume determined by the machine...The patient can overbreath the set rate, but it will be at the preset volume... Peep: A pressure provided to the patient via the ventilator that helps to keep the alveoli open and facilitate better oxygenation. F02: Fraction of inspired oxygen, therefore how much oxygen that is given to the patient. PS (pressure support): A pressure amount that is provided by the ventilator, during the ventilator weaning process, that helps to overcome the size of the et tube, thus making it easier for the patient to wean....ie making it easier to breath through a straw. AG: Not sure about that one.