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:( Why do people not consider LPNs "real" nurses?? I have been an LPN for 6 yrs and I am SO sick of hearing people always point out that RNs can do so much more than I. So, why doesn't anyone ever... Read More

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    Why bother it will either continue on here, move on ..... pop in another thread, or just die a natural death! As for going ridiculously off course I think not. But that is my opinion. And out of any of the threads, that has been about the levels of nursing..especially LP/VNs ...this has been a pretty civil one....again my opinion.
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    Yet again, I remind members of this BB that if you don't like to read someone's posts, simply click on "profile" on any of their posts and select "put so and so on my ignore list." You'll never ever have to see another one of them.

    I use this feature particularly to permanently ignore people who engage in pointless flames, as well as other forms of stupidity.
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    I know...I Know...I said the last couple of LVN/RN posts I'd never post to another again. But I obviously lied.....

    Ehemm #1: Furball - "Affleck"...You are hilarious

    Ehemm #2: I've always got a little sick to my stomach when I hear RN's say "I'm taking less patients because I'm covering you". I've always responded "Oh great, that means I can go sit in the lounge or simply go home, since you are covering me...right? Then, these are the same RN's who do nothing more than sign at the bottom of the page "_____ ______, RN". I'm not trying to offend those RN's who really do a great job in nursing INCLUDING "covering" LV/PN's. My hats go off to you and I'm proud to be "your LVN". But that small percentage of RN's that boast and whine of "all" the extra work they do with LV/PN staff yet do little to nothing? Please do us both a favor and don't "cover" me. Assign me to another nurse. We'll both have a better shift.

    Ehemm #3: I like being affectionately called "Your LVN". Thanks for fitting me in!

    Ehemm #4: Flo1216, You seem to have an uncanny knack for posting some of the rudest shyt, getting torched for it, then claiming you've been called unfounded names. On another thread (Yes...Its the same people arguing the same crap), you mentioned you wouldn't want an LV/PN caring for your mother. I believe you mentioned this as if the LV/PN was in a CCU. Now, it doesn't bother you. At the time you pissed off quite a few posters, myself included. I quickly became "un-pissed", when you finally stopped using the "third-party-singular" style of writing you so eloquently have learned to hide behind, and state you are a CNA going to RN school. What a riot.

    My point? You can't say #$%* (to me at least) about LV/PN's scope of practice until you either become one or become a RN WHO KNOWS LVN PRACTICES. How BOGUS of you to perpetrate like you authored the novel "How to be a LV/PN", when you have never, ever walked a minute in either trade. What a diss to your fellow CNA peers to rarely claim your CURRENTLY TRAINED trade. Your personal opinions about who should take care of your family and who you "wouldn't allow" is definitely your right to have. But get the @#$%* off the soap box about LV/PN's and RN's. Stick to defending your own trade - Certified Nurse Assistant.

    Thank you, Flo, CNA for "breaking it down" for us...ALL the %&*$ time.

    ?*+^ %*& #*!& @*&$$ {%*&*% !!!!!!!

    (Sorry all. I could've pm'd. But "blast, and you shall be blasted". Be it me, you or whoever.)

    Ehemm #5: Suzy?...Oh Suzy...Suzy! Didn't I tell ya you can't use Blacks, democrat and welfare in the same sentence or you'll get in BIG trouble! You just gotta go startin' sumthin'...huh?
    (I think you were really trying to be helpful...)

    Uhhmm #6: Funny, more than anything for RN staff where I work seems like I'm constantly saying "That's not in my scope of practice". RN's seem to not know my limitations, so I happily tell them. I'm not ashamed to have them (limitations). Yes, it would be easier if there could be "universal laws" regarding LV/PN practice, but, this is evident in RN scopes state-to-state too. I don't desire to be an RN, at least not right now, probably never. You guy's (RN's here at allnurses) have told me too much, I've seen too much. It wouldn't thrill me one bit to return to school to upgrade from low-middle paid nurse with say-so to middle-high paid nurse with a little more say-so.

    Just how I feel right now. I may start a thread next week saying I'm happily returning to school to be a RN. Doubt it but who knows?

    The end. Holla.
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  4. by   nurs4kids
    You guys just brought out an interesting point to me...

    Two years of nursing school and a year of charging over a LPN..not ONE person had told me their scope of practice. Finally, I requested from my boss something in writing, showing the LPN scope of practice. Sad that that isn't covered in RN school, eh? Makes you wonder if it's not an intentional omission...kinda like, "if we don't address it, maybe the LPN will go beyond her scope"?? hmmm, I just think it strange that that's not covered somewhere.

    I hope you're correct in your confidence over LPN's not being phased out (and I really feel you are) there IS a nursing shortage, yanno . I guess I should add, perhaps a little late, when my g'mom was in LTC, she was cared for by the best LPN's in the world...and she wasn't an easy pt to deal with.

    I still hate these threads..they seem to cause nothing but separation. Can anyone tell me what has been gained by this thread??
  5. by   Brownms46
    Hey nurs4kids...Heehee...can you see me as a pt in a LTC... I may end up being the cause of some unfortuante LPN and or CNA going back to school just to get away from me...

    J/K...maybe..:chuckle. Anywho...I think every RN, prior to accepting a position where they will have an LPN under their direction, should ask for an LPN's scope of practice! How you direct someone when you don't have clue as to their scope of practice?? I commend you nurs4kids, for doing what I have seen many RNs not do!! Just as many RN in Texas, had no clue concerning the state of Texas's rules and regulations for practice. In Texas a new GVN with a permit, is under the direct supervision of a LVN, RN or MD. And you would be even more suprised at how many LVN who have been licensed for years in Texas don't even know this....or even what their full scope of practice is.

    I guess because I started out in such a liberal state as far as practice restricitons, is the reason why I was never interested in going back to be an RN. Maybe if I had run into all the restricitions some LPNs have, I would went back immediately!

    As was stated earlier, I have been asked to do things not in my scope of practice in the area I was in. Then the RN becomes frustrated because they weren't aware of what my or any LPNs restrictions were. When I have supervised CNA's, or when I enter a facility I always ask for the job descriptions....mine and theirs.

    One nite I worked in a hospital I really love to go to. An RN asked me to hang an ABX on a pt. I told him that at that hospital I wasn't permitted to do this, unless I completed that hospitals IV therapy course. But because other LPNs had, he couldn't understand why I couldn't. He went to the CN, who came to me, and told me that OTHER agency LPNs had done it. I told her that was fine for them, but since I try to stay within the rules...I couldn't. The supervisor was called...but guess what?? She didn't know either. Sooooo I got the P&P down, and showed it to them! After getting pissed off and frustrated they relented, and let it go...but not before I was throughly ticked that it had to go that far!

    I continued to return to this hospital, and once the rules where known...I never had another problem. In fact I have a written excellent evaluation, and a comment from the RNs I worked with ...stating" I LOVE working with......."!

    On my last shift prior to leaving this area..the staff had their nurse manager come in and give me a standing offer if I ever returned I would have a job there! I recently received a glowing reference from them. So I have no problem staying within my scope...and when I ask an RN to do this or that for my pt., I in turn do what I can to help him/or her!

    If I'm not busy and a light is on I answer it. I keep the RN I'm under while working in states that require this...totally informed. In the am at places where the RN gives report on a pt., that RN usually just asks if I have anything else to add, as they're totally aware of any problems I encountered during the shift. If an RN I'm working with gets behind, I try to help her/him catch up, doing whatever needs to be done, within my scope of practice. Before I left my last assignment, one of these RNs kept asking me almost to the post of becoming annoying...:chuckle to extend!!

    As for what this thread accomplished?? I think maybe you stated it best yourself. There have been points bought up, that may help serve to decrease a sm amount of the conflict between LPN and RNs, by knowing more about what each has to deal with in order to become understanding of where each is coming from. And to know that not all of either profession thinks a like!

    Nurs4kids, I totally do believe in the things I say, about LP/VNs being around for a long time to come. I have been given a slot, which was an RN slot many times, and as the "shortage" widens...I see positions for LPNs increasing also.

    This is not to say, that I don't encourage, and will continue to encourage anyone to seek whatever level of nursing which suits them. In fact I have taken a young new grad RN under my wing, and she calls me often to get feedback. When I first met her, she wanted to leave the profession, after her first position. But I'm proud to state, she is now working with confidence, not just because of me....but because I'm just one of the support systems she has recently built for herself.

    We all can assist each other ...no matter what the letters are behind our name! And I'm just glad SHE ,and other I come in contact with are able to see this, and not dismiss anyone, because they don't have the same idenitical goals

    Everyone isn't cut out to be an RN, or an LPN, or even a CNA! I think we all have seen or come across those who should have stayed out of the profession all together!

    I will continue to encourage LPNs to know their roles, and to seek to practice within them, and if that doesn't suit them, to continue on as far as their ability to do so takes them. But I will also always continue to encourage them to seek positions outside the norm...of what they have been told they can practice, by those who have no clue as to what opporunities await them. I'm constantly told by LP/VNs that they had NO idea, they could travel! One even told me her INSTRUCTOR told them only RNs could travel, and this has NEVER been true in the over 20yrs I have been a nurse...as I found out about LP/VNs traveling back in 1979!!!

    I know winded...I know...:chuckle...but maybe someone will pick up some info they didn't know either..
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    Originally posted by Flo1216
    KTWLPN-You seriously need to get a grip. I don't deny "lpn bashing" exists. I simply don't see it existing in my workplace. If people are "lpn bashing" ignore them. You are not going to change their perception. Why lose sleep over someone else's ignorance? If you know you are a good nurse and a " real" nurse, then why should it matter what anyone else thinks? I have a handicapped brother who previously was taken care of by a full time RN. She has since been fired and replaced by a full time LPN who is wonderful and we wouldn't have it any other way.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>> You stated that you don't "see a lot of LPN bashing" I am saying that to me you are implying that it is not as prevalent as the rest of us may feel it to be....I have not stated anything here to imply that I am "being bashed" at work or that I have a problem with being an LPN and the limitations on my scope of practice in my state....I have experienced this in the past and have advice to offer other working LPN's on how to best deal with it-I would assume that advice from a nurse with years of experience in long term care,acute care and home care would probably be a bit more reliable then advice on the subject from a nursing student---whom has NEVER worked a shift as a NURSE....I think that YOU seriously need to get a grip...wait until you are a new grad and are out there on the unit trying to make your pts feel confident in your abilities while your co-workers are looking over your shoulder and maybe getting ready to eat you....HEY YOU ALL-that's really what this thread is about-how we as LPN's can overcome our clients ignorance regarding our abilities and encourage them to feel comfortable in our care...have you ever been in the hospital and felt that you were in the hands of an incompetent nurse? Many people feel that way about LPN's because they don't know what we can do.....and some don't consider us as "real nurses" So it is up to us to be professionals and change their perception...Not to just forget about it.....
  7. by   ktwlpn
    Originally posted by Flo1216
    P.S. KTWLPN- I just thought I would let you know that I have been working as a CNA the entire time I have been in school. Never once have I placed myself above ANYONE. I think you are ridiculously defensive without cause and are reading into things and turning them into something they are not.

    "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent,"-Eleanor Roosevelt
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>PS-I think that your opinion is not very important to me or to this thread..since you have never worked a shift as a nurse you are really NOT qualified to tell a nurse-any nurse- what she should or should not do.....
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    Anyone remember the scene in "All in the Family" where Edith is rambling on and on and Archie is sitting in his chair not listening but miming that he is playing russian roullete and he falls over "dead"? I think this discussion has reached that point.

    Nite all
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    Originally posted by Furball
    Anyone remember the scene in "All in the Family" where Edith is rambling on and on and Archie is sitting in his chair not listening but miming that he is playing russian rouleete and he falls over "dead"? I think this discussion has reached that point.

    Nite all
    Good night.......
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    Originally posted by Furball
    Anyone remember the scene in "All in the Family" where Edith is rambling on and on and Archie is sitting in his chair not listening but miming that he is playing russian roullete and he falls over "dead"? I think this discussion has reached that point.

    Nite all

    P.S. I think anyone, and that includes CNAs, are entitled to an opinion.
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    Originally posted by Susy K

    P.S. I think anyone, and that includes CNAs, are entitled to an opinion. [/B]

  12. by   Flo1216
    I am sorry-I didn't realize that a lowly CNA was not entitled to an opinion. I am graduating in a few months and I have been working full time while going to RN school in a hospital as a float with RNS and LPNS, etc. I pay attention to what goes on around me and I have very close friends who are LPNS, RNS etc. I work the same hours that they do, with the same patients that they do, just in a different capacity and I am aware of my surroundings. And you have the audacity to tell me not to act above anyone. Here is another opinion for you, -you are a jackass. Good Night!
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