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we've given a lot of vaxes through our home health agency and this year we're hearing a lot of minor complaints: feeling achey, low grade temps, etc. last friday monster got hers, and she's been... Read More

  1. by   ebear
    sharona, hope you feel better soon 'punkin!
  2. by   RNfaster
    Quote from sharona97
    Anybody know which strains this year the vaccine is covering?
    Influenza A - Solomon Islands/3/2006 (H1N1)-like
    Influenza A - Wisconsin/67/2005 (H3N2)-like
    Influenza B - Malaysia/2506/2004-like antigen

    "(T)he strains of the influenza aiming for North America appear to be drifting and mutating, raising questions about how much protection this year's flu vaccine will offer.

    The process of creating the annual flu shot is a complicated one and actually begins almost a year ahead of time. The World Health Organization monitors flu activity around the world, looking for predominant strains. As flu viruses reproduce, they often trigger slight changes in their genetic code, which scientists call antigenic drift."
    "The WHO then selects the strains that they think are most likely to predominate in the northern hemisphere. They generally select three -- two subtypes of influenza A viruses and one influenza B virus-- to go into the vaccines to be used the following fall and winter.
    Each year, authorities change one or two of the three strains in the vaccine, which is why it is important to get a new flu shot every year to ensure protection against the most recent strains."

    "No drug or vaccine is ever 100 per cent effective and this year's vaccine won't be a perfect match either. But scientists point out that the antibodies the vaccine helps produce will offer some immunity over whatever strains do arrive.
    "In recent seasons, even where there has been a vaccine mismatch, the vaccine can afford 40-50 per cent protection," says Dr. Theresa Tam of the Public Health Agency of Canada.
    And some protection is better than none, especially for the elderly, she says, for whom the flu can actually be fatal."
  3. by   MisMatch
    My concern/question - I'm 51 y/o, never had the flu, never had a flu vaccine. I work at an ALF, and start clinicals in January. Should I get the vaccine?? Thanks.
  4. by   RNfaster
    Quote from MisMatch
    My concern/question - I'm 51 y/o, never had the flu, never had a flu vaccine. I work at an ALF, and start clinicals in January. Should I get the vaccine?? Thanks.
    I'd talk to your doctor about it. When I talked to mine, she was definite in her recommendation because I have asthma. She also gave me a pneumonia vaccine.

    I am not answering your question directly as I don't think we're supposed to do that on this board, and also because I am nowhere near qualified to do so. --But if you look at the data on the flu shot http://www.cdc.gov/flu/ and http://www.who.int/csr/disease/influenza/en/, etc., it's a good bet for many. Folks that have allergies to eggs should not take it (as it is usually in a solution derived from eggs), and folks that are currently sick should not take it.
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  5. by   Fiona59
    The only thing we've noticed is that this year we are having more people with blood "trickles" after we finish the injection. We've all aspirated but it seems like every othr person bleeds.
  6. by   carrie13
    I felt tired and had a temp around 101 for a couple days after my flu shot this year.
  7. by   flightnurse2b
    i never get a flu shot.. the one year i did i was sicker than ever! the majority of trouble ive seen though from flu shots is either people that are (usually unknowingly) sensitive to eggs or egg products...even though its a "dead" virus, its still egg protein... the ENT doc i go to was offering the flu vax in a nose spray this year, but i'll take my chances..
  8. by   NickiLaughs
    Of the 15 of us who got our flu shot this year at my clinic, all of us felt like our arms had been ran over by a truck the next day. Only one person had flu-like symptoms.
    We have noticed a lot of blood trickling as well this time around.
  9. by   luvmy3kids
    My youngest dd is 2 1/2 yrs. She had the flu shot on Saturday and started a low fever by Tues. night. She's had a fever since Tues and today it's been up to 102+. She puked all over the kitchen floor (so I attributed her fever to a stomach bug), but now after reading this thread and thinking about it.... I'm not so sure...

    My other 2 kids have been fine so far. We shall see I guess.
  10. by   Jo Dirt
    Quote from Boston-RN
    and people think I'm paranoid for not getting one.....never got one and never plan on it....
    I have had people say they took a flu shot and got sicker than they had ever been, therefore they would not take another one.

    I had to give two flu shots when I was doing HH and one of the patients ended up in the hospital.

    Then, I hear people say the shots have never bothered them, though I've never had one and never will.
  11. by   woody62
    I have gotten the flu shot every year since the 1976 swine flu vaccination. The only time I have ever gotten the flu was in 1976. The swine flu vaccination covered the wrong strains that year. I got my flu shot three weeks ago and suffered no ill effects, as usual.

  12. by   CocoaGirl
    We gave flu vaccines at our clinic two weeks ago, several staff and patients (including myself) had complaints of moderate to severe aches, fever and feeling poorly. I have never had this happen before, I don't know if I will be getting one next year. Also, a hospital support person in our local area had a cardiac arrest about 20 mins after getting their shot, they did make a full recovery. She had been receiving the vaccine for years without any problems.
  13. by   Dalzac
    I have had reactions to flu vaccine every time I get one. Low grade fevers nausea and diarrhea I didn't get one this year since I have retired. But DH always get one since he is a transplant patient. This year he was sick for 3-4 days