location of Allnurses Hospital????

  1. It came up in a thread earlier this week. Several of us have decided we want to open and work in an AllNurses Hospital. So, since this is a global site, where should we locate the facility and what should the rules be regarding treatment of the nursing staff?
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  3. by   Rustyhammer
    Every nurse starts out with a GOOD wage (is this another thread?) and their evals will be done by their fellow workers, the ones they work side by side with. Any administration persons would be required to spend at least one day out of the week on the floor (even if it is changing sheets but at LEAST talking to pts.)and would be required to have at least SOME medical training.
    Everyone would be REQUIRED to use some good communication skills. (As long as we are fantasizing)
  4. by   KP RN
    Y'all are twisting my arm!!
    I left hospital nursing 5 years ago for a career in home health.
    I swore I would never, ever go back to the hospital...I'd rather be bagging groceries at the local supermarket.
    But, to work with you guys at Allnurses may make me change my mind.
    Where do I fax my resume?? tee hee...
  5. by   whipping girl in 07
    And there will always be plenty of snacks so no one feels the need to eat their young!

    No double charting.

    MDs have to be approved by nursing staff or they don't have privileges.

    All staff would be properly identified as to what their job is; no non-nurse will pass themselves off as a nurse. And it won't be by wearing a certain color of scrubs, but with nametags that are large enough to be read by our clients with titles that make sense to the client (not PCA or PCT but patient care assistant/tech, not RN but registered nurse). The nametag will be the same size because it won't have a stupid logo and catchphrase on it, just the name of the hospital, employee's first name and mugshot.

    Nursing care will be research-based, not "we've always done it this way, so that's how we're going to do it."

    And managers are required to respond to a CODE BROWN (especially a really yucky one) at least once a week, ready to get down and dirty, not just watch.
  6. by   LTC-LPN
    ...the administrators be present on the evening shift at least once a week so they can SEE for themselves some of the sundowning issues. That way they can't say, "days doesn't have any trouble with patient so and so."

    Evenings are my preferred shift to work. Could you offer a shift differential too, please, or will the wages be good enough already?

    Jane Ann
  7. by   caroladybelle
    Any physician that orders either colonocopy w/colyte prep or an abdominal CAT scan w/oral barium prep on a terminal , advanced pancreatic/colon cancer patient will forced to drink nothing but golytely for a week and share a bathroom w/ a GI bleed
  8. by   fedupnurse
    All great ideas so far! I guess our phone number should be 800-Nursing-Nirvana. There will be one business person who handles the accounting/insurance stuff, etc. The entire administration will be RN's. Minimum of 5 years bedside nursing for entry administration and 10 years for CEO etc. Unlike the hospital where I currently work, we will not have a Vice President for each minute of the day and each day of the week! That is why things DON'T get done-they are tripping over each other. Since the staff will clearly consist of the best of the best, there won't be a need for all of these suits. I vote that we do not go for JCAHO accredidation since that is such a scam anyway. I vote that every employee gets their birthday off paid as if they are there. Patient ratios: Max 1:2 ICU's and still base it on acuity, max 1:4 Telemetry and based on acuity, max 1:6 on med surg/pedi. Haven't worked pedi-should they be 1:4? OB 1:1 if in active labor. Post partum-someone out there will have to tell me what is safe as I haven't been there or done that either!
    Dress code: Comfortable clothes and shoes with the only requirement being that we do not try to mislead the public by having everyone dress like a nurse. The nurses parking lot will be right next to the hospital. Doctors lot-wherever. As ststed above any attending will have to have the approval of the staff. They will have to submit long history of hospital affiliations and our search team will have to go to those facilities and interview staff to see if they will be permitted on staff. Any doctor who yells at nurses is immediately eliminated from the running. Don't even bother coming to my hospital folks!
    Services: Birth to death and everything in between. One stop healthcare. Acute care and long term care in the same place. Flight crews to pick up patients who want to be in our facility.
    Oh it is fun to dream,ok, ok so this is bordering on the delusional!
  9. by   Mary Dover
    1. WE'LL be the ones to interview and hire the docs. They must work well with OUR personalities and play nicely with ohers of course.
    2. We will be relieved for ALL breaks by administration (sounds like Brian's gonna be busy).
    3. Afternoon naps for all nurses. We need to stay refreshed. Relief provided by Brian of course. Oh did I say afternoon? - guess that means I'm requesting day shift right off the bat.
    4. Dress code for nurses could include the option of the ALLNURSE t-shirts, available in a multitude of colors. (Have they been ordered yet?)
    5. On site interpreters available for every language imaginable, including the hearing impaired, cause with the great care our patients will be getting, our reputation will soon be world reknowned.
    Will continue to work on the plan....more to come later.
  10. by   fedupnurse
    I think we might have to buy an island somewhere so we can also become our own country so we don't have to adhere to stupid beaurocratic rules of the DOH. We will already be doing what is right, don't need them. SO does anyone know of a good sized Island that isn't owned by any country out there???
  11. by   petiteflower
    Team nursing---not all for themselves. Clinic as well as ER so non emergent patients do not tie up ER staff.
    Where can I send my resume?
  12. by   RN-PA
    Yeah-- Sign me up, too-- This is a great thread! I agree with what previous posters have said and will add that Allnurses hospital should give new grads a 10 week orientation with caring, competent, encouraging preceptors; Mobbing of co-workers and eating the young would not be tolerated; equipment and supplies would be plentiful and in working order at all times. Oh, and the hospital should be located at the beach, oceanfront windows for all, and every nurse gets at LEAST a 30 minute meal each shift (one hour is preferable) and is required to take a 15 minute break every 2 hours-- taking a walk on the beach would be encouraged-- relieved on the floor by those in administration, as Mary Dover suggested. Gourmet box lunches would be provided by administration for those nurses working holidays, and of course, administration would work enough holidays that nurses would only have to work one/year... Beach parties would be held every 3 months to recognize and reward all the hard work...

    *SIGH* A nurse can dream, can't she?
  13. by   ceecel.dee
    Only positive attitudes prevail....all negativity shed at front door. No punching in, as we have such good coverage everyone gets to leave on time.
  14. by   Mary Dover
    And don't forget, I think this idea arose out of the thread about practical jokes at work. If they can't take a joke, they can't work with us. As ceecel.dee stated, NO NEGATIVITY!!!