Kiss the doctor's what???

  1. Hi all - just curious what you think of this situation. I have a new nurse manager who believes that we are there for the doctors - surgeons more specifically. Totally. Example - we have a doctor who screams and yells and swears constantly and who also says "if this so and so piece of equipment isn't fixed by the next time I'm here I will throw it at YOU!" Am I dreaming or is this verbal abuse and threatening behavior??? I have tried to talk to the manager about it but she says, "everyone has a bad day". Well folks, this particular doc is constantly like this. She actually tells us that we are there to do whatever we have to to please the surgeons. HA! I am there to take care of my patients. PERIOD. I absolutely do my best to make sure that the surgeons have what they need for the case, as this benefits the patient. I will not bow down any longer to this type of behavior. Comments?? Suggestions??
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  3. by   Gator,SN
    OH BOY! I know that you are going to get a lot of responses to this, so let me just say that in my opinion, you should not have to put up with verbal abuse from anyone else....ever.
    However, I too have heard this type of childish, ranting behavior and when I asked "WHY" is he/she allowed to get away with this?? I was told, "that is just the way he is"...........
    SO, I guess that if everyone complained and came together to voice their disapproval and the "higher-ups" ever decided that this type of crap was not permitted by any of the staff, including the precious doctor, then it would not continue.
    Until then, it just goes on and on.
    Take care of you....hold your ground and always know your own limitations to such things.
    Good luck to you!
  4. by   researchrabbit
    Originally posted by Pretzlgl
    She actually tells us that we are there to do whatever we have to to please the surgeons
    EUWWWWW! Conjures up images I could do without!
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    This nurse manager is TOXIC my friend...not to mention that a result.....

    I would tell her:

    " OK THEN I AM NO LONGER HERE FOR THE SURGEONS....I respectfully submit my 2 weeks' notice for you"...

    The state of my mind lately, this would be a true backbreaker for me. NO WAY would i sit quietly for THAT bullhockey! NOOOOOPPPPPEEE. and I do NOT see that NM's mind set changing no matter WHOSE tree you shake, complaining about it. GOOOOOO LUCK!
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  6. by   ptnurse
    All I can say is #1-- use your chain of command. It the NM does nothing go to the next step. #2--Talk to the other nurses and speak in a single voice and #3--If that doc actually throws something at you, file assault charges. Or better yet, just throw it back at him. (Experiencing PMS breakthrough).
  7. by   Cascadians
    There is a totally objective way to cure this behavior.
    Get a hidden videocamera and film the behavior.
    Make a couple copies, put in safe places.
    Show the film to the perpetrator.

    Can't argue, scream at and intimidate a videocassette

    The perp is likely to be so shocked and ashamed that s/he won't indulge in such immature obnoxious behavior any more.

    However, if there's a repeat, giving the film to Risk Management may get you more backing.

    Horizontal or lateral or any kind of violence must be nipped in the bud.
  8. by   colleen10
    Hi Pretzl,

    I can totally feel for you. I have worked in quite a number of business offices where verbal and even physical violence against co-workers was the norm.

    All it takes is one person like the doctor you described to really ruin the moods and attitudes of everyone you work with. And, it will probably lead to more people getting the same attitude of yelling and degrading behavior.

    Your manager sounds like she has been brainwashed. No way is this acceptable behavior from anyone! And, I can't stand when people use the guise "oh, that's just his personality" or "that's just the way she is."

    It's total BS. The next time your manager tells you that you tell her you don't put up with that kind of BS and that's just the way you are!

    Good Luck!

  9. by   km rn
    One nurse mentioned on her unit they did a Code Pink - when a MD was throwing a tantrum - all the nurses on the unit came and stood around the MD and stared evilly at him/her. She said it worked!
  10. by   spineCNOR
    You are absolutely correct- the surgeon's behavior does constitute abuse. I do not know the relevant law, but by threatening to throw things at people he may be legally guilty of assault.

    I realize you are in a very difficult situation. Your manager, like so many in today's "greed is good" approach to healthcare sees the doctors as the hospital's primary "customer" not the patient.

    As far as your manager making excuses for the surgeon-- THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS BEHAVIOR, period!!!!!!!!!

    We nurses all know when a surgeon is behaving poorly due to the stress of a difficult situation, such as a patient bleeding uncontrollably during a case, and we are all willing to be understanding when this is the situation. This is not the situation you are describing at all, and there is no reason to tolerate this behavior from this surgeon.

    I think you are not going to get any help from this NM. I agree with ptnurse- follow your hospitals chain of command and document, document, document. Every time you are subjected to this behavior, document what happened. Give the documentation to your NM first, so that she will have no reason to say you did not follow proper procedure. Then go as high as you have to up the chain, including this surgeon's medical chief of staff, and risk management.

    You may or may not be sucessful in getting some relief from this situation, depending on the quality of your hospital administration.
  11. by   Pretzlgl
    Thank you all - at least I'm not off my rocker. You are right Spine - it is understandable in emergency or tense situations. However, I work in outpatient surgery where crises are rare. And document I will - because you are right on when you say that my NM sees the doctors as the PRIMARY customer. It just makes me sick to my stomach.
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  13. by   SherRN
    The Doctor is God theory died with Florence. No way should you put up with that. The code pink is a great idea. I may even suggest it in my area. However the others are right. You should go up the chain of command. The main thing is to stand your ground. I might suggest that the next thing to do would be to always make sure there is someone else with you in case of another attack. That is just what it is you know an attack.
  14. by   pebbles
    pssst. What's a "code pink"?
    (At my hospital, that means "missing infant")