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There are 280 million people in the United States. Of those it is estimated that 13 million are incontinent. I started a poll on this BB asking about GU problems that nurses have. I am very... Read More

  1. by   mario_ragucci
    Well, it's easy to take pssin for granted. Some folks can urinate without it being a problem, and it's tough. Plus, doesn't it feel good to get to go after you've held it in? I'm kidding :-)
  2. by   CANRN
    I don't think it's time management either, my bladder could care less whether or not the 'time is right', which it rarely is. Have you ever had the little lady who just had her foley removed say for the ninth time.."I THINK I can go now?" and SIT THERE all the while your bladder is SCREAMING..LET ME SHOW YOU HOW!!!!
  3. by   judy ann
    There are times when the task at hand can't (or won't) wait even 5 minutes. Say, a precipitous delivery. What do you say to the kid. "Hey, wait a minute, I need to potty"? Doesn't work. Say, you are scrubed on a surgery. What do you say? "Hold that knife Doc, I need to take a little personal time"? I agree that most of the time, we could (and should) take those few minutes to answer nature's call, but there are others that it behoves us to hold off as long as we can. So far as the Charge Nurse releiving you, I have been in both of those situations above and been the charge nurse at the same time. Not the best situation, but this happens often in smaller hospitals, and routinely in rural hospitals.
  4. by   P_RN
    My dears, Haven't you ever heard of the CLINICAL BLADDER, and you paint your selves a such *whizzes*.!

    I amost declared myself a smoker once, just to get to go outside! Almost, but didn't. Lunch, what is that? Sit? You are speaking mysteries to me.

    I'll sign any petition that has a "P"Clause in it.
  5. by   micro
    i just say gotta go.........go.............
  6. by   dawngloves
    got urine?

  7. by   CEN35
    originally posted by traumarus
    i'm the night charge nurse in busy, level i ed and i do go (routinely) 10 hours into the shift before i get potty break. it is not a time management issue for me, but what does one do when one always is short nurses, most recently six nurses short on sunday night?
    what does one do? be glad they don't work in that er in mapleton, il :chuckle
    just kidding trus

  8. by   CEN35
    ok all this urine talk has reminded me of something. clearly, this would have been the place to drink, for all the nurses with bladdermegally, secondary to their career! :chuckle yes even the quick tinklers!
    there was a bar that used to play a game called the drain game.
    the way this worked is at 5pm on a friday evening, the doorman at the bar started to allow patrons to come inside. you were stamped on the right hand, with a fairly permanent ink (it would wear off over the next 3-5 days).
    once stamped, if you left the bar you could not get back inside, until the game was over.
    drinks and shots were like 50 cents, and beers 25 cents. everybody could drink at this price until someone went to the bathroom! the bathrooms were locked! if you left the facility your out of the game, prices back to normal! once the first person cannot hold it anymore, they let them in the bathroom and prices then too go back to normal.
    this seemed to be the place to go early on a friday night, for the college crowd and some of us others. it went all to well after a while, as med students, interns and residents took texas caths, and leg bags to play the game! :chuckle
    once thing to be sure of! nobody with leg bags was blamed for the end of the low prices!!! :chuckle

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  9. by   Cascadians
    We're always so relieved to see an empty pt room when we come on shift
    We arrive early and clean the bathroom (always gloved of course!) and beeline there whenever opportunity arises.

    Of course we keep the door closed and lights off in the room so nobody else thinks to use that bathroom that shift ...

    Nothing worse than squeezing out 30 seconds to void and having to clean a bathroom first!

    Watching a pt try to pee when you've been holding it for hours, or feeding a feeder who's being fussy when you haven't had a chance to eat for 12 hours -- these are situations requiring heroics! :imbar
  10. by   Dr. Kate
    The wisedt advice I ever heard was that of Lord Montbatten to Prince Charles "never pass up an opportunity to relieve yourself." Or as I tell our new grads, you've got to take care of yourself because nobody else will.
  11. by   night owl
    You said it the best Dr. Kate! And I might add, "We are the sunshine of our lives, and micturating when we have to, makes our lives even more brighter!" :chuckle
  12. by   Stargazer
    It's a terrible habit to get into. I haven't worked at the bedside in years, and I STILL have a hard time making myself take the time to tinkle. There's always something I want to finish, or an errand I have to run first. I just really begrudge the inconvenience.

    Scares me though--I took care of an elderly gentleman a couple of years ago with a L-O-N-G history of bladder infections, incontinence, chronic antibiotics, had to cath himself, frequent urosepsis, etc. He was a former anesthesiologist who would work entire cases without peeing. Yikes!
  13. by   semstr
    Working OR, we once made a game, who could hold the longest and the most: My bladder hold 1270 ml!! I' ll never forget that!
    And at that time of my life, it didn't hurt that much really!
    Couldn't do that any more though, but only go for a pee 2 or 3 times a day, these times are badly needed then!!
    Take care, Renee