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CANRN has 17 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Hospice and Palliative Care, Family NP.

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  1. AANP failed

    I am sorry to hear this. I took the exam and used Barkley review to study, I had his CDs and workbook, (please do not solicit to buy/sell items per TOS) and I took his review course. Barkley was SPOT ON with the topics we would see, Also, I used LEIK...
  2. Brian Short News

    This is such sad news. My prayers go out to the entire family.
  3. Social Worker on call 24/7?

    I thought the core services had to be available 24/7. Supposedly, our SWs are "available" but try getting one when you need one. Being at a difficult admission, death or just a panic call from a family and it gets hairy. It is hard to care for the pa...
  4. Hospice Charting and Recertifications

    LCD= Local Coverage Determinations. These are the criteria guidelines for specific hospice admission criteria based on the patient's diagnosis. You can find these on the CMS website but, your company should have a worksheet also that has the criteria...
  5. Fingerstick blood sugars higher

    I wondered about that when you posted that! I think adding insulin to her regime is needed. Good luck! About the shaking, my Mom was Diabetic and when she was being treated for cancer, her glucose levels were hard to manage, she always got shaky when...
  6. Social Worker on call 24/7?

    I am an on-call RN and have run into a situation I have never had before (been doing hospice 6 years) The company I work for is not providing an on call SW anymore, strictly to save money. There have been several times I have needed a SW for a family...
  7. I don't carry a purse with me, I keep my driver's license and debit card in my nursing bag. Honestly, I have felt safer in bad areas as crazy as that may sound. Anytime I have had to go into a bad area, they know I am coming. One of the family membe...
  8. Fingerstick blood sugars higher

    Since your patient is not showing any signs of rapid decline, I would certainly notify her doctor and let him/her know that the patient's blood sugars are running high and tell him that her daughter is living with her and the patient is getting bette...
  9. Salary for a Hospice Nurse Leader

    Hi, I am interviewing for a Hospice Manager position. I am curious as to how much this posistion might pay. Please PM me and give me a ball park figure I can use to negotiate. I have my CHPN, I have done hospice for six years, my experience includes ...
  10. What kind of nurse are you?

    You have a PM
  11. Well move over girls and make room for me! I will also be in my 70's and paying off student loans. I graduated hs in 1970, got married, two kids, divorced, remarried, another child and nursing school. Got my ADN in 1997, I will have my BSN in Octobe...
  12. What kind of nurse are you?

    Good pros and cons! Your right, having a brick and mortor school is important especially if they have established nursing programs. Indiana Wesleyan Univesity has a wonderful campus in Marion INdiana and outreach locations as well and then the online...
  13. What kind of nurse are you?

    I have not practiced in any of those areas. I have had my ADN for 15 years. I am currently taking classes for my BSN and I will be done in October. It is an online course. All the schools in this area do the BSN completion online. I attend Indiana We...
  14. Hospice Nurse Transporting Patient Medications

    Ya know, some nurses just don't get it! Instead of seeing how that fast intervention benefited the patient, she climbed on her high horse and destroyed someone's life. HER behavior (the DON's) was more inappropriate than the nurse that had the best i...
  15. 1 week older as a new Hospice nurse, and three deaths later

    That is the problem with so many hospice nurses, they do not care for themselves. When you think you are the only one that can take care of a death or the only one who can care for your patients, you are doomed to burnout. When you are off, shut off...