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  1. by   Cindy_A
    Aw, come on B! That was worth at leat $.02!
  2. by   Brian
    well said HotSpam
  3. by   lpnandloveit1
    as a reply to hot spam and all the other guys out there. I truly do not think that the porn star joke was made at the expense of the male nurses in our comunnity. I have spent quite a few years defending the guys and now I see that when a tasteless remark is thrown in our direction it is shruged off as just a joke.I have had to explain to terrified elderly pts. that you are indeed nurses and had not come into their room to harm them. I have had to explain to husbands and fathers in home care situations that you do not want to sleep with the wives and other female family members when you are on duty. I have also chastized all sorts of people who asume that all male nurses are gay. The men out there have more than likely not had Dr. and Pt. asume it is okay to poke pinch or grab, just because we are there and it does happen. Nurseing is a "pink collar" job not a blue collar job or a white collar job. Just because there are so many really great male nurses out there don't think that public opinion of nursing includes a whole lot of men. Ask ten people (who don't know that you are a nurse) to describe a nurse and the answer will most likely start out with "A woman who...." So just remember that when someone on national televison lowers the profession to the state of porn stars it is in all probability the women he is refering to, and those of us who have been nursing for so many years, and taking it on the chin for all those years have every right to be offended and mad as hell. Let me close by saying that I am so pleased that there have been so many men entering the profession in the past few years. You guys have helped to bring nursing to a new level.
  4. by   NRSKarenRN
    Dear LPNandloveit1: Couldn't have said it better. Toally agree with your post. Hot Spam also agree that we need to develop a thicker skin...after twenty years mine is at least 1" thick to have survived. But we need to combat public sexist attitudes wherever they occur.
  5. by   mustangsheba
    Just an observation re:numbers of male nurses. Last night, half of the nurses where I worked were male. That's pretty good representation.
  6. by   Stacey Tortorice
    I did not see leno but I am sure that
    he had a lot of jokes to say as the others did like david letterman.they just have no ideal what we go thru and really do not care anymore what these people have to say anymore.They have to really see what we do and that if it was not for us they would not get the care should they end up in the hospital some day.
  7. by   Ectopy
    Anyone bothered by Jay Leno's jokes should take a moment to picture just how "sexy" Jay will be someday, when one of us is wiping jevity/c-diff poopy off his fat butt. How about drool off his fat chin? Maybe he will get lucky and one of his porno-nurses will have to place a foley for him. Then he'll see how truly titillating nursing is! Never lose your humor.
  8. by   Overland1
    I am so glad that the ANA is defending us and our reputation; this is the same ANA that endorsed people like Bill Clinton and Mario Cuomo. How impressive!