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  1. Ectopy

    adn vs bsn

    Go ADN. You can begin working for RN pay in TWO years and continue earning RN pay while you finish a bridge to BSN or even MSN. Also, many hospitals are paying much if not all of the costs for completing the BSN.
  2. Ectopy

    Health Insurence for IC Nurse

    I really appreciate all the information you included in your post.
  3. In an effort to stave off the union, our unit did reduce patient loads to 4-6 on days and 5-7 on nights. HOWEVER, on any given day, each of 6 nurses has at least one VRE and/or MRSA precaution patient and often as not they each have one OR MORE destructively confused, postop patient. To complicate things further, we have two LVAD patients awaiting heart transplant. Their nurses can't go into the precaution rooms. I don't know if this is a temporary trend or if nursing is just going to get harder and more complicated. Seems like you gain a little ground and then slide back down the hill.
  4. Ectopy

    Funny Names for Nurses

    Nita Love, RN...Cardiothoracic Surgery.
  5. Ectopy

    Funny Names for Nurses

    In Southern Maine, Dr. Scott Popp....Chiropractor!
  6. Ectopy

    Jay Leno's "joke" about nurses

    Anyone bothered by Jay Leno's jokes should take a moment to picture just how "sexy" Jay will be someday, when one of us is wiping jevity/c-diff poopy off his fat butt. How about drool off his fat chin? Maybe he will get lucky and one of his porno-nurses will have to place a foley for him. Then he'll see how truly titillating nursing is! Never lose your humor.

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