Is your Hospital requiring a copy of your diploma or transcripts?

  1. So my hospital is telling me that CMS is now requiring all licensed RNs in the ICU to have a copy of their diploma or transcripts on file in HR proving they graduated from nursing school.

    If you have a license, doesn't the state issuing the license do a background check and make sure the requirements (graduation) are met prior to issuing a license?!

    If CMS is nationwide, then we should all have to do this correct?

    Is everyone diggin their diploma out to copy when they have been licensed for 20 years?

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  3. by   meandragonbrett
    Sounds like a made up excuse to me to get what they want.
  4. by   julz68
    I'm just a new grad, but the hospital I am now employed at did require my official transcripts.
  5. by   Racer15
    My hospital is now requiring a copy of your diploma or transcripts for laboratory reasons.
  6. by   Nurse_
    Quote from Racer15
    My hospital is now requiring a copy of your diploma or transcripts for laboratory reasons.
    Laboratory reasons?
  7. by   LadyFree28
    Quote from julz68
    I'm just a new grad, but the hospital I am now employed at did require my official transcripts.
    ^Same here...from what I see with people claiming to be 'nurses' I can see the validity of that...
  8. by   floridaboundrn
    But... how do you get a license without having graduated from nursing school?

    If a license requires that you have graduated from an accredited college, then why isn't proof of licensure acceptable to CMS?
  9. by   LadyFree28
    I know people who obtained their licenses, but forthwith sake if protection d/t DV, they are not listed for licensing in public record, as well as facilities may not always have the technology to run a license check. People once in a blue moon, at least 2-3 every 1-2 years is caught committing fraud by practicing as a nurse in my area. There was a man recently portraying himself as a doctor even though he was a janitor at a hospital...just because we gave technology, doesn't mean that fraud will go away or not be committed; technology does guarantee that they will be caught.
  10. by   floridaboundrn
    So these same people won't be able to fake a copy of a diploma?
  11. by   LadyFree28
    They still want proof. They want official transcripts with the seal...most official transcripts are in specific paper; they will even contact the school for validity.


    Also, CMS funds nursing care using a hospital economic model...they use a different model in home health:

    Example; look at fifth blue highlight:

    You can also look up's a 2,000+ document. These changes were in result if the Medicare changes in 2006, which outlined the model that they are shifting to outcome-based reimbursement, mainly because if the positive outcomes of nursing care.

    Even though doctors help with revenue, good nursing care improves hospital economics overall, increased funding for hospitals. (In nurses pockets, depending on the hospital...some hospitals boast this information, and gave shared the wealth.)

    This rule has been effective since 2008, may have been a grace period in getting things up and running, and validation for education may be required, just like physicians.

    I noticed when nursing applications started asking about Medicare exclusion...this is what it is all about, I guess. *shrugs*
  12. by   Esme12
    I.....have never been asked for this.....yet. I had a house fire YEARS ago and it's gone. I've been out of school 34 years. I wonder what the school would charge for them of if they even have them.

    Too funny....I have to check this out.
  13. by   hiddencatRN
    I had some hospitals want transcripts and diploma while I was applying as a new grad. The place I ended up getting hired asked for copies for my HR file once I was hired to verify my BSN. They are now transitioning to hiring BSN only, so I guess that was in anticipation of that change? Proof that I went to an accredited program? Idk. I've gotten old transcripts from other schools and the fee is usually pretty nominal and they've included degree and graduation information on there, so I'm not sure why you'd need BOTH transcripts and diploma. Some form of degree verification doesn't seem too out there to me tho.
  14. by   netglow
    I've had to give my GPA for all degrees. Haha. I was a little worried I'd have trouble finding them! But I got them a few years back and have what I call an application sheet, I've done in Word with everything I need for the extra "nosey" applications I might fill out. Even just went ahead and rooted out past addresses and stuff for if I go through extensive background checks. I have a print out in my portfolio along with an unofficial transcripts (either I opened the seal, or printed out directly from the website myself which makes it unofficial).

    I think that transcripts are gonna need to be sealed. So you have to contact your university or CC and have them direct sent even potentially. I was a little worried but you just have to find the spot on your college website and follow instructions and they eventually get sent.

    What ever the reason for them, I like to point out that I busted a$$ for all my degrees.