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what words do you hear consistently pet peeve is when people wish to say oriented, as in alert and oriented, and they actually say orientated....where are they getting the extra... Read More

  1. by   ShortFuse_LPN
    Ah. Thanks, I'd never heard of it Maybe that's where she picked it up. I doubt it though....she also pronounced centimeters as sauntimeters.
  2. by   ruby360
    Oh my gosh!!! That has always really bugged me too. RNs or new nurses
    at work frequenly say, "Are you still being orientated?" or "I'm not sure where
    that is, I'm still being orientated." ect... Really bothers me. It's oriented, people ORIENTED! Saying orientated just sounds so unedjumakated.
  3. by   nimbex
    okay, southern slang, but..... "he just done fell out!"

    What?? ..... in the south, this means syncope.

  4. by   pickledpepperRN
    I "axed" him instead of I asked him.

    the name ANN with 3 syllables from one part of Oklahoma (only older people)
    "Ie ah ne"
  5. by   perfectbluebuildings
    My instructors say "saunameters" too, and um-bi-LIKE-us! I have no idea where that saunameters thing came from, but it annoys the heck outta me! The there their they're and it's its stuff gets on my nerves too. Just call me the grammar police!!
  6. by   angelac1978
    how about "i'm gonna axe him a querstion" the head of HR where I work says this all the time! along with
    "deeze" instead of "these"
    "wiff" instead of "with"
    "dem" instead of "them"
    and my personal fave that she says, the CEO's name is Ruth but she calls her "Roof"

    few other peeves that I hear in general
    its "a long ROW to hoe" not "long road to hoe" refers to a row of corn, cotton, tobacco, etc

    also "beck and call" instead of "beckon call" thats just ridiculous!:roll
  7. by   mlolsonny
    Originally posted by janfrn
    He always says "sphincster" which makes me ...

    Satisfi-CAY-tion instead of satisfaction. These were from our medical terminology instructor. How in the world were we supposed to learn correct pronunciation from her???

    My biggest pet peeve: UN-thaw. As if you're going to take something out then put it back to freeze again. Please, it's thaw.
  8. by   mamabear
    At last! My co-workers are constantly riding me about being too picky with spelling, sentance construction, etc. At last, I've found Heaven in an thread.
    One that really galls me is something about "putting some food on your stomach". Whereabouts on the stomach? If food goes "on", what goes "in"?
    I too cringe whenever I hear Mr. Bush say NOOK-yoo-ler. His wife is a teacher and/or a librarian, right? Maybe she's been trying all these years and finally realized she's fighting a losing battle (and I'm a registered Republican)
  9. by   azgirl
    I just had that today. I said I was being oriented to the floor and had someone correct me that I was being orientated.
  10. by   Jedav
    I love it when I hear "smoking sensation" instead of cessation. Hello??!! Then if you say it back to them correctly, they STILL don't get it!
  11. by   liberalrn
    How about winda for window...grrrr. Warsh and wahhhter, melk instead of milk. "Go by my ma's"....ugh!!!!! I always picture these people standing next to their mother's house. Axe for ask. I did good (yes, until you spoke) or even worse (not heard much)--that dress looks well on you. (funny, I didn't know that dresses could be taken ill!) Unretouched (as in pics).

    I don't mind colloquilisms (sp?)--"he fell out at home" (he lost consciousness). How about conscience instead of conscious?
    See that one in charting sometimes. The pt staes he lost conscienceness (uh?)--maybe he just fell out at home!
  12. by   Huq

    Perhaps your instructor is English. We do have abDOEmens. Our newborn have umbiLIKEal cords. Our females have vagINEas and when anyone looses their appendix they have had an appendicectomy. Drive you crazy? Imagine how we feel about Americanisms. (Is there such a word?)
  13. by   Bekka_Lass
    How about vomiking for vomiting? Or the nunsiknoseof for the none I know of allergies question?:roll :roll :roll
    I say oriented