Is 26 too old to go back to school?

  1. Hi, I'm currently working on obtaining my BSN in nursing. Before this degree, I pursued a BA in education. I thought that I wanted to be a teacher. After all it was something that I'd wanted to do since childhood. However, once midway through college something inside of me clicked. I didn't really want to be a teacher, but because I was halway through the program, and had taken loans I decided to go through with it anyway. I took my test for my credentials and once I found myself in the classroom setting, I realized that it was not what I wanted to do and should have trusted my gut instinct instead.

    I was always drawn to nursing. Especially when in my junior year of college I went to my doctor and he misdiagnosed my symptoms of being the result of stress. I went to the school NP, and she ran test and found out it was more than stress. (I was SEVERELY anemic)

    I was impressed and wanted to make a career change before I started my career as a teacher but was to scared to do so.

    To make a long story shorter, everyone in my extended family keeps asking me why am I still in school. The one that really bugs me is everyone saying that I'm simple to old to go back to school. Should I be offended? Has anyone else heard someone say they were to old?
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  3. by   Mulan
    People have gone to nursing school in their 50's and 60's.
  4. by   nursein08
    I was 26 when I started on my pre-reqs and now I am 28 and just started the nursing program this fall. I also have 3 young children, so no, 26 is definitely not too old....go for it!
  5. by   Antikigirl
    I started RN school at 28! Most of the students were older than me! I find it takes a level of maturity to handle nursing you don't find straight out of school. Takes some life experience to bring with you to RN school and pts! So I think it is a good idea to get some life experience first...know yourself well...and have maturity before going to RN school!

    (I didn't make it clear that I mean GO FOR IT!).
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  6. by   morte
    i d--n near choked on my potato chips......i was almost 31, and now 55...would go back to school in a heart beat.....and the family only has a rght to an opinion if they are supporting you......good luck.....and learn to trust your gut!lol
  7. by   kennyd
    Ignore what others say AND GO FOR IT.
  8. by   np_wannabe
    I think it's really sad, and even infuriating, that people are telling you that 26 is too old. Really. So tell me: when is the "cut-off" age? at what age does one have to choose a career that they stick to forever and ever??? Is their opinion, then, that you should be a teacher for the next 40 years because that is the decision you made at 18? Ridiculous.

    To me, you are only too old to return to school when you are dead.

    Just my

  9. by   Miss Chybil RN
    Think of it this way, the current life expectancy of the average American female is 76 to 80 years old. Males run from 69 to 75 years old. You've got, at least, another 50 years on you. Are you going to let it pass wondering if you're "too old?"

    Here's a simpler way to look at it. You're 26 now. If it takes you 4 years to finish a BSN-RN, or any other degree, you'll be 30 when you graduate. If you don't go to school, in 4 years, you're going to be 30, anyway.

    Follow your heart. You're never "too old."
  10. by   anouk
    Quote from morte
    i d--n near choked on my potato chips......i was almost 31, and now 55...would go back to school in a heart beat.....and the family only has a rght to an opinion if they are supporting you......good luck.....and learn to trust your gut!lol

    No they are not supporting me. I'm supporting myself through school.
  11. by   angel337
    are you kidding?:wink2: you have at least another 40 years of work ahead of you before you can even think of retiring. i graduated from nursing school at 30. i started at 25.
  12. by   ItsyBitsySpider
    I think it's absurd for anyone to say 26 is too old to go back to school. I went back at 26 , with 2 kids and a husband and I was nowhere near the oldest in the class. Just do what you want to do with your life and don't worry about what others think or say.
  13. by   np_wannabe
    One more thing, and this may help.

    Since you already have a Bachelor's, you can look into accelerated BSN programs--they seem to be popping up everywhere! There are 3 Big Universities in my area, and they all offer the same program. If you already have a Bachelor's in a non-nursing field, you can go back to school taking 4 to 5 classes per semester for a BSN in 13 1/2 months. It's true. I'm applying next month.

  14. by   nerdtonurse?
    Holy crow, I'm going to be 43 when I start, after spending 20 years in the computer field. It's been my experience that the same people who whined, "why are you going back to school at 30?" when I went for my MS are the same ones who are whining, "why are you going back to school at 43?" when I told them I wanted to be a nurse.

    Then I realized, these are the people in my family that, well, whining is the only thing they're good at. They'd whine about having to deal with the money if they won the lottery. So, let'm whine. God willing, in another ten years I'll have assorted nursing letters (lpn, rn, who knows what else) after my name, and they'll be whining about that, too....