Inappropriate Conversations in the Workplace - page 5

While working in the emergency room, I have endured many conversations that range from issues in today's news to political standpoints. I keep my mouth shut for the most part and take care of the... Read More

  1. by   BrendaH84
    Patients will do the complaining for you. I've never found I had to say anything the people with the big mouth always get themselves in trouble
  2. by   Qing
    I don't think talking to the director will make anything better. If anything, a lot worse for you and your colleagues will not see you in the same view. Patients will complain if they want to about your colleagues. Rather than setting yourself up as a target with your colleagues, it might be better to do the best you can for the patients you are assigned to and not get involved with their political discussions. Its not right, but almost anything is made so political or twisted. All you have to say is the wrong thing or someone to not like what you said. You don't have to say anything at all, because big mouths will get themselves into trouble one way or another.
  3. by   Shookclays
    Quote from knight-
    Perhaps you have an in-service coordinator at your workplace? Maybe the coordinator can give an in-service for the department about customer service, emphasizing on professionalism. We recently had it in mine, and the coordinator mentioned "not to discuss personal issues in front of the patients."
    Ironically, not a week later we had a meeting about this. I kid you not, it was so surprising and the topics that were presented by the CEO/CNO etc... was right on track with my concerns. The environment seems so much better now. There's no loitering or anything in the ER anymore.

    We're being incorporated into a larger health system in the surrounding area, so a lot of new rules has taken place. For the better. Thanks.