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  1. NurseVal93

    Students under the influence at school

    Hi Fellow School Nurses, How do you deal with a student that is brought in by Admin to "check to see if they are under the influence"? I've had this happen 3 times in the past 2 weeks. I do my head to toe nursing assessment and interview the student and report my findings to admin. What I don't understand is that they look at me for a definitive answer whether YES or NO they are under the influence, and get irate if I'm unable to provide that definite answer. Only 1 time was I able to confirm via my findings and the Student openly admitting to drinking and being drunk. I do not have any special tools (eg brethalyzer), and am not trained to give a field sobriety test... Sometimes I tell them, "This is not the TV show COPS, I can only use my nursing assessment and nursing skills". How do y'all handle this? Help..
  2. NurseVal93

    CA school nursing newbie

    Hello Ruby Jane! Thank you very much for your response. I don't know why, I had not even thought of that! (Oops.. Haha) I will definitely search right now. Thanks again!
  3. NurseVal93

    CA school nursing newbie

    Hello fellow Nurses! I had a couple questions, but first, a little background: I got my LVN license in early '15, and was working in a SNF as a charge nurse. After leaving that job, I got hired at a Healthcare Staffing Solution company that sends nurses for fill-in shifts at hospitals, home care, and of course, schools (which is what I'm hired for), also, this company will eventually find me a permanent case where I would 1:1 with a special education student in a school setting. My questions are: 1) Do schools in California hire LVN's to be THE school nurse (as in, the one in the office responsible for rendering care for all students), because every fill-in shift I've done, I've been covering the schools "Health Technician"... I don't think they are LVN/RN. 2) I've seen some posts on here saying that they (people on this section of the forum) are RN's going for their BSN so they can be a school nurse, not sure if I'm understanding correctly... Are they talking about being the head School District Nurse (because I know the school district nurse at the district I've been filling-in at is an RN)?? Very confused. I apologize if this was lengthy or if my questions seem obvious or dumb.