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BrendaH84 has 8 years experience as a BSN.

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  1. BrendaH84

    Med/surg to Inpatient hospice empath health job

    why do admissions take so long? Ive been used to hospital admits. family history, pt history,meds, and physical assessment
  2. BrendaH84

    ICU Nurse Fired For Refusing 3rd Patient

    That's great. How do you know that?
  3. BrendaH84

    Med/surg to Inpatient hospice empath health job

    I had the interview today for one of the hospice care centers . They told me the software was really slow (i asked) She said it takes more than an hour to key in an admission. It is salary , i might end up working an awful lot and never make overtime. of course i would end up working overtime if I'm doing my own admissions. They didn't let me talk to any nurses when I interviewed so I couldn't ask what they thought. I don't think I would like a home care visits. Those are 5 days a week minimum, and also salary . it sounds like rhis wouldnt be a good fit for me, which is unfortunate because I feel like Hospice Care is an important and rewarding job
  4. BrendaH84

    Med/surg to Inpatient hospice empath health job

    I am talking about an inpatient facility. I did apply and they called me back, I just left a voicemail that yes I'd still like an interview. But I do still worry about whether I would like it versus working in the hospital.
  5. BrendaH84

    ICU Nurse Fired For Refusing 3rd Patient

    My cousin is a tech at HCA, he said there are 21 beds in his unit and most of the time there is only one Tech . they do not have unit secretaries, & charge nurses do not take patients. They are supposed to roam around and help but they are often found in the break room doing absolutely nothing . one time he was pulled away to sit 4 a patient and the female Tech was crying when he came back. The nurses were insanely busy and short-staffed and could not help her , the nurses were upset and the tech was left to fend for 21 patients by herself. When the director was approached by the female Tech she was told what's the big deal we only took the other Tech away for half the shift... ... Of course that is 6 hours of trying to fend for yourself with patients and their families and different departments needing things Etc he said the nurses and techs are always crying or upset on his unit. He is looking for another career all together at this point
  6. BrendaH84

    Your most bonehead moment in nursing. Or 2. Or 3.

    Emptied a foley n forgot to clip it. So the floor was covered in urine the next time I went back in the room
  7. BrendaH84

    I quit during orientation.

    Yes i did it too. but luckily for me right before I went to the other job I went to PRN at my current job so I never ended up quitting my original job. No one was the wiser and I never told anyone about it
  8. BrendaH84

    LewisGale HCA vs Carilion in the Roanoke area

    By the way, A clinical ladder (just my thoughts) is stressful. You need to reach goals, teach in-service type stuff, & you'll get nagged to get extra certifications. If you thrive on that kind of thing that will work out. I for one feel like I know what I'm doing and I definitely get trained for anything extra and I don't want to be pushed to achieve levels 1 2 and 3 and that sort of thing. I give meds, clean trachs, wipe butts etc. Like plz Dont nag me to get extra stuff. Again just my nursing burnt out random thoughts
  9. BrendaH84

    LewisGale HCA vs Carilion in the Roanoke area

    I didnt mean to so much insult Lewisgale but more as to make my point about which one was better all around. Did you ever end up moving there and did you ever end up applying anywhere or are you taking a bit of time off?
  10. BrendaH84

    LewisGale HCA vs Carilion in the Roanoke area

    Working for Carilion it's like working at the International Space Station, the other two places would be like working in a coal mine. Carilion is 100% modern and they invest money in Technology like they have the best and expensive emr system Epic Etcetc
  11. BrendaH84

    HCA StaRN contract

    You just ask your hr person. If they want to know why you were asking like are you planning on leaving. Just say no I just want to know the answer to that question in case anything were ever to happen like if my family had to move or something like that
  12. I live in Florida right across the road from a hospice / empath health Building. I have walked in there to check it out , it is a beautiful inpatient place with private rooms for hospice patients. I know nothing about being a hospice nurse except on my med-surg floor I have certainly had plenty of hospice patients who are waiting to transfer home or to go into a hospice inpatient place. Mostly it's been pain medicine, wound care and keeping the family feeling as though I am caring as best I can for their loved one. I have worked med-surg for many years , and like most nursing jobs I feel overworked and underappreciated & i drive far LOL. I keep thinking I should apply to the hospice across the street from me at least I would be close to home. But I wonder what it would be like knowing that every patient i have is going to die? Is that very depressing?
  13. BrendaH84

    Best hospitals in the Detroit area

    i'm interested! i'd like to move to michigan, what do u have 2 say about DMC and Ascension (St. John) ?
  14. BrendaH84

    Best hospitals in the Detroit area

  15. BrendaH84

    This week I have learned (6/20, a day late)

    what does 60 20 mean?
  16. BrendaH84

    Are you a sensitive person?

    I usually say, "hey Hon, we shouldn't talk about this, someone is bound to hear the complaining & I need my job" then I hope they let it go.

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