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  1. White Pants That Pass a Tattoo Test?

    they have slips for pants, just like slips under a skirt. I bought some years ago for an unlined pair of wool pants I loved. you can buy them in beige ,white or black. too bad you can't wear colored pants. also tattoo makeup with powder over it, then...
  2. 30 Freaking Days Left give or take 10 days

    started reading this post having no idea what is was about. OK, WOW! CONGRATS, sounds like everyone who posted has great strength and perseverance. good for you! keep up the good work, I hope anyone with bitterness can wash it away with time, good th...
  3. Med-Surg IV Meds

    I too had this question on graduating, as I wanted to study more in depth on freq used meds, bcuz the more you know about something, the more confident you feel=less freaking out or emotional stress. no one ever really gave me any good answers, and d...
  4. HELP be a nurse or another career opportunity?

    well you can make that kind of money in commissioned positions. my husband works in a field where their sales people get 30,000.00 in commission, often times it's only twice a year they make such a great commision, but even so, his sales people make...
  5. HELP be a nurse or another career opportunity?

    to answer the original question: I bet it would have been so hard for me to pass the NCLEX if I had waited, because I may have forgotten a lot of stuff. for sure get you RN license, then work at other job, or nursing, or both :)
  6. maybe you could ask the nurse who did that "hey is there an instance when I should hold a med with no parameters, I like getting a few pointers from people who've been doing this awhile" you might get an answer like "Mrs Smith's been here two months,...
  7. met a girl in nursing school. friends ever since. I work in a hospital, she started in a Dr's office, then she transferred to their surgery center when she obtained her BSN. she is supposed to be 7:30 -3:30 PM, 5 days a week. in a nice clean sterile...
  8. AdventHealth University (AHU) MSN-FNP for all school lookup for adventhealth
  9. AdventHealth new employee Tele quiz?

    I phone interviewed with a manager for a med/surg tele position at AdventHealth, she said we'd have onboarding classes etc and for Tele floor we'd take a Telemetry quiz. My last job the charge nurse was given the tele strips,she marked them & put...
  10. Advent Health Contract

    you can always get a loan for 5000.00 from a bank.
  11. HCA StaRN contract

    I worked for a long time at HCA, I love bedside nursing, but when we started getting 6 or SEVEN very sick patients, plus that slow charting system, I gave 2.5 weeks notice and left. I dont care if I can't work at HCA again. Other hospitals will give ...
  12. transplant coordinator! ?
  13. I work on a busy Post surgical GI unit at an HCA hospital in Florida, I love my job most of the time. We use Medi tech for charting, kind of a slow charting software as it is cumbersome. We also get overflow from urology, we do a lot of ,CBI, new col...
  14. Want to Travel Nurse, don't know where to start

    What is a GAO website?
  15. Best private health insurance for travel nurses

    What is a subsidized paycheck deduction? I am paying for Cobra right now as I left my Hospital job and I am considering travel nursing