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I think we're all due for this thread. At the risk of encouraging a great deal of sexist comments, I would like to propose that we all share how special male nurses are. I would like to... Read More

  1. by   mattcastens

    Thanks, guys! (Or, rather, gals!)

    I have to say that I have never felt out of place as a male nurse ... well, except during my OB rotation -- bot not because of anything the ladies did.

    Personally, I love working with all of the women, even though they can be a bit much at times.
  2. by   NurseDennie
    You *go* Russell!! Yeah, you gotta love a man that dances!

    On the other hand, this particular smilie looks a lot more like a drunken stagger than a dance to ME. Just my humble opinion!


  3. by   bandaidexpert
    Hats off to the men of our profession! In a society where gender means something(of course, not to us). You are still macho in our eyes!:kiss
  4. by   micro
    hey rusty, nursegoodguy, and matt...........
    hey other men out there come on in and view this thread.....
    you are admired and needed in this field we all find ourself in.....
    i had a sitter tonight at work that was male.....cna.......and i said, so what year of nursing school are you in.......
    well, not yet, but he has been thinking about it.........

    i still love sandstorms' comment........
    so true 99.9%.....but i try not to was just so coolly said.........

    hey, way to go' all
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  5. by   cmggriff
    Y'all are makin' me blush:imbar , now. Cut it out. Gary
  6. by   sandstormsdust

    Like a said a baised opinion. Based on my experiences... but let me add that It is only a rule of thumb, a generalization.... maybe only 99.9 % right...

  7. by   KarafromPhilly
    I don't mean to be the pin in the balloon, but this thread gives me a great spot to vent about a guy in nursing school that I never did get along with. He had failed to get into medical school, but felt that since he had worked in a local hospital for several years, he had it ALL down. Actually what I disliked most was how my fellow (female) nursing students seemed to expect him to take charge. He often took the opportunity to lecture to us, with the air of someone who had been invited to come and share his wisdom, and they all sat there watching and silently nodding. How annoying. One day he was mistaken for a medical student (of course--he's male, isn't he?) and one of my dumber classmates went on and on about it ("Omigod! That was soooooo FUNNY!")
    Ok, I just reread my post and realize that I sound kind of bitter, so I'll just end my post by saying that he was definitely *$#!* SPECIAL.
  8. by   mario_ragucci
    Yall talk big praise of male nurses. Just dowcha forget about all the male CNA's out there who are getting the feel of health-care and are looked upon by female and male staff alike, as emotional punching bags, thrown into circulation, floating from place to place. Especially those male CNA's who are doing their best during probationary times in their vocation.

    Health care is not an male/female thing. Perhaps nurse cares a feminine property, like fireman, or policeman, or doctor (?). I learn my vocation through clear communication and shared reality. What that means is that providing error-free human care is attainable only through clear communication. Emotions and stress should not play a part in how people treat each other. Fooling around with a person's emotional responses is kinda dumb, yet it happens in the course of our lives.

    It may seem like I am having the worst time from my last two threads, and perhaps I have never had a thick skin when it came to capping a person when they are saying stuff and acting in such a way that makes me uneasy. I'll be okay, and I am touching in the heart like no other by all superior woman/girl/lady/female friends i have made so far. Women rock the world!

    No one can claim to be a "self-made" profesional health care provider, What makes this vocation a fit for me is the way in which we all interact together. ANd it's intense and i like it. As a male, I'm aware of how women health care workers talk to each other, and then how they talk to me. I am ybe another gender, but not another species :-) It's no big deal, after I get over the initial confusion, and eventually, once I pass probation, be able to courteously remind some healthcare workers about what year it is.

    Nursing is the most intense and rewarding experience. Try to love someone. Try it; you'll like it :-)
  9. by   micro
    Originally posted by NurseDennie
    I have to say that I think the guys on THIS BB are wonderful. And it seems like "our" guys have had a rough couple of weeks here - Mario being accused of inappropriate touch and Norbert being so ill and fired on his birthday.
    Here's hoping that things look up for our men-folk here on the!!
    thought a timely repeat and ndennie said it very well...... thread.........

    idea of support to our fellow nurses........ are right on.........

    nurses supportive of their young, and each other......and even other teammembers.................
  10. by   mattsmom81
    KarafromPhilly, I understand where you're coming from....I also understand everyone's wish to recognize the fine nurses out there who HAPPEN to be male. BUT.... (and this is a BIG but..... )

    I have to take issue with the notion that men make 'better' coworkers....that is a rather bigoted and generalist statement or inference for someone to make, IMHO.

    Some of the guys I work with can be 'the b*tchiest and pettiest (is that a word? ) of all' IMHO it is NOT the sex that makes a good coworker...just like it's not the skin color or the culture or the WHATEVER. Good nurses/coworkers come in ALL packages.... please let's be careful to remember this.

    Had to point that out and I'll step down now! Hope everyone is having a SUPER weekend!
  11. by   micro
    matt's mom.....
    step up anytime.......
    sorta brings up the nurses should be for each other, regardless of and.......
    but you state it better than i, so i humbly close.....
    hot as heck here.....
    fan on.....
    still hot.......
    need a good thunderstorm.........
  12. by   JMP
    I have nothing but praise for the male RN's I work with. One in particular is the most compassionate, helpful, understanding, warm hearted, intelligent nurse I have had the pleasure to call my co-worker.

    Many of the males in our unit are great nurses who do not feed on gossip at the expense of others. I admire them. I admire some of the female RN's too.........but the males are still in the minority in most places and they make such wonderful nurses!

    I know anytime you lump people together for generalization it is not good but in this case IT IS TRUE!

    Male RN's rock baby! They get my vote.

    Signed, J. (a female RN with many great male RN co-workers)
  13. by   slinkeecat


    wanna see ya dance!!!!! I am gonna sit in the corner of the room and let you have at it!!!! LOL