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I know there have been numerous threads about this already, but this is more for a "vent" then a discussion/debate. I have a friend who is currently a medical assistant. She wants to go to nursing... Read More

  1. by   Roy Fokker
    Quote from nursemike
    I have a bad feeling that patients get conditioned so that the sight of a nurse entering the room stimulates peristalsis.
    I know that when patients get admitted to the hospital, their pee/BM schedule re-adjust to nursing shift times. Hence why everyone wants to pee/poop right around shift time.

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it! :chuckle
  2. by   withasmilelpn
    I work in LTC, the bulk of primary care falls on the CNAs because the nurses simply don't have alot of time (meds, treatments and paperwork for about 30 patients takes alot of time.) But if I can, I don't mind at all. It gives me time to really get to know my patient, ADL skills level, assessment and above all personally, which is why I wanted to be a nurse in the first place!
  3. by   semperfi8688
    Yeah, isnt that strange. I will be graduating in May. I work in a nursing home part time and had an RN say to me, "are you glad to be graduating, because then you wont have to do this anymore", clearly referring to the not so appealing aspects of nursing. I was absolutely stunned, speechless to say the least and with my mouth on the floor. I dont think she's ever worked in a hospital, not to mention at least helping out when we are short staffed.
  4. by   ED-Adrenaline
    If you are a NURSE...you should have HUMANITY in your profile.
    Aparently, many nurses are driven by earnings and position.
    If you "dont want to wipe butts"...you dont deserve to be "NURSE"!
  5. by   MsLady06
    Quote from nurse2be1206
    I know there have been numerous threads about this already, but this is more for a "vent" then a discussion/debate. I have a friend who is currently a medical assistant. She wants to go to nursing school, to make more money. I have no problem with anyone wanting to make a better living. I suggested to her the other day that she consider working in a hospital to gain some experience and see what the "real world" of nursing is about. She replied that she would love to but she "doesn't want to wipe butts for a fulltime job." I told her she better not go to nursing school
    She claims that she will deal with the "butt wiping" for school, but not as a fulltime job! I mean WHAT DO YOU THINK NURSES DO!?!?!??!?! Prance around in cute uniforms and hand out meds?????? This is NOT the glamorous life!!! It is dirty, filthy, smelly, sometimes just plan disgusting, but it is HUMANITY. She seems to think that once she is a nurse she doesn't have to assist patients with ADL's because thats "not her job." I can't tell you how many bedpans and "butts I have wiped" in the past week. No, its not my priority, but am I going to walk away from a patient when they ask for a bedpan when it only takes 2 seconds??? NO! I'm SORRY but I don't think we need people in nursing with this mentality of being "above that." If you can't see passed the BUTT WIPING and see it for what really is...which is giving a human being their DIGNITY and RESPECT than you DO NOT BELONG HERE!!!!!!!
    I guess I should just let it go and let her be ignorant. I doubt she'll make it passed the first semester with that attitude anyway.
    Lots of them make it through the program. majority of nurses feel they dont have to wipe, or lift and also bathe. How do we know you dont feel this same way? Everyone comes on here posting the same ish but you might be a terrible nurse yourself. No one wants to wipe ass...please dont tell me your wiping a patients bottom with a smile...YOUR NOT! its okay for her to feel that way but as long as she gets it done thats all that matters. Yes my job is passing meds but sometimes the other care nurses are not available and me the nurse has to step in but I do not spend the majority of my job doing patient care.

    Sorry but im just a little worn out on seeing people post this same issue and then a bunch of nurses tailgating pretending they have the "mcdonalds happy face" when they are cleaning patients up. No i dont look mean but please people its not pleasure. LoL I just get my job done!

    Same rules apply when we have kids...you love em to death and you want them but when it comes time for messy clean ups...its no fun! but you gotta do it
  6. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I'm the first to go chasing after a CNA/NAT when a code-brown developes...or run and hide if someone needs help with one. I abuse cna's/students/nats at times...and do my best to avoid cleaning slop/boogers/etc. whenever possible ...call me a bad nurse. I dont care.
    Anyone who had this attitude in my dept. would become enemy #1 in only a few minutes.
  7. by   psychnurse37
    Psych nurses do wipe butts!
    We have many patients unable to care for themselves: seriously mentally ill patients, Alzheimers patients, unco-operative patients, 5 year old ADD/ADHD or "crack baby" unpotty trained children, overdoses, etc.
    In fact, when I interview prospective employees, I always mention that changing diapers (depends or pull ups) is a minor part of the job, but required if they are going to treat the patient as they want to be cared for (who wants to stay in wet or dirty pants or diapers?)
    I had one person walk out at that part of the interview saying "I don't change diapers on adults".
    I'm the DON and once had to ask a PhD (program director) to help me change a diaper. We all "do windows" at our facility!
    Nurses have to be prepared to care for any and everything.
  8. by   chris2227
    I know those kind of nurses too well...... I've met some who believe with the RN behind their name thay cannot wipe butts.. If your friend is acting that way now she better look at a change of career even before she start.
  9. by   scholar
    What do you all feel about this attitude? Be honest...

    A RN,BSN said, "I didn't go to school for 4 years to wipe butts. The other RN helps all the techs do am care, wipe butts, etc. I only help when the cna asks me for help. If they don't asks, im not going to spread myself thin. I have other obligations that CNAs cant help me with."

    Im only a student nurse and for the most part im willing to do it but my motivation is more out of knowing how to do everything and able to do tasks in a confident, fast pace manner. Once i am a nurse I have no problem still doing it, but I wouldn't like the fact of feeling obligated to do so when there is staff whose primary purpose is to handle these tasks. If I have the wrong attitude let me know.
  10. by   jetscreamer101
    You know, I have always lent a helping hand to my CNA's when needed. I don't particularly enjoy providing incontinence care, but someone has to do it.

    One day, I was hurrying down the hall to do something, and a gentleman sitting in a wheel chair by his doorway said "I have to go to the bathroom." I said that he'd have to wait for one of the CNA's, I was doing something important (I can't remember what I was on my way to do). A few steps further, I realised just how that must have sounded, how he felt because of my attitude. I turned around and took him to the bathroom.