I'm changing from nursing to medical transcription

  1. Hi.......I just took a course in Medical Transcription, after practicing nursing almost ten years......Has anyone ever known a nurse to go into this field? I am excited that I won't have the awful stress of nursing anymore, and can work at HOME!

    Obviously, the pay is less, but that's okay with me!
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  3. by   nervousnurse
    Oops, I forgot to add that I will miss the patients, but I will be able to get my patient-care "fix" by volunteering with hospice......it'll be the best of both worlds!
  4. by   MJ-12
    Glad that you found something new that you like.

    I'm also glad that you are not totally leaving the nursing field by volunteering with hospice

    As you said it "it'll be the best of both worlds!"
    And i totally agree with that.

    Good luck with your new adventure,

  5. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    I transcribed for years--working at home was the worst, though--very isolating.

    Still it might be a nice break for a while.

    And if you like to type (I love it), you may really have found your niche!
  6. by   nekhismom
    Hope you enjoy it. You sound really enthusiastic. Congrats!!!
  7. by   phn92
    I have a friend who transcribes from home and loves it! You do need to tell family and friends that you are working and leave you alone! Some people think if you are home, then you are not working, but you are! It worked well with her family! Good Luck!
  8. by   traumaRUs
    I did medical trancription while I was in the LPN program and loved it. After a while though, I found it hard to sit still.
  9. by   mmc1213
    I as well am tired of working in the hospital and am looking into medical transcription. What program did you take? Did they provide your name to various transcription services to secure a job. I know the pay will be less but it is a trade off. Any advice would be great.
  10. by   blondy2061h
    Isn't that a huge cut in pay?
  11. by   canoehead
    I've seriously considered it...sometimes nursing can get to be too, too much. Can you give us a pay range for a starting transcriptionist, just out of curiosity?