If you have computer charting...

  1. If you have computer charting, can 2 people be working on the same chart at the same time? As in, can the Dr be writing orders while you are working on that same pt's medication administration sheet or nurses notes? We will be going computerized next year and they are saying only 1 person can be in a chart at one time...
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  3. by   clee1
    It depends on the type of system your facility uses.

    These days, with DB technology as good as it is, there is no technical reason why multiple people cannot work with the same chart.
  4. by   Reno1978
    I've limited experience, but at the place that I've had clinical which had comptuerized charting, I was never prevented from charting on a patient while someone else was using it.
  5. by   luvmy2angels
    Our computer system has a desktop computer and then we download our med passes off that onto palm pilots. So, yes someone can be putting orders in the computer (at the desk) while you are passing meds.
  6. by   Spidey's mom
    No . . . .

    We just chart our meds by computer . . .and it is awful. I hate it.

    We still chart on paper with a pen for assessments. Which I love.

  7. by   PsychNurseWannaBe
    The ones I have worked on will allow multiple people to view and work on the patient's chart with the exception of the MAR. Only one person can be in the MAR at a time. We have to be careful not to lock the workstation in the MAR view because no one will be able to access it until I.T. kicks the user out.
  8. by   chuck1234
    Our system in city owed hospital...it calls the Misys...it allows residents, interns, nurses, respiratory log into the same patient in the same time. Each user uses his/her own password and username.
  9. by   chuck1234
    Sorry, except the MAR!!!
  10. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Where I am, yes, two people can simultaneously chart on one patient...and we use two different systems for charting...one for OBs and one for GYNs.
  11. by   jeremyRN
    We use a computer charting system in our ER called EMSTAT, and it allows more than one person to chart on the same patient at the same time. In fact if you are watching the screen, it will update as new information is entered. I love the system and can't imagine going back to handwritten charting. (Unless the system goes down, of course!)
  12. by   Tweety
    Yes two people can be charting and looking up information on the same patient at the same time. We use "Cerner".
  13. by   crackerjack
    The system our facility uses allows multiple people charting on a patient at the same time just not the same section. For instance person 1 can access and be charting allergies, meds and pre-op notes and until that is saved, person 2 can only chart on areas where person 1 has not accessed such as case times, positioning, case staff, etc. (I'm in the OR so my charting options are a tad diff than on the floors.) We use Meditech...I hate it....it is so prehistoric....it has so dang many hiccups in the system it is unbelievable...it creates a LOT of double work. I'm going to quit gritching now.
  14. by   Bluehair
    Quote from stevielynn
    No . . . .

    We just chart our meds by computer . . .and it is awful. I hate it.

    We still chart on paper with a pen for assessments. Which I love.

    You are blessed! Oh to have a bedside flowsheet to chart on with pen and ink!
    We chart in a system called Meditech. Multiple people can be in that one at the same time. At our hospital the MD's do not order things in the computer. They still write things on the chart, and assuming you can read what the heck he wrote either the nurse or ward clerk enters them into Meditech.