If you had your time over again >>>

  1. Would you choose nursing as your said career?
    I am interested to see the responses from you all.
    I would do exactly as I did and seek nursing out as early as I did in my life. Nursing has given me a very secure job, a LOT of satisfaction and taken me to areas in nursing I never thought I would be in.
    Yes this lady is well contented and remains in love with nursing.
    Funny really because from the moment I could walk and talk I wanted to be a nurse.
    I remember cutting up my brother's teddy(I thought he was sick) and took out his voice box. I sewed him up with single black wool stitches. Oops maybe I WAS meant to be a surgeon!! LOL My Mum was NOT impressed but heck I was hahahahaa
    So tell your stories and would you 'sign' up again??
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  3. by   DEB52
    I also always knew that I wanted to be a nurse. So my answer is yes ,I would do it allover again. Even with all the things I know today. My adult son said to me one day " you really love your job". And my answer was yes. Alot of people cannot say that.:roll
  4. by   mamalle
    I think so. I would of most definitely gotten my act together and got it while I was still single so I could of started traveling as a nurse. I like the flexiblity of it. I have never had to take a staff position and have always worked per diem. I do love working in the pacu setting of the outpatient setting but the pay isnt as much as I make working in the ER- so I still do both. If it wasnt for all of the other stuff that goes on in the ER I would be happy there 3 days a week but unfortunately I do not see that ever becoming a reality unless something serious happens to my husband where I would have to. Im generally happy to go to work- my patients appreciate us and love our outpatient center. we have a great manager that fights for her nurses. Our doctors treat us with respect and are pleasant. Im always looking though for something else that can fit into my schedule. I love having this career that I can do that. It really has worked for our family- which is the most important reason of them all.
  5. by   slu_rn
    I graduated with my BSN in May of 2006 and I can say whole-heartedly that if I had it to do over, Nursing would be the last thing I chose. I have worked in 2 separate areas since graduation and have not found my place in either of them. That being said, I did look at changing my major my senior year, but I though that would be silly. Go ahead and get your degree then go back. Unfortunately, it isn't as easy as I'd hoped it would be.
  6. by   Lorelai22RN
    I'd have to say no. Though I don't hate my job, if I would have known the reality of the job, I would've maybe studied literature or english. Nursing has done alot for me in terms of being able to take care of myself financially, helping me to mature, learning how to deal with negative situations and/or people in a healthy way, appreciate my life, friends, family......and my health. At the same time, the working environment and politics, being short staffed and having lots of high acuity patients can be extremely draining emotionally,physically, and mentally. But I am learning how to cope. I do plan on going PRN at my current medsurg/tele job in late June and maybe get a part time position in an OB area........so I can see something different. I am trying to make the best out of it.........but truthfully I'd rather have less money than be miserable like I am alot of the time. I know that sounds bad but it is true.
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  7. by   RN4NICU
    Although I really enjoy the flexibility of nursing (especially working agency and per diem) and I am currently pursuing my MSN to enter advanced practice, I would not choose nursing again. There are so many other options out there that I didn't know about when I was right out of high school. I wish I had known more about them and pursued one of them instead of nursing. I have learned to adapt nursing to my goals and the lifestyle that I want to have, but I think I would have enjoyed a different career.
  8. by   banditrn
    No - if I knew then what I know now, I'd have gone into mortuary sciences - or plumbing.
  9. by   jetscreamer101
    I would have to say no. I wanted to be an actuary at one time. I think that would have suited me better.
  10. by   TazziRN
    Yes. I would do things differently within nursing, but I would still choose nursing.
  11. by   Tweety
    My regret is I didn't get into it sooner. I wish straight out of high school I would have gotten my BSN.
  12. by   nuangel1
    yes i would still be a nurse.but if i had it to do over i would have immediately gotten my master and been a np.now after 20 yrs it isn't worth it.and i can't afford it.
  13. by   Snugglibumkins
    Absolutely. I, too, love being a nurse. My 3 year old wants to be a nurse or a pony rider wearing pink - depending on her mood.
  14. by   NurseyPoo
    Absolutely YES! Except I wish I started sooner. I was a late starter in my thirties. My poor legs and feet are soooo sore after every shift I work it takes me an extra day to recover. I exercise on my off days so I can't imagine how it would feel it I did not. I woke up today and feel like someone used my body as a punching bag in my sleep.