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Lorelai22RN has 2 years experience as a RN and specializes in Med/Tele.

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  1. what do young single nurses do on their days off?

    Sleep. Not think bout work.............veg and catch up on tv. Exercise. But mostly sleep........:)
  2. Why is nursing considered a sexy career?

    Um, I dont know who really thinks nursing is sexy. Any career with women in it, anyone might think of as sexy just because a woman is in it. Men being in nursing isnt considered sexy. Wiping someones cdiff backside isnt sexy to me.........or anyone I...
  3. 1 year= NP? And programs with this?

    I am dedicated and if I choose to get my MSN and be and NP, I hope the training will be thorough and I wont be judged by the length of my program, by the time I will start in the fall, I will have been practicing as an RN for 2 years. The program I ...
  4. 1 year= NP? And programs with this?

    Dont be so judgemental. Would you feel the same about accelerated BSN programs that are only a year? Also, Vanderbilt which is a great schools has NP programs that are a yearlong if you go full-time.....that is some faulty logic my friend, that you f...
  5. Any Regrets?

    Yep. I regret it. Should have studied english lit..........oh,well. It pays the bills, that part's good.
  6. GRE results

    Well, if feel like you feel pretty comfortable with the material..everyone is different, so this may be enough time for you. I'd take a practice exam first and see where you stand, you may be more ready than you think! What program are you applying ...
  7. Your career track to far as an NP

    BSN 2006 ANP 2008-2010 (start in Aug/08!!)
  8. Prep for GRE

    Hey!! I am going to start studying for the GRE Dec.1 and hopefully take it in February. I am trying to do some research on study tips......I do plan on getting some flashcards for the voc. words.....I plan on starting my NP program in Aug 08' so I go...
  9. Horrible first day

    Hmm, I am wanting to go back to my med/tele unit and do my 3'12s on f,s,s and be off 4 days. I have a cushy desk job reviewing charts and I find it too boring and I hate work 8-5 M-F. I miss my 4 days off! I hate sitting all day!! I am PRN on my unit...
  10. need help deciding between 2 jobs

    I was skimming through your past posts and it seems like you have been trying to decide which job to take for over 6 months!! These jobs sound good, I'm gonna come take one and you can have the other!!!
  11. need help deciding between 2 jobs

    Well, what will your role be in both jobs? That may help you make a decision.....I would pick the least stressful because both sound like good money.
  12. Yes, yes, yes!! I have been a nurse 1.5 years and I do this still from time to time, less than when I was brand new but I still do it.
  13. Please help need advice

    I have been a nurse for 1.5 years. And I too felt the same way, major case of reality shock as well as me being way too hard on myself and taking everything personally. After a year, I ended up going prn and now work full time doing chart reviews for...
  14. need help deciding between 2 jobs

    Hmm, both sound good.... the LTC job......more money and it is at night but the oral surgeon job sounds good too, it is something different. I would choose the oral surgeon! Probably will be less stress than the LTC!!
  15. 1 year= NP? And programs with this?

    Any 1 year full time NP programs that allow you to become and NP in a year.........I know of Vandy. Are any of these online with clinicals that you can set up in your hometown?