If you could get a masters degree now, what would you get? - page 2

Hey, If those obstacles (Like money, and other responsibilities) were not an issue, what masters degree would you get...T.... Read More

  1. by   BBFRN
    Hi from KY also- 1st choice is Masters in Nursing Education.
  2. by   traumaRUs
    I'm in an MSN - leadership and management!
  3. by   warrior woman
    I'd get my Master's in Community Counseling. Then I would try to open my own counseling practice. I'd be my OWN boss for a change.
  4. by   Raggedy Ann
    It would definitely have to be my MSN. I am an LVN at this time working toward my BSN. MY classification is junior (barely) I have put too much into the nursing field to change now. LOL! Have a great day!
  5. by   Gldngrl
    Graduate degree involving labor studies...
  6. by   Sadie04
    MSN in education.
  7. by   eak16
    Infectious disease nurse practitioner definately. Not very many schools offer this, but I would love to chase down the little microscopic bugs and do tropial infectious disease work.
  8. by   Raggedy Ann
    I think I was about half asleep earlier. I did not realize we were listing specialty areas. Mine is definitely MSN in Psych. That is my niche.
  9. by   pokey sn
    If money and time were no object, I would become a get a masters in dental science and become a dentist. I still may decide to do that but for right now, I have to finish my nursing education
  10. by   nurturing_angel
    I would love to be a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. Second choice would be Womens Health Practitioner. Thats where my heart lies

  11. by   tmiller027
    While I'm still working on my ADN, thinking longterm, I'm not sure what i"d get a masters in. I've thought of different NP fields, but not sure if I'd be happy going that route. One thing I HAVE considered, is going to law school and working either for a hospital's legal dept. or even working as an independent consultant for nurses, docs, etc. Or something like that.
  12. by   NursePru
    I would want my MSN and my Masters of Fine Art.
  13. by   imenid37
    Perinatal Clin. Spec.