If nursing caps looked decent, would you wear one? - page 9

My school never issued nursing caps to us, only pins. Whenever I see old pictures of nurses wearing their caps I have this urge to want to find one for myself, if of course it looked decent. ... Read More

  1. by   leslymill
    In 1981, my school required it. It cost $5.00. Many nursers still wore them on the floor. You do have to learn how to wear it right or they can flap in the wind like sister Batreal's Nun cap.

    I hated it after graduation though. I considered it filthy and needing to be washed way to frequently for stick cardboard. My hands where always up there re-pinning it and this was in the days of no gloves at the bedside.

    I came up with a clever solution of MODGE-PODGING it to a hard acrylic finish,so I could just disinfect it by sponging it down, but it made it awkwardly stiff and shinny.
    I don't know how or when it fell of my head, but I am glad it did.
    Nurses shouldn't have their hands in their hair.

    I did envy one nurse who's school cap looked a lot like a souffl cup with lace.
  2. by   HM2VikingRN
    in a word no
  3. by   HM2VikingRN
    Quote from teeituptom
    Do sailors still wear those

    they did when I was in, back in my Corpsman days
    dixie cups are still issued as are "p*** cutters" to sailors.
  4. by   HM2VikingRN
    I vote for the ball cap idea
  5. by   Polly Dipcya
    Yuck. Nursing caps are hideous in my opinion. I wouldn't want to ever wear one. However, at least one would be able to tell who the nurse is. Everyone at the hosp I work at wears scrubs....Housekeeping, lab, ward clerks, dietary, cna etc.
  6. by   BeccahRN
    Umm..NO. The traditional cap is ugly. A ballcap is too un-professional. I cannot imagine a hat I would want to have on my head for 12+ hours while I am doing hard work that requires a lot of bending and lifting. Just..NO.

    As for telling who is a nurse, my hospital has cards that go on your hospital ID, but they are longer. At the bottom says RN, or PCT. So you have your picture ID, a few other "reminder" type cards, then behind it but longer so you can see the letters hangs RN or PCT. I am probably not describing it well but it works! For resp, dietary, etc the color around the picture on the ID is different too.
  7. by   RNgonewild
    No. I remember wearing my cap at the beginning of my career. And one day it was in my trunk and a spare tire got thrown on top of it. Squashed like a bug and I never got another one. I would have liked to have that one as a momento though.:redpinkhe
  8. by   2bnursesarah936
    Quote from Dr. Kate
    Well my cap isn't bad looking. I stopped wearing it when I went into ICU and started trying to hang myself by it from the tubes and wires.
    Would I wear it again? Nah.
    I remember vividly the last two nurses I recall wearing a cap all the time, circa 1986. They seemed a bit rigid at times but you sure knew they were nurses.
    Do I think we've lost something? Yeah. Can we get it back. I think so. By wearing a cap? No way.
    I had a discussion on this very topic while my Gma was in the hospital over Christmas. None of us could keep track of who was who; RN, CNA, girl bringing up the food trays? . When your not feeling well (and the mind isn't all there anyway) who's going to remember "Hi, I'm Teresa your nurse, and this is Clara your aide" at 7am shift change? Many don't even have family in the room that early to help remember what they said. There were times I had to run to the board and search for the name next to RN when Gma needed more meds. There should be some way to distinguish RNs on sight.

    Heck, maybe its just me and my experience with patients who seem to have K.R.S.
  9. by   husker_rn
    Wore it in school. Never again !!
  10. by   Irish339
    Only if it was black with a pointy cone on top, and came with a broom.
    Mine actually was white with a pointy cone on top. I already had a broom.
  11. by   Leo2
    no, no, no, If you ever had to wear one you would hate them to. they sucked 20 years ago and they would suck today.You are a nurse with or without it.Leo2
  12. by   akcarmean
    I have never worn a cap but I have no desire to wear one.
  13. by   calliesue