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  1. by   husband_of_RN2B
  2. by   Tweety
    Originally posted by husband_of_RN2B
    You're definitely not helping.

  3. by   Bevi
    Originally posted by husband_of_RN2B
    ......Cause you turn my stomach.
  4. by   iliel
    Originally posted by husband_of_RN2B
    You are correct I cannot make that assumption from the internet but how about 2 years of directly observing healthcare workers dealing with pts. and you are also correct there are ppl in that situation and it is unfortunate!
    Again this was just an illustration of more "sci-n-tifical" research get a sense of humor. ppl spend to much time on the boards end of story!
    You tell me to get a sense of humor? How can I have a sene of humor about ppl who really have this situation to deal with on a daily basis?

    I think it's sad that you have to mislead ppl. I know a research scientist, she would be insulted by the way you acted, even if it was "sci-n-tifical".
  5. by   BBFRN
    I would like to add something, too. How are you able to confirm your theory on gender bias if you are not privy to the gender of the responders? I think that would be a factor if you were going to pose this as a valid theory.
  6. by   AMV
    I am also beginning to wonder if the orginal poster is a troll! GEEZ
  7. by   Tweety
    One last thought, because I don't believe in feeding trolls. And I do belive this this person is being a troll, at the moment.

    Who are you. Are you one of us in disguise? Want to fess up to who you are so we can really discuss it seriously, or are you going to remain in disguise. I'm wordering if who you are, do we know you, are we friends in your other life? You might not be a troll, but if you want to discuss whatever issues you and your collegues have fess up and don't be a troll.

    edited for spelling. I need more coffee!
  8. by   Monica RN,BSN
    Ok now its time for my two cents worth... I have no opinion one way or hte other as far as "husband's" (or who ever this deceiving fool is/was)

    But, I do know that foolishness of threads started by those up to do good are those who have no creditbility, lack of moral values, usually are not trustworthly, and have no value on the board.

    I believe by being decieving to us, you show no ethical backbone of being a person one would want to trust. I am so glad I do not work with you. Lies and deception do not belong among us with a higher intelligence. Even if this was an experiment, it is childish and stupid to involve the thoughts of people who might actually care enough to respond. I hope you don't post anymore as you have said. I think the board members here would agree that we would rather have no post than one thatis full of lies and deception. I am apolled that you would be low enough to even do this. But ya know, the world is mad eof all kinds, and to each his own.... IF the husband is for real, (and who knows) we can't believe anything you say here... But, If he is for real he is a jerk. I would dump the bum. If he is hypothetical, and it was you who was "playing husband" then you really need a life. I guess you have WAY to much time on your hands to be playing stupid games like this, and for what!?? A free dinner at OUR expense..
    In closing, I say Grow up or Go Away..................
  9. by   Monica RN,BSN
    Clarification: Up to NO GOOD, not to do good...
    Sorry Guys for the typos..... I hope I got the point across though!
  10. by   BBFRN
    I'm just having a hard time figuring out what the theory is anyway. Was it gender bias in the workplace, or hostility in the workplace? Either way, you 1.)came to a message board, not a workplace, 2.) don't know the gender of responders, and 3.) used unethical means to obtain your "data." So if unethical, biased, uneducated guesses get you a free steak dinner- more power to you. You're Mama must be very proud of you.
  11. by   AMV
    I have an observation to make.... I really doubt that this person is who they say they are. If they REALLY had experience in doing research, I seriously DOUBT they would have revealed the fact that they were doing so. Primarily because it may make those of us on this board suspicious of future postings of this nature and second - they would KNOW better - in that revealing their identity would upset some people and create this uproar.

    Obviously, that is the effect they wanted and got, and I agree:

    Let's stop feeding the TROLL!
  12. by   Monica RN,BSN
    Great Posts guys... I am so glad that WE are here to set this NIT WIT straight... Geesh... What a moron... Troll doesn't even come close to this ridiculous "experiment?????" Wow..... in the name of scientific research?? ok, whatever..... I am over it .... Going now to find intelligent life....
  13. by   donmurray
    This is one "Social scientisit" (sic) who could benefit from spellchecker lessons.