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:D I QUIT SMOKING!!!! Aren't ya'll proud? Now if only I could get my other half to quit!!!... Read More

  1. by   sharann
    Me too. Been quit for 6 weeks!
    Lost 8 pounds so far too, so don't believe all the crap about gaining a ton. I just really watch the food and exercise. It is so great to be a nurse that DOESN'T smoke!!
  2. by   BadBird
    Good for you, I have never smoked so I can't know the addiction you face but I once had a patient that was a reformed heroine user tell me that it was easier to quit heroine than ciggies.
  3. by   NiteNurseRN
    ^5! To Granny!

    I quit smoking 'cuz I started having bronchospasms. I still sometimes miss it, but the habit is not worth the sicknesses and eventual deaths it causes.

    When people tell me they want to quit smoking, I ask them if I can pray for them. They tell me, "Yes", & then I lay hands on them & pray for them to be delivered from smoking, from nicotine & they tell me they never smoke again.

    Greater Is He That Is In Me Than he That Is In The World.
  4. by   tattooednursie
    GOOD!!!!! Congratulations. I just started smoking . . . .shame one me. I need to quit like right NOW!
  5. by   RadRN2
    I quit 3 years ago after smoking for about 30 yrs. Was hard, but I made it!!! What keeps me from starting again is now I can smell smoke on the clothes and in the hair of my grandkids (their parents smoke). It about breaks my heart! I couldn't smell it when I smoked. I also just lost my mother to emphysema, smoking-related. I did definitely increase my butt size, too, but that's alot less risky. I also don't miss trying to sneak out several times during my shift to puff, don't even think about it anymore. Thank God!!
  6. by   Tweety
    Horray!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. by   baseline

    GOOD FOR YOU!!! I too am in the wider azzer club....Welcome!!!
  8. by   SherRN

    I quit 6 years ago. I too became part of the "wide Load" group for a while. Soon you can get it off. But I am one of the ones that will forever miss it . I do not miss the smell or the diminished exchange. But there are some days of stress that I do think of a cig. Just keep on trucking. I used the patches and Wellbuterin when I quit. It worked for me! Yea For You !!!
  9. by   Kayzee
    You should be so proud of yourself. Congrats.
    Congrats! 1 month is a big deal, feels like you've passed some milestone! Keep up the good work!

    It gets easier, I promise! (I just passed 1 year!)

  11. by   baseline
    And congrats to Heather for not liting up yesterday!!!!! I would have caved!!!!!! LOL
  12. by   maire
    Congo rats to all of you that kicked the butt habit! My sister quit too, but only after she wound up with throat/lung cancer...thankfully she is in remission (so far!).
    As someone else in this thread said, your lungs will thank you! I smoked for about 8 years and quit when I got pregnant...it's not easy but it's very possible!
  13. by   CANRN
    Good for you Diane!!

    Dec 1 I celebrate my one year anniversary. Today, I can't believe I smelled like an ashtray for so long! LOL

    I wish you luck. Like Heather said, I feel better, my food tastes better and my behind is bigger.....(that's my next self-improvement project....getting fit) Not smoking is wonderful!

    Hang in there!