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where they store the blood tubing. What is one thing that you just cannot seem to remember?... Read More

  1. by   Spatialized
    To bring everything I need into the room before I get started...especially true when it's an isolation room....

    Why make 1 trip when you can do 3 - 4 ? :smackingf

  2. by   Pedi_needi
    Quote from hikernurse
    How to find the doc's pager numbers. I work in a teaching hospital with the most complicated, convoluted resident/attending/doctor schedule. The person who signs the orders is almost never the right person to call

    Gotta love those Teaching Hospitals!
    Its even worse at night!
  3. by   RGN1
    Where the air inlets are kept - silly me - they are not in the drawer marked "air inlets" but in one of the drawers on the opposite side of the treatment room - see I have forgotten exactly which one already!!
  4. by   WahooRN08
    My patient's name...even after three 12's with the same group, which is rare. I remember room #, d'x, md, and any major medical issues. In report I usually say Mr. 558 or what have you.

    Something else I always get screwed up are those combinations for the doors to the supply room and narcotic room.

    My accuchek test strips when checking those pesky BGLS at HS,0000,0600.
  5. by   jmgrn65
    I work in telemetry have for 15 years plus, I can't remember red and green which goes on left and right. Luckily it is on the box.
  6. by   perfectbluebuildings
    Our isolation protocols... how long on IV antbx for which organism means to standard isolation?? One of our ID doctors gets really upset saying we "over-isolate" our patients too.

    And how to administer blood... we hardly ever do so I always have to look it up.

    And the preps and NPO guidelines for all those radiology tests... luckily we have a cheat sheet for most!!
  7. by   Tiwi
    ...where I have put my pen! I swear there is a black hole in that hospital FULL of pens!
  8. by   Ann RN
    ...my patient's name when I get to the pyxis.

    ...to do ALL my charge duties when I also have a critical 2-pt assignment.
  9. by   nursebrandie28
    :spin: i never remember...

    heparin gtts....its 5 to 1 (but i cannot remember what 5 and whats 1)

    codes to all doors and phone extensions!!! everything is locked nowadays

    when i first graduated i kept forgetting to waste narcs....but thank goodness, i learned!!!

    lastly, i always forget that darn medicine reconciliation form!!! the floor nurses hate me!!!

  10. by   nservice
    I always forget which bed is A and which is B. (double occupancy rooms). I cover two different hospitals (same owner) and at each hospital it's different. Kind of unsafe for the nurse that floats between hospitals, huh?

    I also always forget the new ACLS algorhythm. My old brain still wants to Shock Shock Shock...Every Body Shock!!!
  11. by   nursemike
    Quote from Spatialized
    To bring everything I need into the room before I get started...especially true when it's an isolation room....

    Why make 1 trip when you can do 3 - 4 ? :smackingf

    I call it aerobinursing!
  12. by   Chaya
    Where in the lot I put my car when I rushed in the AM!
  13. by   Chaya
    Quote from Larry77
    Mine mostly are paperwork involved...we have 3 different places where forms, orders, consents, etc are stored and it usually requires me to look in all 3 before I find what I am looking for...ugh.

    Plus half our forms we have to print off the computer and there are about 3 different places to look there...not intuitive-no rhyme or reason for how they are organized as far as I can see!