I need a pep talk...badly!!!

  1. Hi all! I am currently a nursing student in an 18 month ADN program (5 semesters). I am at the end of the second semester (3wks left) but I need some type of encouragement.

    For some reason, since I have started this program I have had to send my son to a different state to live with my mom because my dad kicked me out of the house and I am homeless. I lost my job because of one day class and unemployment denied my claim for benefits because of that class stating that I was not available to work 1st shift. So now that I won't have an income, I can't pay for my phone, car or car insurance. I am loosing everything and is this worth it? I've been staying at different ppls houses because I don't have any family and I don't know what to do anymore. A huge part of me wants to just go back home with my mom and leave this program. I want this so bad and this is why I've stayed so long but I've lost so much.

    I'm severely depressed and it's hard to concentrate on my homework. I'm trying to get a job but since my first clinical (fundamentals) is not over with, I cannot even work as an MA or CNA.
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  3. by   TazziRN
    Do you have a way to finish the last three weeks? If yes, do that and perhaps take a break to get back on your feet, then finish the last portion.

    As for your depression, I can see why, and I sympathize. Would you be able to see a doctor about this? You may be a candidate for antidepressant therapy, which would help immensely.

    Good luck.
  4. by   care4u247
    Don't give up on school. If you have to take a break do so after the semester is completed. Remeber why you are doing this and remember school is not forever it will be over before you know it and then you will always have a career to fall back on.
  5. by   mturner88
    I could take a break but I'll graduate in Dec. of 07 if I continue going full-time and I don't want to stop. I want to leave Wisconsin and move to Florida after I graduate ... I hate it here and I'm miserable and I feel that if I stop, I won't go back.

    I just don't know what to do. I just want to stop crying and just be happy that I'm in this program. There are schools who require blood from you to get in and I did so much and just accepted in May and I feel like a failure if I quit. What really sucks is that I haven't seen my baby since August (3yrs old) and I was so excited about seeing him over the holidays and now I can't go.
  6. by   dream'n
    So sorry you are dealing with all of this. Don't have any advise really, just a long-distance internet hug. I know you must be missing your son something terrible. Wish I could offer more help.
  7. by   DoubleblessedRN
    If it is at all possible to finish up the last 3 weeks, than by all means do it! Does your program allow you to take a leave of absence or a semester off? Maybe that would be best, then it may give you time to sort out your options and possibly work to get back on your feet.-OR- would any of your credits transfer to a nursing program near your mother?
  8. by   clemmm78
    does your school not have any type of assistance services or guidance office? I would make that my first stop - they may be able to find ways that you might get some help.
  9. by   kenny b
    Please call The United Way. They usually have help for people who are struggling like this (especially if you are working hard to become a contributing member of society!)

    You can get your local number here: United Way of America

    Let me know what you hear.
  10. by   mudget
    I feel what you are going through right now. I hope you get to see your baby soon, but also hope you can finish this program...You are so close; December 2007, right? Do what you think is right, but you are not alone.
  11. by   sequelae
    if you say that you really want to finish the course, then by all means finish it. i always believe that if you want something really bad, then nothing should stop you doing it. as for your depression, i remember something that a famous psychologist said (forgot his name though): things that are happening around you will affect you IF YOU LET THEM AFFECT YOU. i wish you all the luck
  12. by   P_RN
    It's not hopeless, just hard at the moment. Your day job during the week is it?

    Then see if you can get a job at a restaurant, McDonalds, Grocery Store whatever. A little money is better than NO money.

    See if the school has contacts with any work study jobs.

    As far as a place to live, is there a women's shelter, a Salvation Army, a YWCA? Does your Mom know how things are? Talk with your advisor at school. 3 weeks is do-able. Tell the advisor how things are, get it out in the open.

    Winter for some of us makes bad things seem impossible. I get terribly depressed about when the time changes and it gets dark at 5 PM. Summer I am fine. While you are still in school go to student health services and ask about antidepressants.

    There is NO shame in needing your brain chemicals tweaked. The meds do not take effect usually for a couple of weeks. Before your 3 week deadline you should be feeling better.

    Call your Mom. Ask for help. There is NO shame in needing help.

    Please follow up. You are valuable.
  13. by   JentheRN05
    P_RN has it right. I wish I would've had this forum when I was in nursing school. They are so supportive here. Do what P_RN says and you should be fine Much hugs and my thoughts are with you.
  14. by   gonzo1
    Are there any nursing instructors you can confide in? Please go to student services and see if they have any assistance. Call a couple of local churches. There are many services out there willing to help such a motivated person, but you need to seek them out. When I was unemployed my church asked if we needed help. Fortunately we didn't but it is good to know there are people who want to help. Please don't give up school. You are going through hell right now, but 2 years of hell will guarantee you are able to provide for you and your son in the years to come. Please let us know how you are doing. We care.