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This is something that is so dumb and so stupid, but I must confess this because it is eating me up inside. The other night at work (1800-0700), I was so massively busy I didnt have time to get my... Read More

  1. by   Rhi007
    We get to eat the left overs from the day before...breakfasts, sandwiches, juice, yoghurt. As long as its the day before
  2. by   leslie :-D
    gosh imintrouble, i guess being honest doesn't pay.
    i for one, respect and admire your perspective.
    and most everyone should be able to speak their truth w/o recrimination.

    op/abbaking, IF there is a next time, at least slip a $10 bill in a spot where the pt will find it.

  3. by   beeker
    Quote from imintrouble
    I was really surprised with the responses to this post. My first thought, was it's theft. That's still my opinion. I wouldn't have done it in a million years. I'll own up to eating grahams and drinking milk out of the floor supply, but to me there is a difference. All staff snacks on those things, and they're not designated patients only. I wouldn't make an issue out of it. Wouldn't report it, and wouldn't spend more that a minute or two considering it if I witnessed it. However, I was taught taking something that is not yours is theft. As I'm in the minority here, please be nice.
    So it is ok for you to steal from the floor pantry? How is It you can say the op is stealing but then justify your own theft? There is no difference. Neither one are there for us. That being said, have at it. I get 30 minutes deducted from my check whether I get a break or not, so if I need some graham crackers and on to keep from passing out them so be it.
  4. by   Compassion_x
    I work at a nursing home and we used to eat some of the leftover suppers. Sometimes they have a LOT of extras that they just throw away. I hate to see perfectly good food go to waste.
  5. by   nurseywifeymommy1
    I hv drank apple juice from the pantry a couple of times.. Since we can't hv drinks at the nurses station. I die from thirst daily!!!
  6. by   kgoode0919
    I eat and drink a little bit here and there. I figure when they stop taking out a 30min lunch on me whether I take it or not, then I will stop.
  7. by   RNperdiem
    When I think of all the food that is wasted, it is heartening to know that some of that hospital food did not go to waste. So many trays go back untouched.