I did it!

  1. I am the CNA who posted often about the miserable conditions of the nursing home I worked in. I gave my resignation and start a new job tomorrow.

    I miss my residents and my heart is still with them....but I needed to move on.

    Thanks for all the advice

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  3. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Good for you! I hope your new job will be much better.
  4. by   DOCS RN
    Gotta do what you gatta do.
  5. by   Tweety
    Good luck! Kudos!
  6. by   nurseygrrl
    Good luck!
  7. by   Audreyfay
    Good luck. They are lucky to have you! The old work site will probably be cited at some point. Good thing to wash your hands of them. This is a time to celebrate! :hatparty:
  8. by   suzanne4
    congrats for getting out of that previous place. hope that you enjoy your new facility much better.

  9. by   jkaee
    So happy that you've found a new job and that our advice was helpful to you...I hope you haven't given up on LTC for good after that horrible experience....the elderly are wonderful people to care for!

    Good luck at your new job, and let us know how it's going!
  10. by   CHATSDALE
    The Residents At The New Place Will Need You Too And You Can Do A Better Job If Yo Are Not In Such Stress
  11. by   Gompers
    CONGRATS!!! :hatparty:

    I know it's scary to leave one job and step into another, but chances are this new place is going to be much better for you. Good luck!!!