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I belong to three clubs and this forum. Someone sent me a nasty email from one of those places. This person acused me of not being an RN which I take offense to. I paid my student loans for four year... Read More

  1. by   Mattigan
    I'm with you, ren. Someone just needed to be mean and you were there. Who knows what sets some people off?
  2. by   bagladyrn
    Renerian - so sorry you were the target of such a jerk. Just do your best to wipe this from your mind and enjoy the good things that are coming for you.
  3. by   renerian
    Thank you for your support rabbit, mattigan and baglady! Your kind words mean so much to me.

  4. by   Just Angi
    I LOVE YOUR POSTS!!! Keep 'em coming--- and forget this jerk. Evidently someone out there just has a lot more time to be hateful than we do. Sorry you had to go through that mess.
  5. by   renerian
    Thanks angie for your kind words. I am overwhelmed with the kind spirited nature of this group. Means so much to me.

    Have a great day everyone,

  6. by   2amigos
    Don't believe anything that was said in that ugly e-mail. We all value your imput here on the BB and I for one enjoy your posts immensly.
    I would definately report the jerk to AOL, they can take care of it on their end. More than likely if that "person" is sending nasty e-mails to you, then they are sending them to others as well. What a waste of time.
    You are valued!
    Cheryl Moore
  7. by   FullMoonMadness
    its easy for small minded insignificant people to hind behind the anonymity that the internet provides.I have read many of your posts,you present yourself as intelligent and compassionate. do not for one more minute let this butthead steal your joy.
  8. by   kaycee
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    Well, my opinion is that anyone who makes such bogus claims and types such harch remarks, yet does not have the balls to sign their name to it, is nothing more than a coward.

    If they weren't so intimidated by you or worried about what you though of them, they would stand behind their thoughts.

    My thoughts exactly. I'm sorry this happened to you , keep posting and ignore the "COWARD". {{{{{renerian}}}}}
  9. by   nakitamoon
    (((((( renerian ))))))
    Dittto to all the prior posts,,,,,,, Report & ignore the idiot,,,, don't waste any of your precious life worring about it,,,,,
    You are a good nurse,,, love reading your posts,,,, best advise,,,, remember and repeat the serenity prayer,,,,,,,

    There is no way to win with a jealous idiot,,,, who hasn't the ba**s to post name,,, or confront you personally,,,,,,

    As a mentor,,,, some will love you,,,, some will not,,,, some will be jealous,,,, Just don't sink to thier level,,,

    In my thoughts and prayers,,,, take care of yourself

  10. by   renerian
    Kaycee, amigo and full moon thanks for your kind comments. I emailed the person but but have yet to heard back from him or her. Not sure which.

    Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to respond,

  11. by   Dr. Kate
    It's hard enough to keep your balance in this profession without some fool taking advantage of the board to dis you personally.

    What hurts one of us, hurts us all.
  12. by   Scavenger'sWife
    Ahhhhhhhh, renerian (SUSAN!!!!) Some people..........

    As others have said, sometimes people are envious of accomplishments and/or happiness. Your postings exude both. Therefore....you just gotta ignore them. Be happy in who YOU are! And I can tell by your posts that you are a caring and well-educated NURSE. I can also tell that you (like me) wear your heart on your sleeve at times and are easily hurt. But we are all sending you our love!!!:kiss

    We will meet at our dinner and have a laugh at theses pathetic persons who are SOOOO JEALOUS of a sensitive, caring and loving person like you and we will toast to the allnurse BB TRUE MEMBERS !!! We are sisters and brothers here. SOOOOooooooooo..........


    (naa - naa - naa- ) (Consider that MEAN PERSON to be TOLD ON!!):roll
  13. by   kittyw
    Susan ... I don't know why some people like to be bullys, but get them near me and I'll USE LV's purse!!

    Obviously with all the responses you've received thus far, you know not to take to heart anything that person sent to you. :kiss

    Hugs - Kitty