Humour in nursing

  1. I do not know about all of you. While I love nursing dearly. I must admit that the humorous things we see and hear at work do make things go so much easier and so much more pleasant. What are some of the pleasant and amusing things that help you stay so happy in nursing. Share with all of us so we can all stay happy.
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  3. by   diane227
    Where do I start? I worked for years in a large inner city county ED with over 130,000 visits per year. It was something new every day. My regret is that I did not keep a journal.
  4. by   MedicalLPN
    Hehe, this came to mind. Had a very ill and confused patient once who was screaming "Help oh God Help me!" I went in her room and said "Honey, what's wrong?" to which she replied "I'm being stabbed to death... wait... wait... I'm dead you need to resucitate me." I about died laughing and the pt was a DNR so she was out of luck lol later that night she was screaming help again I go in there ask her what's wrong she says "Hurry call the police!" I asked her why to which she said "Because I need to be arrested!" Ah... these poor little people.
  5. by   Virgo_RN
    I can't think of any specific examples at the moment, but let's just say that I find people to be incredibly entertaining.
  6. by   nrsang97
    We had a pt on the floor tonight talking to his reflection in the window. The nurse closed the blinds and the pt asked "hey, where did he go?". The nurse told him that he went home. I died laughing when I heard that. The same pt kept looking on the TV for the Detroit Tigers game. She kept telling him that they aren't playing anymore because baseball season is over and he told her "You're wrong". OK keep looking for that elusive ball game.

    I work neuro and you deffinately need a sense of humor to work there.
  7. by   loriangel14
    I get my laughs from my coworkers.Quite often we get elderly pts that are admitted under the dx " failure to cope", which simply means they were not managing at home and will stay with us until they get a bed in a nursing home. Many arrive unkempt and are badly in need of a good bath and a hair cut. Our charge nurse will cut their hair while talking in a corny Italian accent and cracking jokes. Old ladies will get dunked in the tub with lots of bubble bath and we pretend it is a spa with the rest of us acting as attendents. Even the confused ones end up smiling.
  8. by   prowlingMA
    As an NA I was showering a lady when she slid off the shower bench to the floor. She then said " I think I just died" I nearly wet myselflaughing. All I could think to say was " not on my shift, too much paper work for a death." and helped her up.
    I have also seen demented people talk to their own reflection and to pictures. That kinda freaks me out though.
  9. by   leslie :-D
    oh my gosh, i can find humor in just about anything.
    but it's usually my colleague's very sick and warped humor, that has me in uncontrollable stitches.

  10. by   Iam46yearsold
    what some of these young nurses do is so dang funny.

    Had a 13 yo girl come in hyperventilating and sob. The young male nurse got anxious and kept exhorting "BREATHE" "BREATHE" "DONT STOP BREATHING" I walked out of the room laughing at him.
  11. by   medonc06
    When working nights we had a patient that wasn't doing too well. So needless to say lots of staff coming in and out of the room, etc. So at 3am his roomate decides to call 911 to get some "help" for the guy in the next bed!
  12. by   JBudd
    Had a fellow come in early AM, c/o not feeling well/right. He smokes weed every night, and it just didn't feel the same this morning.