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Okay, so I've noticed in the past 8 months since starting in the medical field that I swear a lot more than I used to. Er, I should say, it comes OUT a lot more. I'm sure I was swearing before but it... Read More

  1. by   rngreenhorn
    This is kind of weird, but I can help it. I have a habit of assessing stranger's health and imagining what they look like under their cloths. When I see a person of questionable health, even if the person is fully clothed, I see lower extremities with arterial insufficiency, edema, yeast in skin folds, unhealthy feet with weak pedal pulses, etc.... I hope this isn't a sign of serious mental health issues.

    I also visually assess everyone's arms for good veins....
  2. by   tiggerforhim
    Definitely the swearing thing. I've managed not to do in front of my parents (who are both pastors), and my kid, but not my husband. Also, I used to work Peds and got into the habit of calling patients "sweety, sweetheart, honey, little one, little peanut, sweetpea, poor little thang (yes I worked in the south), bud, buddy, princess" and so forth. In my current job I've had to work pretty hard not to call my patients that since most of them are adults! Definitely got more cynical, but also more of a doing what needs to be done whether it hurts or not type of person - you really have to be able to do that when you're working with the kids and they're screaming bloody murder, but what to do but finish the job so they can get comforted sooner? My husband sometimes gets upset with me because he tells me a problem and I start telling him the things he could do to fix the problem and all he wanted was some sympathy... he he.
  3. by   spiceyqueen
    -Swearing- Both loudly and under my breath

    -I used to worry about simple cuts--- realised there are more things to worry about.

    -certainly worked out how to use stubborn vending machines, especially during night shift (bang 'em, shake 'em get that F@&*!!? coke out of it)

    -i have learnt to be more empathetic as compared to being sympathetic.

    - whenever i see people speeding on the road I go " TBI/ SCI/broken limbs, poor thing"

    - am proud of being a nurse, but sometimes when am in the mall/train (especially after a long shift) and someone goes "are you a nurse" I go, WHY???

    -and i have collection of Mugs from pharmaceuticals -

    and the 24 Hr clock thing.....
  4. by   Ruby Vee
    [font="comic sans ms"]i've developed a black sense of humor that apalls my mother (although my father gets it.) most of my friends are nurses, so they get it.

    swearing, definitely. (someone did a study a couple of decades ago and found that the last thing successfully resicuitated patients remember before passing out is their nurse saying "oh ****!")

    i have limited sympathy for dramatics. (a former bf got stung by a bee as i was leaving for my night shift and wanted me to stay home and take care of him. i asked him if he was allergic, and he said no. i was still laughing when i backed out of the driveway. he told me i lacked compassion.)

    i can clean up perfect strangers lying in rivers of poop while discussing what to have for lunch.
  5. by   muffie
    i'm an absolute angel 'cept for my potty mouth

    goes with the territory i guess

    i can be a lady, prn, but ain't no lady otherwise

    to me, the words are meaningless, but are a coping mechanism

    i'm flawed, oh well
  6. by   Roy Fokker
    Introduced to cussing when I was a kid.

    Was really "introduced" when I was in the Army - learned to cuss in many different languages too.

    Never did really go away I guess :uhoh21:

    My tongue has also started to get scars from the number of times I have to keep biting it - stop me from making a wisecrack at someone! Especially when they start describing their "big" problems (family members included).

    Like the others, I've completely 're-evaluated' the whole "sick", "really sick", "emergent sick" and "circling the drain" thing. I admit I'm not perfect about it - but boy have I changed from a mere year ago!

    Show utter disdain, especially from others in my generation, who complain/moan about a "lack of time". This disdain often borders on contempt.

    I've also developed a new, greater and more intense appreciation for the term "responsibility".... and all it's myriad, finer aspects.

    A disclaimer to "please not ask me about my day at work" before we sit down for dinner at restaurants. I see enough puke at work....

    Slackers would irritate me before - now they really piss me off!
  7. by   Purdue_Nurse
    Quote from muffie
    i can be a lady, prn, but ain't no lady otherwise
    :roll :roll :roll

    I also can be a lady, prn!! Glad to know I'm not the only one with the cursing!
  8. by   nursenikki928
    I too have the cursing problem. My mother calls it the "Nurses Potty Mouth" I have her convinced that all nurses talk that way. It just comes with the profession.
  9. by   rnurse2b
    LOL. while reading this thread, I had to jump in also. I NEVER cussed before starting nursing! Yes, I joined the sailor club, and I work peds, so the "little angel", "peanut", "sweetie" all jumbled in. I don't cuss in front of the patients or the parents (out loud at least), but later, yes.
  10. by   JBudd
    My internal (okay, sometimes verbal) response has become "no s--t, Sherlock!"
    My dh would get after me at times when the cussing got a bit too frequent, well, I suppose the pastor's wife is supposed to be some kind of role model, :roll
  11. by   Rabid Badger
    I swear like a sailor and forget that when I'm sitting down to a meal with people who are not coworkers that talking about BMs and blood and guts is frowned upon. Hahaha, whoops.
  12. by   skipwrn
    i began to question whether i realyy am as caring as i profess to be.
    my wife gets annoyed because i get so cynical . i begin to feel in the minority when i feel compzassion. in the proverb of the boy who cried wolfe - i used to say he really needs us this time now i say fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on ME
    but i keep going back to work because gosh darn some 84 year old will smile or thank me and i start all over again ... maybe he really needs me
  13. by   prowlingMA
    - definetly cursing
    I use "oy" as my cursing without cursing in front of patients

    - I have to knock on doors so much at work, going in to exam rms, dr. offices, ext. that I some times knock on doors at home, or I have been seen knocking on the bathroom door before going in. ( Like some one should answer)