How opposite are you and your mate?

  1. I'm a nurse of course and my boyfriend of 5yrs is a tattoo artist.
    I sometimes feel weird telling fellow nurses that. I have no problem with his profession.

    Just curious, anyone in similar situation?
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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    Quote from wooosp
    I'm a nurse of course and my boyfriend of 5yrs is a tattoo artist.
    I sometimes feel weird telling fellow nurses that. I have no problem with his profession.

    Just curious, anyone in similar situation?
    My husband is the maintenance person/housekeeper at the ALF where I work as director of health services. :spin: He's blue-collar; I'm white-collar. He's quiet and reserved; I don't have a shy bone in my body. He likes building models, watching TV, World War II memorabilia and house cleaning; I like computers, reading, football, and yard work. He's a terrible driver and a great mechanic; I'm an excellent driver and can't figure out one end of an engine from another. So why does it still work after 26 years? We complement each other...........whatever I can't handle, he can, and vice versa.........and what's more, we still adore each other. Pretty simple!
  4. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    He's white collar, i'm blue collar.

    He's in administration, i'm not.

    We both work for hospitals, but they are competitors, so that's made things interesting.

    The reaction i get from others is typically something about how "MUCH" money he makes, like i married a paycheck or something. Trust me, he's not rolling in the money, and that's fine with me

    The other more COMMON reaction though is that because i'm married to "one of the suits", i'm sleeping with the enemy. If anything, he's more aware of other points of view, since he gets the inside idea at home.
  5. by   txspadequeenRN
    I married a bad boy.. you know tattoos ,muscles and big trucks . I call him my outlaw lolololol. We pretty much have the same interest ,we definitly can finish each other sentences. He is alot smarter than me book wise but I think I have more common sense. There is one difference though ..he cant seem to stay out of jail and I can.....
  6. by   traumaRUs
    Hubby and I are both white collar - he's a high school teacher and I a CNS. We do agree on the big things but we disagree enough to keep things interesting. After 28 years together, we are still pretty happy. We are NOT soulmates - never want someone that close - yuck.
  7. by   NurseLatteDNP
    My husband of 7 years loves videogames, and I can not stand them. I love books, school and anything that has to do with education, he could not wait to graduate highschool. We are very different, but we learned to compromise.
  8. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    We both love video games, but not the newest ones. We still play super nintendo and sega genesis.

    (Haven't had a desire to get the new game systems, since there's just too many "mature" games associated with it)
  9. by   tammy10221961
    My boyfriend of 7 years is totally opposite than me. I like intellegent conversations, he only talks about sex, sex, sex. I like to read, he likes to look at "pictures".
    When we met he had long hair, tattooes, mustache, rides a Harley, truck driver. (you know the kind that your mom tells you to watch out for)
    Meanwhile, I had short hair, no tattooes, no mustache, (LOL), scaired of motorcycles, didn't like big trucks.
    Now I find that he still doesn't care to have intelligent conversations, his hair is shorter, has a few more tattooes, still has a Harley, and still drives a big truck. BUT.......
    Now I have long hair, I have one tattoo and thinking about getting another, still no mustache, I ride my own motorcycle, (we actually race on the interstate) and don't mind those big trucks as much.
    We have grown close in the relationship without loosing ourselves. Isn't that what a relationship is all about?

    I did want to add one note about truck drivers. We get all pissed off at them when they won't let us merge onto the freeways and highways. They shouldn't dare try to turn and have to swing their rigs out so it looks like they are going to hit our car,etc.. Alot of people think they are smelly and nasty, but if it wasn't for these women and men being away from their home and families bringing products to our local stores for us to buy there would be no LAND OF THE FREE. What would you do if all truckers went on strike and you couldnt get fresh items from your local markets, gas for car, clothes, shoes, medical supplies?
  10. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    When we met he had long hair, tattooes, mustache, rides a Harley, truck driver. (you know the kind that your mom tells you to watch out for)
    Dad always said for me to watch out for them, but he never did tell me to leave them alone lol
  11. by   ursulanursula
    i'm a nurse with a bit of a wild streak (everyone is mentioning tattoos, i have several), i've done a bit of travelling, had some crazy times.
    my man is a "preppy banker." we both never imagined ourselves with someone like each other, but it works. i guess the important things are there though...chemistry, desire for kids.
  12. by   Tweety
    I'm a floor nurse and spouse is a regional director of wound care clinics, administration to the max. He still keeps up his RN license but isn't allowed to touch the patients his clinics.

    He travels and I'm a homebody.

    He likes science fiction and watching TV. I love the internet and reading. He eats meat and I'm a vegetarian. He can't cook, but I can. I leave a mess in the kitchen and he cleans it up (a nice arrangement since I do the cooking, and he gets to eat it. )

    We both aren't handy around the house and have to pay people to do the hard stuff.
  13. by   mercyteapot
    We are both in middle management. We are both middle children; I am #3 of 4 girls and a boy and he is #4 of four boys and a girl. He thinks he grew up poor, but he doesn't know the meaning of the word. His Dad was a supervisor in a naval shipyard and his grandparents were affluent. My Dad had a series of jobs- managing discount department stores, postal carrier (lasted about 6 months and never heard the story behind why that didn't work out) and truck driver for a variety of vendors. He drank a good portion of every paycheck away. Both of us grew up with siblings with a disability that manifested itself behaviorally and parents who didn't cope well. He gets along with people much better than I do, mainly because he actually cares what most of them think. He doesn't care at all about politics; as a matter of fact, given that I do, I fill out his ballot for him before he heads out to vote. (My own legal version of stuffing the ballot box.) I love to read just about anything and the only things he reads are money management magazines and the sports pages. He likes to gamble, and I think it is for suckers. His favorite show is The Young and the Restless; he records it everyday and plays it back at night to unwind. I think it is positively inane. The only things he cooks are breakfast and bbq; the one thing I don't cook much is bbq.
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  14. by   Gompers
    Great thread!

    In some ways, we are very simliar. In others, very different.


    We grew up in the same suburb and went to grade schools in the same district and then the same middle and high schools. We were both "smart kids" and were part of the gifted reading programs and advanced math and computer classes. So essentially, through high school, we had almost identical educations. (Weird thing is we didn't meet until college even though we were only one grade apart, plus we knew all of each other's friends.)

    Our parents still live in similar houses in similar neighborhoods, have similar jobs, and make similar amounts of money. We had about the same benefits and hinderances growing up in this sense.

    We were raised the same religion, going to church and Sunday school at "sister" churches across town from each other.

    We both love working with our hands. If something involves tools - especially power tools - we will actually fight over who gets to do it. He was a little jealous recently that I fixed our furnace after being talked through it on the phone by the furnace company. I am jealous of him because he's going to get to be the one to paint the nursery and put together our new baby furniture. Freaks!


    Ethnically and culturally, very different. I'm a Bohemian-German-Polish mix whose ancestors have lived in the Midwest for generations. He's 100% Filipino, born about 10 years after his parents came to the US. Our traditions are quite different, and our parents raised us very differently. Our relationships with our families are very very different.

    I'm pretty outgoing and talkative (duh!). He's quiet and shy.

    I love being out and about. He loves being at home.

    I'm a night owl. He's a morning person.

    I like sweet stuff. He prefers salty.

    I'm wine, he's beer.

    He knows all about politics, religion, music, history, technology, and sports. I know all about medicine, science, psychology, money, cooking, home improvement, and all things Hollywood. We really complement each other in a game of trivial persuit!

    I am a hypochondriac. You couldn't pay him to go to the doctor - believe me, I've tried!
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