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  1. wooosp

    CSU San Marcos ADN-BSN Online

    Does anyone have some info or feedback on this? I'm looking for an online BSN program. Thank You!
  2. I'm would like to get back into school and highly considering doing ADN to MSN. There are several schools such as University of Phoenix and Mt.St.Mary's that offer such programs. Does anyone have any other suggestions and/or details on such programs in the L.A. area? Thanks
  3. wooosp

    Working for the County of Los Angeles-Advice

    I had a civil interview at Olive View a few months ago. I just walked in and applied. They told me they're no longer doing the test. I recently got my interview results, i passed and now I'm waiting for a position to open up. I had a copy of the self-study guide. Hope this helps. DHS_Annual_Core_Competency Revised 03-24-09.pdf
  4. Darn, just missed it! AHMC will be having a job fair on 8/20 and includes various San Gabriel Valley hospitals. They will be having walk-in interviews and from my understanding some of their hospitals will be having a new grad pgrm....just not sure which ones. Check out the link: http://www.newmedicalweb.com/AHMC/careers/ Good luck to all of us!
  5. I saw a position online today that says "student nurse" is that what you applied for or did it actually say "new grad"? I had applied online for a position about a month ago, I called to follow up and it's kinda weird that someone from HR told me they don't have a new grad program. I'm sure I was given the wrong info. Good luck to you!:):)
  6. wooosp

    West Coast Univ LA- anyone attend/attending??

    I just graduated from the ADN program at WCU this year, and I HIGHLY recommend it. Personally, it was an excellent investment. Administration cares very much about their students and the teachers all very experienced and knowledgeable. Good luck!
  7. wooosp

    Application process at Casa Loma College?

    Hello, I attended the LVN program at Casa Loma in 2005. From what i remember it was quick and easy to apply. I attended an information session before applying. I applied in person and met with Diana (admissions rep) she was really good. I don't know if she's still there. Back then they had a gentleman come in and review some math and english topics prior to taking the entrance exam. As far as the lendors go, i dont remember if they gave me any choices. Overall I was happy with the program and would recommend it. I'm not sure what has changed since i've been there. Hope this helped. Good Luck! :wink2:
  8. wooosp

    S. California Community College Nursing Programs

    Hello! My best suggestion is to apply to all of them! I applied to all of those but antelope valley and i still ended up waiting about 3 yrs to get into a program. You might also want to consider the L.A. County College of Nursing and Allied Health. http://www.ladhs.org/wps/portal/CollegeOfNursing Good Luck!
  9. Don't believe it! Try another school, there's a lot of schools out there. Do your research before. Call around. Here's a few other schools: 1. Casa Loma has a Hawthorne and Van Nuys campus 2. Pasadena City College (it has pre-requisites) 3. Preferred College of Nursing (Van Nuys, LA, Carson & Covina) 4. Kaplan College (Formerly Maric College) (North Hollywood) ....Just to name a few. Good Luck!
  10. wooosp

    Part time LVN programs

    Try Casa Loma College in Van Nuys, it has a part time program. I believe it's 18 months. It's a good school. Good Luck!
  11. wooosp

    How did you become an NICU nurse?

    I'm a student and very interested in becoming an NICU nurse. I'm curious to hear how you got into it. How were you trained? How long have you been doing it? What other areas did you work in? Any replies would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. wooosp

    West Coast University?

    1) They don't require a 2.5 GPA for your sciences, like the other schools. The classes do have to have been completed within 5yrs with a C or better. I'm not sure about having repeated a pre-requisite. They would have to evaluate your transcripts. 2) WCU doesn't have a waiting list, so it is very realistic that you'd be able to start by January. They have new classes starting every 10wks. I hope this helps. Though, I don't know if they may have changed anything since I started. Good Luck! :)
  13. wooosp

    west coast university alumni please help!

    Hello, If you have all your pre-reqs done and they're credible, I think WCU still makes you take their chemistry. They're not taking the basic chem that's offered in community colleges. They say its because its not the same as what wcu teaches (even if it does have a lab). Regardless, plan on taking Chem, and with that you're looking at a tuition to be about 35k-38k...from what i'm hearing right now. Hope this helps. :wink2:
  14. Hello. I have been trying to find out if an associates degree from West Coast University is accepted at either Cal State L.A. or Cal State Northridge. I tried contacting the schools but got the run around instead. I'm really interested in attending WCU, but I want to clarify this first. I know I could go to Univ. of Phoenix and other private school. Any reply would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.:)
  15. Recently, I've been considering applying at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center. I currently work at a SNF as a LVN, and I know it would be a significant pay cut if I decide to go there. I have several questions for those of you who work or have worked as an LVN at this hospital or any other county hospital: What was your expirience like? Do the benefits make up for the pay cut? What's expected from you as an LVN in a county hospital? Would I get priority if applying at the L.A. County College of Nursing? Would you recommend it? Your response and input would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank You. :thankya:
  16. wooosp

    Fighting Residents

    I work at a nursing home, in one of my 3-bed rooms i have 2 residents who are at each others throats.:smiley_ab They are young (50's) very alert and oriented (chronic complainers). They been roomates for about 2 weeks now and have not stopped fighting. I'm talking about yelling!!! Its always something and every argument they've had, I've intervened and made things better. A few days ago, they started fighting over the darn curtain....i found no common ground in the argument and left the room frustrated. It was the last straw for me. Dealing with this takes time away from already busy day. I spoke with several people from our social service department and they told that they cant move either one because neither wants to move to a different room. My DON has been busy with surveyors. They can't force them to move? What can be done here? Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.:thankya: