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I'm a nurse of course and my boyfriend of 5yrs is a tattoo artist. I sometimes feel weird telling fellow nurses that. I have no problem with his profession. Just curious, anyone in similar... Read More

  1. by   sharona97
    He's 7 years older. Now the wiser. Truck driver when we met I was 17. Been together ever since. we have one beautiful son. Gave up his Harley, Loving his VW and being a good ole blue collar guy.
  2. by   MacunaRN
    lolol.. I think all nurses are attracted to the bad boy with agood heart that just need a little tlc plus you kind of have to be up for anything with a woman that carries syringes in her pocket and and has seen more private parts than howard stern.. My boyfriend still gets mad at me when i explain that he imports and exports computers... (the correct explanation is that he works for one of the biggest manufacturers of electronics and handles the carribean and south american territory) sometimes i feel like i don't understand what anyone else does but yup he's quite and borders on OCD opposites attract and by nature we need someone we can nurture by the way did i mention he's a hypochondriac
  3. by   Luelle
    Well I have to say right now we're pretty similar in that we both work together and both drive fork lift trucks (at the moment), both love our kids and use them as an excuse to have a good laugh.... but we are different in one respect I CAN actually find a pair of socks in the morning without having to ask someone else
  4. by   shmoofins
    My boyfriend and I are actually pretty similar. We like a lot of the same things and we're both fairly nerdy. We both like videogames and nerdy movies and such. We have similar tastes in music (although we both like some stuff that the other doesn't). One difference is that he's still in school and I'm (recently) out. We both hate cleaning. We both like learning useless facts. I can't think of any huge differences.
  5. by   dria
    he: polish-italian-american catholic
    me: irish bohemian american protestant

    he: raised in the city
    me: raised in the suburbs

    he: likes rap and hip hop
    me: raging deadhead

    he: multiple trips in and out of the pokey
    me: cry when i get a speeding ticket

    he: cant boil water without help
    me: considered going to culinary school

    he: gets queasy at the sight of blood (my big tuff guy hahaha)
    me: im an rn....nuff said

    i could go on and on and on...he and i are truly polar opposites...but at the end of the day, we really dig each other...going on six years next month with a wedding planned next year...just gotta figure out how to invite all my an friends...maybe ill post a video....
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  6. by   agent66
    Ooooh , I love weddings!!

  7. by   mamunsey
    my husband and i both grew up in the same kind of church, we were on rival football teams in high school, he has to talk to everyone, i wave and go on, we are both licensed ministers, i yell, he's quiet, i read, he watches tv. i do hands on, wood working, tools, home improvement, he does not, i do car maintance, he don't have a clue how. i love harley's, he could care less, i drive a 4X4 pickup, he drives a compact car, i'm a huge redneck, he hates it. i'm for farming, he's lost. i grew up country, he grew up preppy! i wear jeans and flannel, he wears suits and ties, i'm a nurse, he is a funeral director/ restaurant mamager. I tell people, I help them till they're gone and then he takes care of them. i cook he cleans, i'm sloppy, he's a neat freak. We compliment each other, what he can not do, i can, and vice versa!
  8. by   underpaidrn
    hubby is a police officer of 20 years - me i'm an rn of 34 years
    hubby loves all types of music - me country or classical
    hubby spends hours on the computer at home - me none since i'm on it all day long
    hubby rides harley davidson motorcycles - so do i
    hubby is 10 years younger than me - had to have someone able to keep up with me
    hubby is quiet - me i've never met a stranger
    hubby is knock out handsome - me so-so
    second marriage for both of us. going on 10 years in december and it's better than ever. wish i had met him first, but he was only 9 when i got married the first time. think they have laws against that somewhere!
  9. by   ssanders80
    Tattoo artists are awesome! Go you!
  10. by   ssanders80
    Tattoo artists are awesome! Go you!
  11. by   nyapa
    He is 17 years older than me (I figure it takes them that long to mature!)
    I have only been a nurse. He has been a soldier, pastry chef, nurse, disability worker and educator.
    He likes all music except 80s pop
    I like harmony, but I'm slowly learning to like Jimi Hendrix, some of the heavy metal; you'll never get me to like opera or blues
    We are both mad about computers.
    We both love animals, and enjoy having wild animals around our home (goannas, frill necks. ibis and a variety of wild birds).
    I love to read, he doesn't.
    He's Scots, I'm Australian born.

    Basically, I've found that the longer we've been together the more our interests have become similar. In 15 years they should have.
  12. by   debbie54
    My boyfreind of two years,
    Gangster, tattos, loves video games, quiet
    Preppy, outgoing, enjoys learning, hates video games

    We mesh so well, compliment each other, oppisites attract.
  13. by   OLDCARTS
    Me: Graduating in May. Will be a RN and eventually FNP.

    Fiance: Software Engineer with hopes to be an entrepreneur.

    We've got tons in common, but he's definitely more business-oriented... the common sense of the relationship, lol. I'm the book smart one. So... I guess we complement each other.