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Hi :) Happy Labor Day! I'm curious to know how much a new grad RN could make salary per annum? How about an LVN? I'm in California but I'm also interested in knowing what's the earnings for... Read More

  1. by   nimbex
    in NC $17.00 plus a dollar more for critical care/er.

    it's been 7 years since I graduated, can't help there... good luck
  2. by   911fltrn
    Dont ever find out what the bill for nursing care or you would never be happy!
  3. by   sjoe
    On average, a full-time longshoreman in the LA area earned $80,000 last year and a full-time foreman averaged $167,000. Maybe one day nurses will affiliate with a strong union as well.

    ...No, probably not.
  4. by   Nikki NJ
    What about NJ ????
  5. by   Q.
    Southeastern Wisconsin:

    New grad: $19/hr. No pay difference ADN vs BSN.
  6. by   WashYaHands
    beaRNwhenIgroUP: Anybody know about pay rates for BSN (brand new) in Colorado Springs, CO??
    $14.50 - 16.50/hr.
  7. by   JailRN
    We start at $50,000. No difference for advanced degree. More pay for certification, though. I expect to make six figures this year. BUT< like someone else said, houses average $800,000 an drent is about $2000.00 month.
    I don't think an LVN could get by without other income here.
    Manhattan Beach, Ca)
    Is anyone familiar with the boston area salaries for newbies?
  9. by   jnette
    $15.00/hr. sw Va. for a new RN ..much higher in the northern areas of Va... $2.00 more/hr. if you skip across the line to N.C.,
    which many do.