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How many tries did it take you to get your nusing lisence? Do u think academic grades or clinical grades have any reflections on how people do on board exams? Thank you in advance. nursing... Read More

  1. by   JWRN
    It only took one try for me back when it was still paper and pencil over 2 days. And then I waited 3 months for the results. And since I graduated in Aug. I had to wait until the following Feb to take the exam. So I was a GN for almost 9 months before getting the results. I believe it was 400 questions, 200 each day, 100 in the AM and 100 in the afternoon after lunch. And you could not get up if you finished early you just sat there, and it was an act of God to get to go to the bathroom.......And no talking to anyone......I really do not remember how many were taking the exam, seems like there were probably about 400 testers in the convention center in Galveston.....Anyhow....only had to take it once.....
  2. by   Magicat
    Originally posted by SmilingBluEyes
    once. 76 questions. done in 30 minutes. freaked til I received my license in the mail 3 weeks later. this was in 1997.
    ABSOLUTELY, EXACTLY, the same as I, SmilingBluEyes!!!! BSN in 97. 76 qs 30min. Boom computer off...I just about s**t!
  3. by   magRN
    Back when I took boards we had the 5 tests and I did well and passed all the first time.

    Some of the best students in our class though had to take them at least two don't worry just do your best is what I say.
  4. by   RNShirley14
    Only once, 75 Questions, about 45 minutes. Scared to death that I blew the test bad that's why the computer stopped giving me questions. The monitor guy smiled at me and told me "good luck with your career" when I walked out of the test site (I wonder if he knew the result then?). Three weeks later I got the good news in the mail, was terrified to open the mail so I got my husband to open it.
    Found out later, I was the only one in all of our graduating class that tested the least number of questions and passed it right away. It's a pretty good feeling, but I busted by behind in school for it.
    Use common sense when you take the test, and in real nursing life.
    Good luck.
  5. by   mcg02
    It took me two times. The first time I had 78 questions, the 2nd time I had 260 questions and time still ran out, but I PASSED.

    YEAH FOR ME!!!!
  6. by   ShandyLynnRN
    Originally posted by OBNURSEHEATHER
    WOW! Same as me, except it was in 1998!

    That's too weird! because it was EXACTLY the same for me! in 1998!!! WOOT!
  7. by   sgtmedic
    I like stress!!!
    Worked an 8 hour night shift, off at 730, test at 8. 75 questions 45 minutes, 3 days of sweating it out till I called in to find the results.
    It's so much how you test and analyze the questions and answers.
  8. by   mattsmom81
    Test anxiety is the reason most nurses fail NCLEX if they did well in school.

    I took the old two day written test back in '81 and passed with high scores....even though I was a puking, queasy mess...3 months PG with a tendency to pass out at a moments notice...LOL....even in that state my nursing school experiences STILL got me through the exam thank God!

    Although I STILL remember that awful anxiety and thinking 'How will I react if I fail?' Also remember worrying what my classmates and teachers would say/think...
  9. by   HRHNurse Carol
    Passed both my LPN boards in 1979 and the RN boards in 1991 first try. I was first done with the LPN test. When I went back for the RN there was another student that used to race me to be the first one to finish a test. We were both A/B students. When we took boards (the old-fashioned way) she zipped right through. I was so freaked out that I forced myself to slow down- you know, put the pencil down, stare at the ceiling, do breathing excercises. I passed, she didn't. ( I was still one of the first ones out) It had to be stress. She passed on the second try. Most everyone I have ever known pass on the first. Those that I know who didn't, do pass on the second. And they are all good nurses, so must be the stress. I know of only one person in all the years that I've been around nursing that took more than 2 tries and she got it on the 6th. And she wasn't real bright, or a really good nurse. The general consensus was she finally got lucky. So, I really believe that if you can get through nursing school you can pass NCLEX. Most nursing schools are geared now towards passing NCLEX. But, I don't think that the stress level will ever be less in general. It is just such a drastic change in your life, to become an RN, and we've worked so hard for it. So naturally we freak out at the one test that can prevent us from reaching our dreams. I can remember the general sick feeling that I had...I can remember my classmate breezing out of the room...but I blank out when I try to remember much more about that day. Must be the stress.
  10. by   DarK
    I passed the boards on the first try. 85 questions . I went home after the boards and started looking up answers and I must not have remembered the question exactly and I thought I had failed. I took all my nursing books and magazines and threw them in the closet because I didn't to think of all the time I devoted to studying and then have failed,. In NY state where I took my boards you could check your results on the internet. As luck would have it the system was messed up and by thetime my results were posted my license was in the mail!!!
  11. by   Sumner
    Thankfully I passed my exam on the first attempt. Since all of the questions were scenarios in which you had to pick the most correct answer ( there may have been more than one correct answer) knowledge and skill were of equal importance. It will be to your advantage to take the exam as soon as possible after graduation while everything is still fresh. Good luck !
  12. by   pam156
    What a stressful two days! We had a proctor who kept repeating at the beginning of each testing "We are testing you for minimal competancy". Was sure I flunked, that I'd read too much into the questions...and that I wasn't even minimally ably to set foot onto the floor!!
  13. by   Suzyy_Q
    I passed the test the first time, was on the computer. Answered 75 questions and was done in 40 minutes. I'm very thankful, I don't think I could have handled the stress of having to take the test more than once.