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  1. by   AuntieRN
    I also was one of the lucky ones. I passed it the first time with 75 questions. I also agree studying from the NCLEX review books while in school helped me out tremendously. Good luck!!
  2. by   Dixiecup
    Took it one time, passed. Never opened a book, never studied at all. I figure by that time your either know it or you don't.:Santa1:
  3. by   RN4NICU

  4. by   Alexsys
    Once, with 75 questions.
  5. by   live4today
    Once - praise the Lord!
  6. by   doingourbest
    One time in the minimum # of questions, so I apparently got them all right; but I still came out of the test not knowing if I had passed splendidly or failed miserably. It is that "best answer" thing. You can know what to do in every situation, but if was not the "best answer" according to the test question writer, you are out of luck.
  7. by   ElvishDNP
    Once. I got Mosby's review for the NCLEX and also took a test review course. That helped tremendously.
  8. by   jimthorp
  9. by   Jules A
  10. by   DolphinRN84
    First attempt with 75 questions.
  11. by   kcalohagirl
    I passed it once with 75 questions. It seriously only took me about 40 minutes. I'm not the kind of person who agonizes over answers. I figure I know it or I don't, and beating myself up about it is going to make matters worse and me more anxious. (I already have test anxiety) I think tests in nursing school taught me that my gut instinct was usually the right one when I was trying to decide between a couple of possible answers. I took a review course which helped. Things in "NCLEX-land" as we called it don't always happen the way they do in the "real world" *grin*

    My fiance took it once, it took him 5 1/2 hours.

    The preceptor I had when I started my current job took it twice, and she is one of the best nurses on the floor.

    Good luck with nursing school!
  12. by   dorieabsLPN
    once 75 questions. took me about 45 minutes too. I started the test with the following questions are practice. so I am going along and must have missed the part where it said your test is starting. I started freaking when I got to about 50 questions thinking oh no then when it shut off at 75 I was so worried but passed; thank the lord
  13. by   chickie348
    I took my boards twice. By the grace of god i passed the second time! The first time i got 95 questions and the second time i got 265 questions. Not FUN AT ALL!