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Hi all! I'm currently a student at Johns Hopkins SON, just starting, and I'm wondering how hard it will be to meet and date some of the male med students here to seek out future husbands. Don't... Read More

  1. by   NurseDennie
    OMG how did *this* thread get dredged up again??? The last post before yesterday was like a month ago.

    Talk about flogging a dead cow! The girl who started this thread hasn't even come back to the BB since her second post for heaven's sake!

    I weighed in with an "Ick" about the idea of marrying a doctor (ewww, still ick.) But later I wrote again saying I thought we should cut the girl some slack.

    Nobody's ever joked about marrying a doc? Come on! She only wrote two posts the whole time, and I don't think she's even come back to the bb since she wrote the second one. So we've scared her off.

    Somebody else start a new thread about how icky the doctors are and how we'd never marry them. I feel bad about this thread.


  2. by   JailRN
    Hey, we have a doc for her. he came into the unti where I was working (of course this was about 10 years ago and asked me if I liked his hair. He had plugs put in-I told him I thought he looked like a KEN doll. He laughed and left. about a month later while he was there he had me look out the window at his new red Mustang convertible, (I think he was going through mid life crisis or something, I told him that i thought he was ridiculous for buying that car after he had spent that money to have hair out in his head, now he was going to have it all blown out with the top down. We heard about 2 months after that, he left his wife, who was our age, overweight, but had money and footed the bill for him to go to Medical School.

    Like bites.
  3. by   graduate 2004
    I may be new to nursing (not even graduated as of yet) but I do have some insight when it comes to finding your mate...
    I think you should quit concentrating on the profession and find what makes you happy. Remember that whatever you choose now will effect your future. If your not satisfied with your choice, you may end up spending lots of time in agony. I,ve been married 3 times: once to my highschool sweethart, once to a cowboy (so I thought) who turned out to be a redneck, and finally to the one man who has fulfilled every aspect of my life which I am still with. He stimulates my intelect, shows me compassion and lots of love and he's a mechanic! Who knew?!
    Bottom line is, even with whatever schedule you work, you can always meet the perfect guy, sometimes he's already someone you know and confide in. Whatever your choice, just make sure it's the right one.
  4. by   kathylorr
    I have an ex who is a doctor. Was a psychiatrist and readily admitted he went into that field in hopes of finding the answers to his own problems. Last I heard, he'd been married two more times after moi-and that was a good ten years ago! So is probably available again or will be if you wait around awhile. Really was a good person though and I hold no bitterness as we were both very young at the time
  5. by   traumaRUs
    First of all, nurses that go into nursing to get a man - get a life first!!!

    Rusty - you're too good.

    I'll take my wonderful, retired military, now high school teacher anytime over any doc I've ever run across. We've got over 24 years together and have something money can't buy!!!
  6. by   renerian
    No I married a PHD RN though.........he is really smart..........we bounce things off each other all the time. He makes much more money than I make.......I have a BS and am in graduate school.......

  7. by   Robbin M
    I am surprised at some of the posts. I do not believe if you are a nurse you and marry a dr he will always treat as less intelligent. I was a dental assistant. I married the man I worked for, the dentist. He saw that I was intelligent and encouraged me to go back to school and go as far as I can. He never puts me down or treats me badly. Maybe the doc will see a special spark in you. Maybe intelligence is the attractive factor in wanting to marry a doc. I did not want to be a dental asst. to marry a dentist, but I did find him interesting and intelligent.
  8. by   Robbin M
    ecks! sorry about that post, the few glasses of wine made me miss a few words!!
    Dated a Dr once , and unless they are paying for college themselves dont feel as if you will"score" anytime soon...
    They are indebt to thier eyeballs when they finally do get out, and with the hectic schedules he had and with mine it just didnt work out, Honey if you going for the money then you may want to consider pulling a Anna Nicole Smith, possibly that will help...
    Never married a man for money. I had my own lol and I married a Diplomat instead lol.....
  10. by   studentOH
    Just posting in case you do pop back.

    1. Concentrate on school or you won't do well.
    2. Quit looking for Mr. Right. That's the only time you'll find him.
    3. Decide where you want to live, how much money you want to make, etc. There are lucrative areas in nursing...they just take some finding. Investing and good financial planning all help too. I'm 22 and already have 2 IRA's and a mutual fund.

    Good luck!

  11. by   lady_vee
    originally posted by sleepyeyes
    i said what i did because most nursing students who come to the board are freaking out about courses, grades, about the job, about how to manage their personal lives along with nursing school..... and along comes your post #1, to wit:
    where do i go to land a dr. husband? nothing about personal qualities, just "male, rich & dr."

    so forgive me if the true intent of your pursuing a nursing career escaped me. please go over to the student nurse's lounge and read the posts there, and you'll see what i mean.
    the "usual" first post is like "hi, i'm new and i'm asking for help with my studies or organizing my life," not, "hi, i need money, how about i marry a doc, and you good nurses should help me find one."

    i have never told a student not to pursue a nursing career, until that post. my first thought was, what chutzpah! of all the dumbass reasons to be a nurse!! she's wasting her time and her money--and ours. our profession has enough problems, thank you very much.

    i'm not saying that you should not have any fun at all while you're in school, but nursing school will test the best relationships, and it's quite taxing on your psyche. oh, and did i mention, challenging?

    how are you doing in your classes? how much are you studying? what are you having real problems with (besides money)? where are you now, and what's so attractive about nyc? we are a friendly and helpful group here, by and large, and we want to help you in your nursing ambition.

    but if you think the nursing program is easy, and you can just breeze through without hassle, you need to know you've targeted yourself for way worse than i could deliver. if you don't want to be picked on incessantly from the 'nursing instructor from he**, hang around here, learn, ask questions, and share all you want; we're happy to support you.

    and please know this: there will be many times as a nursing student and as a nurse, that you will question your choice. so will others. if you're here for the right reasons, nothing on this earth is going to stop you, not having to repeat courses, or the program, or the "nursing instructor from hell" or any of that stuff, and there are a few of us here who can tell you about that.....

    for now...
    sorry we got off to a shaky start, but welcome to the board.
    ps i'm not really as mean as i sound.

    hahaha... sleepy, you're an absolute hoot! couldn't have put it any better!! :roll
  12. by   jenac
    Nothing quite like aspirations, is there?

    I have to say-your priorities here seem a bit off. But, to each her own. I personally prefer to pay my own bills-I've found I own more of myself that way.
  13. by   Jen2
    Oh no!!! I guess my standards are really low. I'm a female nursing student dating a male nurse in the hospital where I work. Honestly, I have worked with manu doctors, and would never date any of them. They are married to their pagers. I am completely happy with my male nurse.