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Hi all! I'm currently a student at Johns Hopkins SON, just starting, and I'm wondering how hard it will be to meet and date some of the male med students here to seek out future husbands. Don't... Read More

  1. by   erezebet
    Ironically enough, i came across a "Spouses of MDs" message board today. The majority of these women were exchanging attorney info related to separations and divorce.

    If you would like to date a doctor, thats your choice. But first you have to attract one. If you act all obvious about it, you will get the ones who just want to "score" a nurse as badly as you want to "score" a doctor......but men and women's definition of score is very different.

    To get a doctor to "NOTICE" you, heres what you have to do.
    1) don't sit around the nurses station complaining about staffing and ratios, just be happy you have a job.

    2) Keep yor patients clean and well groomed. Doctors notice which nurses keep their patients bathed and tidy.

    3) Care enough to keep lines in order and labeled. This is especially true in the ICUs where patients have 5 or 6 drips at one time. Doctors notice when we are organized

    4) When assisting doctors, do so competently and try to anticipate their needs ahead of time. You are not playing their personal slave. Doctors, especially residents have a tougher time than we do and they have to get through more patients faster.

    Doctors have alot of respect for nurses that are good at their job. And its the doctor who notices you for those reasons that is the exception.
  2. by   trueblue
    When it's put like that you might make some of us change our minds.

  3. by   mattsmom81 experience is that most docs EXPECT competence from nurses but APPRECIATE (and 'date') those who stroke their inflated egos....a nurse may attempt and succeed at becoming a doc's trophy if she's the eye candy type...

    And notice I said MOST not all...there are a few good guy docs out there...and as nurses we appreciate those types.... BUT I maintain the majority of docs are egotists and are attracted to the field for the power and prestige, IME.

    So....Doc hunting nurses beware...know what you're getting into...if this is the type of hubby you want, go for it :stone

    But as for me, well...I just LUV my solid-as-a-rock construction worker who doesn't have a huge ego nor a roving eye!.:kiss
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  4. by   JeannieM
    Originally posted by shay

    Welcome to the board, I hope you have more than 2 posts.
    I'll agree with Shay on this and other sentiments, and like Mattsmom, I feel my maternal side coming out as well. JHU, I've spoken pretty bluntly in my posts to you but, like my "flocks", I'm eager to see your future, and see you grow and develop in this role. Pleae be aware that you are not alone in being issued a "wakeup call" by these intelligent Allnurses; I have also been called to task for a post that may have been inappropriate, and I appreciated very much being told how my words could be misconstrued. We come here to laugh, cry, agree, disagree, vent and most of all, LEARN. Welcome to the fold, and I'll be looking eagerly for your future posts. :kiss JeannieM
  5. by   Christel2Rn
    Originally posted by JHUnurse
    Wow! I come back to find this thread has become 4 pages! I want to explain a few things....first, I may be young (19), but obviously I would never marry someone I didn't love. BUT, if I happened to meet someone who was perfect for me, AND made enough so that we could both move to NYC and start a family, well that would be my dream. Is that wrong? I just wanted some advice as to how I could go about meeting people so I can find *Mr. Right*. My classmates and I always joke about marrying doctors, I never thought this thread would get so serious.

    To all those people who shared their advice, *thank you*. I don't have much experience working yet, so I didn't realize that a lot of doctors might not make ideal husbands.
    To those who discouraged me from entering nursing, well....that really saddens me. I entered the nursing program here because I honestly want to help people, and I have a strong interest in health care. I could have gone on the pre-med track, but I knew about the nursing shortage and decided that this is what I wanted to do. So far I love everything about it, except for any nurses who judge me or discourage me from being a nurse. Maybe in the future if you see a post like mine you can try to offer some constructive criticism and help guide others down the right path.

    As for me, I will be continuing in nursing school, and I think I'll start looking for a nice engineer.......anyone know where I can find some?
    Good for you!!! You are the one who knows if you are meant to be a nurse. I think at some point, all nursing students joke around about marrying a Dr. You are still young and definetly do not need to worry about meeting "Mr. Right". Concentrate on your nursing studies and GOOD LUCK!!!
  6. by   mattsmom81
    You guys are so right....a young woman meets "Mr. Right" when she has growna bit into the person she was meant to be and is comfortable there.

    It will come...don't rush it....hunting for a man rarely bags us happiness.....and will lead to heartache if it's not meant to be, so take your time, sweetie.

    Good luck with nursing school...focus on YOU first.
  7. by   mother/babyRN
    Money isn't everything and if you can't make it on your own why bother? I dated a doc long ago and we are still friends. However, I would rather, being a married person, have him able to be home being a good dad and husband than a good provider...To me, thats the most important thing. Hope you "catch" one if thats what you want, but recall, his needs will most likely come first and personally, many docs are into control. If thats what you want and are willing to settle for, more power to you! I'm happy I achieved everything on my own...Anything else might be icing on the cake but I am GRATEFUL GRATEFUL GRATEFUL that I didn't take the opportunity to mess things up by marrying a doctor early on ( unless, of course, he was a great guy who also happened to love me and WASN"T a work a holic)...All the big houses , nice cars ad luxurious trips in the world can't substitute the footrubs, love letters or sparkle I see in my husbands eyes when he sees the kids and I everyday......But, as they say, be careful what you wish for.....Hope it works out to the good for you and you get not only the wealthy doctor but the great guy too....
  8. by   Furball
    My best friend entered nursing school after a VERY nasty divorce...thank heavens no kids. I used to tease her about marrying a doctor and she would get furious!!

    Guess what? 3 years after graduation she married a very nice, handsome, sweet, intelligent doc. Here's a paper bag for you all to barf in!!!:chuckle

    I rolled my eyes also when I first read this thread....many docs are arrogant SOB's. Oh and let live......
  9. by   mattsmom81
    Yeah, but there ARE good ones out there good for your girlfriend, Furball! I wish her much I do our young thread starter....just hate to see anyone burned by false expectations that money and prestige can buy those of us who have been 'round the block have learned the hard way.....LOL!
  10. by   ERNurse752
    There's a doc in my hospital with quite the track record...
    I was a GN and he came up and introduced himself to me. My preceptor said, "Stay away. Stay far, far away!"
  11. by   mattsmom81
    Yah, Tricia....there's always the 'nice doc' who wants to make the sweet young things welcome...while he's eyeing her up and down...I remember those days and still see the sleazes doing this to our pretty young nurses....they literally drool over them...

    After I turned 36 or so the docs slowed down....younger models were available to chase.... and I was glad!! I was happily married all along (not that that fact mattered to the fact a married lover is 'safer' I was told)

    And no...I never did cheat with one of the docs either! Altho plenty of my coworkers did...
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  12. by   donmurray
    I nearly married one, but she wasn't good enough for me!
  13. by   puddlesrn
    OMG.... A doctor...i can hardly stand to work with them....single is the only way to go babe.