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Okay, we've won the genetic lottery that lets us be just SO good at solving other people's problems. We work insane hours, the work is so emotional draining that we often bring home emotional... Read More

  1. by   OrthoNutter
    Mental health days, faithful pets and Zoloft are my saviours.

    Also, keeping your sense of humour while you're at work is a good idea too.

    Try these out when you're short of a laugh at work:
    Tell your post-op TKR patient that the docs made a mistake and gave him an orchidectomy instead.
    Give bowel-obsessed pt who hasn't moved their bowels for a day an extra double strength Shaw's cocktail and pretend to be concerned when he/she complains of diarrhoea.
    Tell all your patients that you've just been released from a mental institution so they'd better be nice or else!
    Paint a clown face on a post-op patient and tell the family "it's ok, it's just a side effect from the anaesthetic!"
    Dress "goth" style for Valentine's day and mutter under your breath about mixing the holidays up when people comment on your appearance.
    Swap beds on patients reluctant to mobilise so when they come out of the shower, they have to do a lap of the ward anyway.
  2. by   RNforLongTime
    What do I do to stay sane? Well, I am not on any of the above mentioned anti-depressant medications. I take Zyrtec and Flonase for my allergies. I don't drink. The hubby doesn't quite get what exactly I deal with at work on a regular basis. I work nights and he had the audacity to say to me one day. "all you do is sit around all night reading magazines as the patients are all sleeping" Yeah right! As if! Nights is when the patients get really whacky!

    Really though, I am a nursing junkie and love reading everything I can on the subject. I come to and find that all of you help to keep me sane! That and chocolate!
  3. by   Brownms46
    I'm divorced, but not as a result of nursing. That said, I also have been depressed from time to time, but haven't felt the need for medication or washing it away with beverages. I do believe each person does what they need survive in this profession. many..... have seen so much...that sometimes it does take it's matter how much I try to insulate myself from it. I have cried so many times at the horrors that have unfortunately crossed my path, and the meanness of one human being to another, than I care to remember.

    But I believe my faith in God, my family, and those I chose to call my friends are my saving grace. There are times, that I have become deathly ill at the thought of going back to work, after withnessing some truly gruesome stuff..! But I just talk to the Lord, and ask Him to change my heart, and give me the will to continue. It never seems to fails that when I surrender the situation to him, for me it makes all the difference in the world.

    Coming here to find compassion, and the chance to assist others....and even get into some really heated...ummm debates...yeah that's what I'll call them. :chuckle. But seriously... when we take our mind off self...and discover everyone has their own crosses to bear. it makes things we may think are huge mountains, into small mole hills.

    The other way I cope is to change! Whenever I think I'm taking life just a little bit too seriously, I change my direction. Being an agency nurse has kept me in this profession, much longer than I would have been ...if I wouldn't have been able to do it!

    I also like to go out to a driving range, and whack the heck out of those balls...or a bowling alley, and roll that ball until I can't even put up the ball. GREAT therapy!

    One thing most of us have learned how to roll with the punches...sometimes literally...:chuckle Life is a series of twist and turns, and we either bend with them, or we break..!
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  4. by   indeed
    That assumes a, that I am at all sane. Seriously though, I usually like to do something very monotonous and time consuming when I am about to go ballistic. It helps me, every now and then, to be focused on one small thing and let the tension just wash itself away because it is IGNORED. I don't know how healthy it is, per se, but I started doing it as a kid in an attempt to not be put on meds (long, boring story...but it worked). The nice thing about it is, I can do this at work (restocking the med cart, checking the crash cart, etc.) and I feel a lot calmer afterwards. I think maybe that is what officially qualifies me as a DORK.

  5. by   Rustyhammer
    So Indeed,

    Can I ask you just one thing?
    Whats that avatar?
    I don't get it.
  6. by   indeed
    Arh ok. But before I tell you, I must declare one thing. Today is now declared DORK DAY!!! So all you geeks in the house, raise your fists and holler!!!

    Ahem. Anyway, the avatar is from Neil Gaiman's comic book "Sandman." It is Dream of the Endless, Morpheus, Oneiros, Kai'ckul, Lord of Dreams...all of the above. It's an excellent comic but before I start going off about it, I guess just anyone PM me if you want to know more or if you dig it.

    Yours nerdingly,
  7. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heart of texas

    I play GOLF, lots of GOLF
  8. by   nakitamoon
    To keep sane????? lol not exactly sure,, about sane,,,,,,,,,, Love my job,,,,,, love the patient care,,,,,, staffing,,,,families,,, another story,,,,, Paxil,,,,,,,,, a year ago,,,,, saved my life,,,,,,, well maybe put off a stroke for while ,,,,,, my two 'girls',,, my dogs lol and a wonderful husband,,,,,,,, swim every day,,,,, and though i'm the D.O.N. at least one weekend a month I have one of my charge nurses cover for me,,,,,,,,, just 48 hours of the phone not ringing,,,,, is a blessing,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Few margaritas during that weekend also,,,, helps lol,,,,,,,,,,
    of course being here at all nurses,,,, keeps me aware,,,,it could be worse !!!!!!! lol
  9. by   shygirl
    You want to know what I do? I have taken up learning how to kinit! It is very relaxing. I even made a scarf. Okay, it was a little crooked, but hey, I did it. I am learning how to make dishclothes now. If anyone needs the pattern, just ask. Gilda
  10. by   momangel29
    I am totally insane and I don't recommend it! I am a student nurse and an LPN and the wife and mother bit. All I can tell you is that I struggle with this as well. I just took a final exam and did well.But now i am out of school until August and I'm still very jumpy and feel I should be studying something! Good luck if you find an answer!
  11. by   eltrip DO I stay sane? Prayer, & lots of it...Singing with the "praise team" at church-those weekly rehearsals do more for me than an hour with a counselor...whacking at weeds in the garden...hanging out with my hubby & my little girl...petting the cat & letting him sleep in my lap (when he's not been rolling in poison ivy-oy!)...reading voraciously...baking cookies...listening to music...all of it keeps this girl on an even keel!

    Baking tonight! Yum!
  12. by   Sleepyeyes
    If I have achieved some semblance of normalcy in my life, I really have to credit God and the Pentecostal church, because I have more fun dancing and singing at church than at the wildest nightclub scene.
    I also like jazzercise.
    I try to get outta the house, even if it's to go down to the Pier and watch the sunset.
    Yesterday, because I didn't wanna waste a same-day-off-as-hubby, we gave him an early birthday present, and went deep-sea fishing. First time. Rough seas. Spent the entire day barfing. In between hurls, I got some nice pictures and caught a cute lil ol' fish called a porgey, so the day wasn't a total loss. Also noted that with barfing, lungs cleared quite well (though I don't recommend it as a treatment....)
    So any time I get sick of work, I'll go on a boat in rough seas. I tell ya, that'd make coal mines look good.... :chuckle
  13. by   NurseDennie
    Well, like a bunch of you, I think that sanity is just way over-rated. I decided a long time ago, that I was going to just go ahead and be crazy and save my sanity in case I needed it later.

    So far, I haven't.

    When I was under intense stress on the floor, I would go into my "showgirl" walk. I pretend that I have a 50# headdress with feathers and lace that drags 10' behind me, and turn sorta sideways. One arm extended all the way in front, one all the way in back. Slow, L - O - N - G steps, bending my knees deeply. I also hum "A pretty girl is like a melody" and walk to that beat. After a few bars, I pause, acknowledge the applause of the audience, and change my stance, if the left hand was forward, now it's in back. And so on down the hall.

    It's killer.

    A couple of other nurses have taken up doing it as well. I don't know why it works so well.

    Hysterical laughter is good, too. I know it can be upsetting to the onlooker, but I invariably enjoy it. I think it adds years to my life.

    I don't take any drugs (I tried Prozac during a brief and very unfortunate stint with a psychiatrist and it made me COLD and I haven't warmed up since and it's been four years!) and I can't be bothered to drink very much. One time I did drink a lot of champagne and got drunk. I had NO pain. That was very nice, but the delusion that I COULD, if I WANTED to, get into the car and drive, and nobody would suspect that I was drunk was disturbing. I had no intention of DOING it (I'd worked three 12's in a row and I was tired, and just enjoying not having ANYTHING hurt during the drunken period of time) but I truly thought that I could do! I guess that would be an example of the well known lack of judgment on the part of drunken persons?

    I derive a great deal of pleasure in my family and pets and friends, and you know..... Life, the Universe and Everything.