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i am just curious on how do we improve the images of nurses, i know some people see us as non skilled general laborers, doctors handmaids, as well as many other misconceptions i have noticed over the... Read More

  1. by   Fgr8Out
    [quote]originally posted by cheerfuldoer

    hi mark!

    great question!

    imhpo.......the best way to improve the image of nurses is for us to walk the talk we believe in about nurses as a whole. live the compassion, the sincerety, the caring, the assertive professional side of us and always be forthright in what we say.....say what we mean and mean what we say.....wavering not!

    one by one....little by little.....firm and steady.....we can return nursing to the highly respected career field that it is. this means we have to stop the catfights between college degree choices, and let people continue to elect what route to becoming a nurse they wish to take. stop caring about how a nurse becomes a nurse and instead embrace every nurse who successfully passes the nclex...therefore earning his/her license carrying privilege.

    we fight entirely too much among ourselves in public view.....people know the nurses are not the porno filth they see in the movies....they know we are not the wimps they may see in the t.v. shows that portray nurses as such. how do they know this??? well.......they are the people who become the patients that real nurses have to take care of when they enter the hospitals, and they see for themselves who and what we are all about. it is up to us to portray who and what we are all about. how can we crack on the media for their false portrayal of us when we don't embrace one another's professional choices and accept one another for those choices? how can we blame the politicians for not recognizing our worth when we act like we don't recognize one another's worth as a nurse? how can we blame the hospital and nursing administrators for the way they treat us when we do not necessarily treat each other the way we want them to treat us? what image are you helping the public and the patient population you care for to see in regards to nurses as a whole??? something to ponder, huh?

    oh my renee!!!!

    why am i hearing the subtle strains of "onward christian soldiers" in the background while i'm reading your post?

    you go girl!!!!:kiss

  2. by   NMAguiar
    Shay ... YOU ROCK!

    It's nice to hear from a common sense right-winger occasionally. You're a fresh change from the union droids who constantly support -- and prevent termination of -- the dead-weight employees who make our jobs more difficult.

    Patient care and professionalism come first. Union contracts should be a distant third.
  3. by   NMAguiar
    I kinda thought recent portrayals of nurses on television were becoming more positive and realistic, minus the injected personal dramas. "ER" for instance shows nurses as a vital part of the emergency department working hand-in-hand with doctors. Nobody can come away believing that hospital would continue to operate without RNs.

    Check on the wide range of documetary genres portraying actual nursing life from various perspectives. People can't watch these and feel nurses are insignificant handmaidens anymore.

    Remember when older hospital based shows (Medical Center and soap operas) always portrayed sparkling clean facilities that never had an equipment or dietary cart in the hallways? And where RNs always had time to stand around the nurses' station and discuss their love life with patients?

    Yeah, oddly enough, I think television is moving in a positive direction in this regard.
  4. by   live4today
    Originally posted by Fgr8Out
    Oh MY Renee!!!!

    Why am I hearing the subtle strains of "Onward Christian Soldiers" in the background while I'm reading your post?

    You GO Girl!!!!:kiss

    Peace [/B]
    Fgr8Out......thank you, sister...:kiss I humbly stand before my fellow nurses across this United States with my right hand at my brow in a respectful salute as I sing "ONWARD AMERICAN NURSES......ONWARD I SAY!"
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  5. by   adrienurse
    I keep the fact that I am a professional in the back of my mind. I do have to occasional lapse into silliness (in order to maintain sanity). I believe that the best way to promote the image of nursing as the professional, is for each of us to set the best example we can.
  6. by   Stargazer
    Originally posted by Agnus
    No one mentioned being professional off the job. watching how we dress, talk and act off the job.
    Sometimes I must cringe, when I see how some of us conduct ourselves away from work. Especially when folks know we are nurses. You generally do not see other professionals dress/act less than professionally off the job.
    Sorry, but this made me laugh my ass off. Ever seen a group of docs on a cruise or at a medical seminar? "professional" isn't the FIRST word that usually comes to mind....

    I love my Tshirt: "I am a nurse, not an angel". Featuring an angel with a pint an a cig in her hand.
    semestr, where did you get that t-shirt? I am desperately wanting one!
  7. by   futureccrn
    I for one LOVE my Chicken Soup books! I have several Precious Moments Nurse Figurines and a Cherished Teddies and a Boyd's Bear and a Snowonders Nurse Figurine. I especially love when I can find Teddy Bears dressed up as nurses. My two favorite things rolled into one! If it says "nurse" on it then I'll like it! I'm just corny like that!
  8. by   mark_LD_RN
    all pretty good comments. and as usual i end up agreeing with shay and cheerfuldoer.
  9. by   shay
    Originally posted by Natalieboo

    I'm not a nurse yet.. and haven't even applied to nursing school yet, but why don't you like that stuff? This scares me, and instills some doubt in becoming a nurse! I've always looked at nursing as being an enjoyable profession, taking care of patients and know that my job would be helping people out.. even if they don't show appreciation. I don't know, it just shocks me that you guys don't feel appreciated by even the existance of those items.. am I making sense (it's late, sorry ) I loved the chicken soup for expectant mothers when I was pregnant, gave me some hope and stopped my constant worrying..

    So why do you guys hate that stuff??
    Tiffany, speaking for just myself here, I am NOT a warm-fuzzies kind of gal very often, and I just plain ol' don't LIKE that kind of stuff. Plus, had I not told the whole world NOT to get me an "RN" pendant for graduation, do you know how many of those things I would of had?? :chuckle

    Besides, the only thing I wear on my neck is a cross necklace, and the only rings I wear are my wedding rings. A very low-jewelry kind of gal.
  10. by   l.rae
    Originally posted by fab4fan

    Yes, absolutely, 100% on target...let's BBQ all those other cutesy, gag a maggot trinkets people give you because they're so sure you'll love it since you're a nurse (e.g. "Precious Moments" nurse figurines, "Nurses are Beary Special" buttons, "Nurses Are Patient People" t-shirts, yada, yada, yada).
    almost had a knock down drag out fight w/ the pres of our graduating class cause she wanted us to all carry a rose at the pinning ceremony....l ask are the guys gonna carry one cause if they don't l won't either....if it doesn't look professions for a male, then with few should be avoided at all cost!!!...LR
  11. by   donmurray
    "gag a maggot" Still ROFL, I never heard that before, but soooo appropriate! Look at other professions, has anyone seen a kitsch lawyer teddy bear, or a porcelain engineer doll, or even a "Doctors are patient people" T-shirt?
  12. by   psychonurse
    I agree totally with the comments that have been made so far....although I do like the Garfield that I have attached to my stethascope. We need to quit the bickering, we all took the same state boards to get where we are.

    Where I work (corrections) the inmates say to the new nurses, whats a matter, can't you get or keep a job at a real hospital??? Until they see them in action when one of them gets hurt or something and then it changes totally.
  13. by   P_RN
    Oh my. Shay and Renee you hit it right on the mark!!!! I've been singing "RESPECT" for years. And let's keep our tiffs within the profession and not bash each other .

    However, I DO love my trinkets. I have a nurse figure or doll for every year I have been a nurse. They go from tiny porcelain to an 18" Florence. I'm not fond of the Tshirts, mainly because they are usually pretty tasteless. I mean do I REALLY want to think about "interesting smells?"