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Hey everyone:wavey: . just wondering how do YOU find out about I found out about it when I was searching for somehting about nursing school and I looked for it on a search engine. I... Read More

  1. by   Tweege
    I was looking for information to prepare for the nursing school interview. I googled a question and was one of the answers. I love this place!!!
  2. by   Kriscocho
    i have to say, i found this message board through another.
  3. by   kbrakerwifemumRN
    I googled. I also just sent a mass email to my nursing class in order to share the joy. This site is wonderful and so supportive!
    Love it!
  4. by   kbrakerwifemumRN
    Quote from Tweege
    I was looking for information to prepare for the nursing school interview. I googled a question and was one of the answers. I love this place!!!
    Do you have to be a premium member to get the cool pictures next to your user name? also do you have any tips on a new member for using all the little smilies and such?
  5. by   BabyRN2Be
    When I first discussed seriously going into nursing, I posted in the Medicine> forum on another BBS (specifically, ISCABBS). A user from ISCA directed me to I immediately felt at home here and it's been a wealth of information to me.
  6. by   Sarah09
    i found out about this site from the east stroudsburg university nursing research links page. i will be starting the bsn program there in fall 2005. i don't post much yet, but i'm a frequent lurker and i think this is an interesting site.
  7. by   shukry
    Looking for Syllabus for Nursing and bumped into this wonderful world. I am hooked.
  8. by   TMW
    Hi there! Just wanted to respond to your question.. I found out about the site from a graduate level nursing course I'm currently taking in which we were encouraged to visit the site & network with peers nationally & internationally. Prior to this couse, I was not aware of the site. So far I am a new member & hope to participate actively in discussions..
  9. by   Nurseismade RN
    I found it by accident too when googling.....sure glad i did, as a new nursing student starting in fall, I have found so many answers and invaluable advice .The thread "what can't I live without when I enter nursing program" was the absolute best. I have compiled my list and working my way through it. Thanks
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  10. by   psychonurse
    I found this site when I was looking for some answers for things going on in correctional nursing and it sent me to this site...i come in here quite often and love using the message board....I have been here off and on for quite a while but haven't posted a lot on this site. but get information on here and like to talk to other members of the group.
  11. by   onefisher
    It was mentioned in a careers-exploration class I took at a local community college. I've found it very informative!
  12. by   Gromit
    I found it by doing a search for something else (nursing school related) and something from one of the posts popped up (in another nursing students' page) and they included a link. I came here, went to the students' section and stayed ever since. When I run into students at work (on the rare occasion I work days, and have a student assigned to one of my patients) I've told them how valuable this site was when I was in school.
    I don't get online very often anymore, but like to visit from time to time. I've always enjoyed conversations with those on this system.
  13. by   r_janice
    I was looking for info on the differences between ADN and BSN while making my decision on what to go for.......Ive been hooked ever is amazing how much support and info I have gotten from this feels great to know that others are in the same position you are in......i dont feel like the only one anymore!!!