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so, I'm just curious, are there any nurses out there who can draw other people's blood or start IVs just fine but freak out when it happens to them? I just went to the doctor's office today and... Read More

  1. by   systoly
    I always thought people afraid of shots or blood draws were overly dramatic, until I was tasked with teaching a full bird colonel to self administer insulin (this was before the advent of pens). He had no trouble drawing it up correctly, but could not bring himself to inject. He had seen action in two wars and I knew he had been awarded the silver star for single handedly charging and taking out an enemy machine gun nest. In other words, this guy was no wuss. So there must be a predisposition which appears to be extremely difficult to combat.
  2. by   blondy2061h
    I don't mine most needles. I actually feel more comfortable having someone stick me than needing to stick someone. I rarely have to actually stick my patients, and I feel bad when I do. Guess I'm too sympathetic.

    Those one-time-use lancets are awful. *Real* lancing devices meant for daily use aren't nearly that bad. Not a fan of IM's either. I'd rather have an IV started than get an IM shot.
  3. by   Roy Fokker
    I donate blood and plasma on a regular, clockwork basis. I have great veins... they're just not "anatomically normal" (BIG surprise isn't it? "Gee Roy. Is there ANY part of you that IS normal?? Huh?!" :icon_roll )

    I still remember the last time I needed a CT scan done.
    Long story short - I ended up sitting there guiding the student tech [this was the second time she was attempting to start a line on me] step by step: "Left just a bit more... a little more...." etc.

    Besides, I was the favorite person to "stick" when I was in school

    I guess I have no problems with needles.
  4. by   PICNICRN
    No problem sticking others... but I do look the other way when I need my blood drawn or an IV start by someone else. However....... I did place an IV in myself once and give myself a liter of NS out of despiration with a bad gastro bug.
  5. by   Pepper The Cat
    23 years as a nurse.
    9 operations - still will requres more due to ongoing medical problems.

    Still cannot watch them draw blood, practically hyperventilated on the OR table during last OR procedure. As soon as I sat on the OR table, I began to show anxiety. Thanks to the great OR nurse, who just lay me down. put on O2 and
    said - RELAX!

    By the way - I have fabulous veins - you could put a garden hose in my veins they are so good - but I am still scared too death as soon as I get into a lab or OR. Of course - I blame it on 2 reasons: 1 - first major OR I was 7 and 2- as an RN - I know what can go wrong!!
    I'm telling you - its so hard to be a nurse and to be scared in the OR!
  6. by   akrn70
    I don't mind giving or getting IV or blood draws....what I hope I never have to get is a foley!!!!
  7. by   truern
    Like Roy I'm not anatomically correct. They've even pulled out ultrasound trying to find my veins for IVs for surgery. My veins twist and turn and are truly a work of art.

    I hate hate hate...did I mention HATE...having to have blood drawn or an IV. Just the thought makes me sick.

    Even my danged nerves in my mouth aren't right according to the endodontist that just did a root canal on a bottom molar without getting the tooth numb first. "If you can just hold on for a minute while I numb the NERVE we'll be in business"...ummm, yeah. I couldn't let GO I held on so hard!!

    I have much sympathy for patients that are hard sticks...kindred spirits and all
  8. by   Roy Fokker
    Quote from akrn70
    I don't mind giving or getting IV or blood draws....what I hope I never have to get is a foley!!!!
    Yeah, I know I'm a guy and all that...

    ... but I don't think foleys hold a candle to NG tubes

    If I ever present to the hospital with a GI bleed or something, just shoot me and be done with it. Please.