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  1. Was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to boost morale and attitudes in a department. Fun ways to get people back on track, wanting to help each other. We have a great group of folks but here lately, the morale has been terrible. We have even formed a committee to work on this. Also how about self governance? Is it being practiced anywhere and does anyone know where I can get info on how to get started with it. Thanks fir your help!
  2. akrn70

    Self Assessment Form

    I was wondering if anyone in the perioperative field (pre-op and post-op) has a self assessment form or tool that is used by the educator at your facility. We do not have one presently and would like to have one. Thankd for the help!
  3. akrn70

    How do you work with the "SUPERNURSE"!!!

    Funny you should say that...about a month ago she showed up to work with a black eye, said her son elbowed her. That one cleared up and she came to work with another one! This time she said her daughter and her were messing around and she got hit. Another nurse told her one more time and we were going to have to start thinking she was lieing to us. She hasn't had one in a couple weeks now.
  4. akrn70

    From the mouths of non-nurses

    I work in the surgery department which also includes endo. On one of my days off one of the endo nurses called to say she was coming by to drop off something I had ordered. I happen to be gone when she stopped by so my hubby answered the door. She had been eating a Dove ice cream bar on the way over and had a little bit of chocolate on her face. Rather then let her walk around like that, my hubby told her she had some brown stuff on her face. She wiped it off and then laughed as she told him "that's not a good thing to hear coming from where I just did"! He knew where she worked so that both got a good laugh out of it and still talk about it today. She quickly explained to him about the dove bar.
  5. akrn70

    How are you with needles?

    I don't mind giving or getting IV or blood draws....what I hope I never have to get is a foley!!!!
  6. Have any of you ever worked with someone who feels like they do everything and everyone else is lazy? I work with a great bunch of nurses. We just have one that thinks she is the only one that works, she's the fastest, everyoe else is lazy, she's the best IV starter, etc., etc.. She has been a nurse for sometime, I would say about 15 + years and tells me (I've only been a nurse sine 06') and another nurse (who has been a nurse just over a year) how lucky we are to be working in our department. We work in the surgery department. She tells us that they rarely hire new grads to the department and we should be grateful to be there. She normally only works the pre op area and gets mad if she does have to float down to post op (which rarely happens) she says she can't stand being in endo (it's gross: per her), the PACU nurses have cake jobs because they only have one pt at a time, I have never seen her do a procedure (chest tube, bone marrow bx, etc.) until the other day when she was made to go in to see how to assist in a chest tube placement. She is really bringing everyone down. We have tried to go to management and they did pull the pre op, post op, PACU, and endo nurses together for a meeting so we could all vent our concerns. We have not seen anything come of the meeting yet and its going on three weeks now. She like to go to our department manager alone and voice her concerns. She can turn the tears on at the drop of a dime. The sad part is that I have really liked her up until the last couple of months. She is always saying she needs a new job...I say GO! I have told myself to just avoid her and only have a working relationship with her but her rude remarks and how she treats us is getting crazy. What to do?
  7. akrn70

    Is it a law?

    Can anyone tell me if it is a state law, safety standard, community or national standard that when patients leave the hospital they must leave via a wheelchair. I work in the surgery department and am wondering if every patient has to leave by wheelchair. Many of our patients, and most all of our endo patients want to walk out themselves rather then being pushed out. I have even had patients become very angery when told they need to go out by wheelchair. Thanks, Kim
  8. akrn70

    MD ordered placebo for pain PRN~would you give it?

    I'm going to have to agree with the rest...totally unethical! I have never seen it done and you are right for questioning the order. It makes me soooo mad when I have a pt in pain and it is put off becuse it's thought that the pt is drug seeking. I don't know if this is the case here but that's the first thing I thought of. I have seen doc's and nurses not give pain meds because this is what their thought process was. Good luck on your paper!
  9. akrn70

    Policy and Procedure Help

    Hi, I have a favor to ask of you...I am working on new policies and procedure for our hospital and need some help. I work in the surgery department but this will be hospital wide. I was wondering if any of you have a policy on IV starts, how many times does one nurse try before getting another, max pokes before getting a dr. etc.. Also one on pt belongings, the storage of to include dentures and hearing aids. Also body jewerly. Seems the unexpected person even has them (I even have some). Thanks in advance for any help! If I can do anything for you just ask...Kim
  10. akrn70

    Headig North...

    Thanks URanurse! I will check out the web site. I would like to work in a hospital if for nothing else the hands on. As much as I love the nursing home and the residents I am not using all the skills I woul like to be. I see all of your speciality areas and was wondering if you could tell me the ration on a med-surg floor? I wouldn't mind that area because of being able to see so much. I would love to work mental health! How is that in the area?
  11. akrn70

    Let's introduce ourselves...

    Hi, My name is Kim. I attended nursing school in Las Vegas Nevada, and moved the day after our pinning ceremony to Pennsylavina where I took my state baords. I passed my NCLEX on 3 October 06 and went to work at a local hospital on a med/surge floor. That lasted about a month...not for me. I felt the ratio was to high (11-14 patients) I knew I didn't want med/surge but felt like I should do a year of it since it was crammed down our throats in school. I really wanted to go into mental health or surgery. Instead I moved to a LTC facility and took a position as a RN Night Supervisor and am loving it. I enjoy the old people very much. I recently applied for my Alaska license because now we are moving to Alaska! In case your wondering I am married to an active duty soldier which explains all the moving! Anyway I'm glad to find the site!
  12. akrn70


    Hi, I see that you are a nursing student and think that this is why you may have choosen the wording that you did for your post. If I think back to nursing school, I'm sure I as well as my classmates thought the same thing. I can remember going to my first clinical in a LTC facility and giving my first shower. The resident rolled out clean, I on the other hand had shnit on the leg of my white scrubs! UGH!!! After thinking I would die, we all laughed about it and moved on. It was no big deal. I was never a CNA, I went right to RN school. Was it a smart move? It can be debated both ways. I think the girls and guys that were CNA's (or had some form of other medical backgroung) moved through some of their skills with much more ease. I can also remember a friend who had to wear a mask and suck on a halls cough drop while changing patients. I guess what I'm getting at is we all need to learn to do the basic skills before we can move on to the advanced ones. Learn them and have fun with them. Even when you are an RN there will be times that you need to help out your CNA's. I do it as much as I can. I think if you forget the patient care, you loosse a big part of why we want to become nurses. Just do what you need to do to get where you want to be abd have fun along the way! Good luck!
  13. akrn70

    Headig North...

    Hi, I am an RN married to an active duty soldier. We were stationed in Alaska about 10 years ago (Fairbank area) and are now on our way back (Wasilla area). We knew that we would retire there some day and our some day has finally gotten here! We own some property in Tok and some in Houtson where we plan to build our home. Right now I am an RN Nights Supervisor at a long term care facility in PA. I enjoy the job alot. I was working on a med/surg floor at a local hospital but the patient ratio was 11-14 to one. Can anyone tell me what the ratio is in AK, how the hospital in Palmer is, and how the nursing homes in the area are. Thanks for any help!
  14. akrn70

    Change of shift report sheet

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone had a good change of shift form tht they use. One that covers everything without having to write out a whole lot. One that is more fill in the blank type. I would love to see some of the ones in use. Thanks for your help!